Treating a Mental Illness Without Medication Thanks to Dream Therapy

Mental IllnessI had to continue the research of a psychiatrist and a psychologist in order to discover what our scientists would never be able to discover by following the methods of our historical time. After precisely following Carl Jung’s lessons and then, precisely following the guidance of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams, I could discover the wild side of the human conscience, which is absurd and evil and generates mental illnesses within our conscience.

This discovery will change the destiny of humanity because it gives us explanations for all mysteries. Thanks to this discovery I could simplify Carl Jung’s complicated and obscure method of dream interpretation and give you a clear and fast translation of the meaning of dreams. This discovery also helped me simplify the process of psychotherapy you must follow to attain sound mental health.

The divine unconscious mind knows everything about you and your life and sends you exactly the information you need in each dream.

There is a sequence in the dream messages. When you will analyze your dream collection after writing down and translating your dreams for a certain period of time you will understand the general intention of the unconscious mind. You will understand e.g. why the unconscious mind sent you a series of dreams about one of your psychological problems.

You will understand that your anger was caused by your tendency to expect too much from others because you were influenced by your anti-conscience. You’ll stop having this behavior and you’ll become a tolerant person.

Then, you will better understand why the unconscious mind had sent you so many dreams about this matter, while you believed that your anger could be justified, and you simply accepted it. You’ll stop becoming angry and show patience. You’ll also better evaluate the unconscious psychotherapy in your dreams.

The unconscious psychotherapy is perfect because the unconscious mind that produces your dreams has a divine origin. This means that you can really trust the information you have.

Many people cannot believe in this miracle because they are used to despise the importance of dreams, or they cannot believe that we can clearly understand God’s words in the confusing dream images. They don’t know that when we learn the real meaning of the dream language (discovered by Carl Jung, a true genius) we verify that there is a logical sequence in the dream images. This logical sequence follows the dream logic, which is based on wisdom and sanctity.

We cannot understand the meaning of dreams based on the selfish and ignorant logic of our one-sided conscience. We are very proud of our intelligence, but the truth is that our conscience is idiotic and it must be developed because we are not using all the psychological functions we have at our disposal.

Carl Jung could understand the dream logic. He could also discover the meaning of the most important dream symbols. He understood how the unconscious mind helps the dreamer prevent or cure a neurosis. Jung explained how each one of the eight existent psychological types that characterize the human behavior work. He also explained why each psychological type has a tendency to become neurotic, and how the unconscious messages in dreams help the dreamer solve his or her psychological problems and find peace.

I completed Jung’s research by analyzing the religious importance of God’s existence and better understanding the dream logic. After continuing Carl Jung’s research and discovering the existence of our satanic anti-conscience I understood why our world is ruled by violence and terror.

Only a few people in the human history could find peace. This happens because we are not really human. The biggest part of our brain and psyche is absurd and evil and belongs to our anti-conscience, which is an animal that can think but has no human feelings.

Only a few people can understand the importance of goodness. Most of us are contaminated by the evil and absurd content we have inherited into our anti-conscience.

I could find peace only thanks to the miraculous method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, which cured my neurosis and helped me understand the language of the unconscious mind. Fortunately, I was a good student, besides my mental illness.

I precisely obeyed the unconscious guidance. I understood that I could trust the sanctity of the unconscious mind.

I had proof that the unconscious mind was God’s mind when the unconscious mind condemned me because I was cruel with my father. In the beginning I became very angry when I understood that God was condemning me because I told my father the truth. He was a monster. Everybody hated him.

The unconscious mind condemned my cruelty with a monster because I should never behave like a monster. I was a monster too. I cruelly condemned my father for his absurdity, and then I abandoned him. He was an unbearable creature, extremely selfish and unfair, but he was not responsible for his mental illness.

Even though he was a horrible person, I was his daughter and I should show him compassion and understanding. When I understood the meaning of this message, I perceived the unconscious sanctity. I remembered the religious lessons I had about always showing compassion to everyone, and always forgiving everyone’s mistakes.

