How to Stop Having Mental and Physical Problems and Avoid Hidden Traps

Mental ProblemsThe dream language is complex because it follows a different logic. A few civilizations of the world could understand the meaning of dreams and respected the divine guidance in dream messages. They didn’t transmit their knowledge to the world and the meaning of dreams remained a mystery.

Then, many impostors distorted the meaning of dreams with numerous suppositions based on opinions, even when they related scientific studies to their suppositions.

Only Carl Jung made a serious research, trying to understand the meaning of the dream language like an archeologist. He didn’t distort the meaning of dreams with his personal opinion.

Carl Jung discovered the psychotherapeutical value of the meaning of dreams, and I discovered the real dimension of the dream messages, after continuing his research. This is why my work uncovers the superficiality of the absurd world. My work helps you stop having mental and physical problems after abandoning the erroneous concepts of our barbarous historical time. You learn how to avoid hidden traps and preserve your mental stability in all situations.

I prove that all human beings are absurd from birth even if they seem to be reasonable according to the narrow-minded concepts of the atheistic and materialistic modern civilization.

I could discover the sanctity of the unconscious mind. I could also discover the wild side of the human conscience, the anti-conscience, which has satanic characteristics and generates mental illnesses within our conscience. With these two discoveries and my attitude I managed to put an end to the original sin. I managed to prove to the world with my own example that all human beings must obey God’s guidance in dreams to save their sanity. I have also mentioned many other examples. You can find more details in my work.

The meaning of dreams not only cures the dreamers’ psyche, but also purifies their spirit. This means that all dreamers understand the importance of their moral principals.

The unconscious mind helps you preserve your human dignity and transform your wild tendencies into human capacities.

You learn how to definitively stop being violent and attain a higher level of knowledge based on wisdom and goodness. You understand the importance of your morals, without accepting the immorality imposed by the atheistic, materialistic, and superficial world.

The world is attached to the material life, as if the material world was everything we had. However, you will understand the existence of your spiritual reality and its importance. Then, you will use this knowledge to solve your problems.

The information you have in dreams helps you understand how to cure physical diseases without medications and surgical operations. Everything depends on the mental health of each person. Our mental health and our spiritual health are connected and depend on one another. Our mental health determines our physical health.

All diseases are formed because of psychological problems and immoral tendencies. They can be eliminated when we cure the mental health of the individual. We can eliminate what generates a physical disease by curing a certain psychological problem.

Thanks to the accurate translation of the meaning of dreams we can clearly understand how to transform our negative reactions into positive behavior and stop having mental and physical problems. This is a facility that saves our lives.

The guidance of the unconscious mind in dreams is similar to the guidance we have in our religion. Every religion helps us transform our satanic anti-conscience into human conscience, so that we may stop being absurd and evil.

We have to learn the meaning of compassion, forgiveness, generosity, humbleness, and sincerity during our lives, so that we may become wise human beings. Goodness is sound mental health and wisdom.

However, the violent world is very far from goodness. The false goodness of the hypocritical world is based on selfishness. Real goodness is based on sanctity.

Our crazy world is ruled by terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, and greed. We are so far from balance that we are unable to understand how to cure our absurdity. We indispensably need superior guidance.

We may be able to work normally and do many things without problems, but our psychological system needs our attention, especially when it is problematic. This happens because we are in fact under-developed primates with a tiny human conscience, which must be developed. We don’t know what is good or bad. We have to trust the divine wisdom, recognizing the depth of our ignorance.

Does this mean that you must respect the dream messages more than the judgment of your own conscience?

Yes, this is the truth. The importance of the dream messages surpasses the human dimension. You have access to God’s knowledge when you understand God’s words in dreams. You can trust God’s guidance without fear, while you cannot trust your own suppositions because you are ignorant.

You will always verify that you did what was right and saved you from trouble after obeying the divine guidance. This is guaranteed. You may disagree with this guidance while you ignore its results, but you will surely be grateful for having obeyed this guidance later, after seeing from what kind of dangers you were protected.