I understood that I was a cruel and indifferent daughter, and I changed my attitude. I helped my father feel better.

The unconscious mind gave me many behavioral lessons, making me completely change my behavior. In the beginning everything seemed to be impossible. I was violent, cruel, impatient, indifferent, and selfish.

I couldn’t understand how God could believe that a monster like me could learn how to be patient and humble, but I was very obedient. I was afraid of my absurdity. I didn’t want to become schizophrenic like my father. I understood that I could trust God’s wisdom.

I verified that when someone is heavily attacked by the anti-conscience, this person cannot but lose their capacity to think logically. I was protected from craziness thanks to my obedience to the unconscious guidance.

We must prevent craziness because we never know when or why our anti-conscience will manage to destroy a big portion of our conscience.

I dedicated my work first of all to the new generations because they can easily save their mental stability before becoming victims of the absurdity they have inherited into their anti-conscience. This way, they can acquire sound mental health forever, which will be based on goodness and spiritual perfection.

Only real goodness can save the human being from terror and violence. Only goodness can cure the human psyche. The new generations can save their mental stability by eliminating their anti-conscience and understanding the importance of goodness for the maintenance of their good mental and physical health. This way will never have to deal with invincible mental illnesses and incurable diseases.

However, I verified that most teens are indifferent to this alternative, especially when I was helping the victims of self-harm, in 2008 and 2009.

Then, I tried to enlighten all parents and help them understand the importance of psychotherapy for them and their family. This way, young parents would never have children with psychological problems.

However, young parents are indifferent to all the problems that many parents of teens have to deal with. Only when they will be in a difficult situation will they care about their children’s mental health. Nobody cares about preventing teenage depression before having to deal with this problem.

I hope that at least a few parents will care about helping their children prevent all psychological problems through dream translation. Now that I simplified the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung everyone can learn the dream language.

The mentally ill are the ones who are really evaluating the importance of the dream messages, and finding relief and happiness thanks to the unconscious guidance in dreams. However, many people with mental health problems ignore the power of the natural unconscious treatment. They take medication without following psychotherapy, what is a big mistake.

Without psychotherapy you cannot eliminate what causes your psychological problems. You can only stop suffering for a while, without solving anything. You don’t stop being vulnerable to the suffering caused by a mental illness.

The unconscious psychotherapy in dream messages will show you your mistakes and how to correct these mistakes. You will also understand the mistakes made by others, and how to protect yourself.

You will understand what happened to you in the past and is still influencing your behavior until today. You will understand how to stop acting like you used to do when you were too young. You will stop following your fears, to follow the unconscious plan for the transformation of your personality.

The unconscious treatment is safe and it works for all cases because it is based on God’s wisdom.

On the other hand, the unconscious messages in dreams are sent to everyone free of charge. When you master the dream language you have free psychotherapy in your own dreams, without having to go anywhere or depend on anyone.

If you don’t have time for studies and you need help, I can translate your dreams for you. When you’ll verify the positive results of dream therapy into practice you will care about having this knowledge forever.

The information you have in dreams helps you become a wise and self-confident human being. You are helped by the fact that you can predict the future and change your destiny, depending on your attitude. Therefore, you are not afraid of anything.

When you follow dream therapy you are not surprised by unexpected problems. The unconscious mind helps you get prepared to face various situations in the future, many times a long time before you will actually face these situations, because your preparation is long.

Other times, you’ll observe that dream predictions about what will happen the next day really become true when you wake up, during this day. These predictions are helping you begin your path and study dream interpretation with seriousness.

They can also be the result of a previous preparation. Fast dream predictions mark very important facts in your daily life. They help you pay attention to these facts.

Many people are discovering the power of dreams now that the dream language became so clear. You should be one of them.

You only have to write down your dreams in a dream journal and translate their meaning according to the scientific method of dream interpretation. You will become a mentally healthy person and positively use all of your brain power.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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