The possibility to be guided by the divine unconscious mind will help you if you will be humble and serious. You must desire to attain spiritual perfection and become a wise human being, after recognizing your incapacity to find sound mental health and peace without superior guidance.

I could escape schizophrenia and learn how to eliminate the poisonous effect of my dangerous anti-conscience through dream therapy by following the unconscious guidance in dreams and signs of my reality. I saw that I had more information thanks to symbolic signs in my daily life, which should be translated like dreams.

The symbolic dream language appears in dreams, art works, philosophical thoughts, and religious documents. It is also visible in our daily reality. Everything has a symbolic meaning that gives us information about our reality and about how the future will be unfolded.

The most important guidance I had was very difficult for me because I was in love with a certain man. However, I was married to another man. My husband was his provider; he was my husband’s best customer. This was a horrible situation.

The unconscious guidance was very clear. I had to forget the man I was in love with because I was married to another man and he was married to another woman. He had children who were my age because he was many years older than me, and his children would hate me.

My son would hate me when he would grow up and understand that I had betrayed his father with his best customer. I had to save his children and my child from suffering. I couldn’t cause all this pain to our children because I was in love with him.

There were many other reasons why I had to stay far from this man. Adultery was a big sin. I had to respect my moral principals and be loyal to my husband, even though I didn’t love him and I understood that he never really loved me. My marriage was a big mistake.

I had to keep my dignity and respect my husband because I was responsible for my own actions. My actions shouldn’t depend on my husband’s actions. I would have to face the consequences of my own actions alone.

I accepted to obey the divine guidance because I understood that God was right and I was wrong. Therefore, I never met this man again.

This was very difficult. I don’t know how I could survive after accepting to obey God’s guidance against my will. However, I didn’t doubt that only God knew how I could save my sanity in the situation I was in. I did only what God was showing me I should do, in my dreams and in various signs of my daily reality.

I also discovered a way to have a direct communication with the unconscious mind by using the book of a spiritual guide. Later I made a small notebook with the most important messages of his book, which worked like codes.

I could have a direct communication with the unconscious mind only because I was extremely obedient and I worked very hard for hours and hours. I understood that God’s guidance was my salvation, and a salvation for the world. I didn’t doubt that the guidance I had would save me from hell.

This was how I could continue Carl Jung’s dangerous research into the unknown region of the human psyche without losing my mind. I could discover that we can combat the anti-conscience by showing resistance to the unbearable symptoms of craziness, like dizziness, panic attacks, blackouts, and hallucinations.

The duration of these attacks is not unlimited. When we show resistance to the anti-conscience instead of following its absurdity we can stop having unbearable symptoms, and never again have this problem.

Resistance is the key, but we need guidance in order to learn how to show resistance to the anti-conscience’s attacks. The obedience to the divine guidance is indispensable, even when we disagree with this guidance because we have to accept what is painful for us.

If we are making mistakes, the unconscious mind will show us that we have to change our plans. If we won’t accept our pain to correct what is wrong, we will face worst problems and situations in the future.

You should understand that the unconscious wisdom always protects your mental stability and your happiness. You will manage to survive and you will surely find authentic happiness in life after avoiding what is bad, even if you’ll have to accept what will be against your will.

In the future you will understand that what you believed that would make you happy was in fact a hidden trap. Therefore, you will have a different vision of your situation. This knowledge will be a consolation for your psyche.

When you’ll observe that you are a wise human being and you’ll be happy with yourself and your life, you will be grateful because you didn’t insist on your plans when you had the intention to do what would be catastrophic for you and for those who were around you. You should be grateful because the unconscious mind always helps you avoid making costly mistakes, even when you are facing difficult life challenges.

If you are in a better position because you are not facing dangerous challenges and you don’t have serious psychological problems, you can easily find sound mental health through dream therapy before having to face the unbearable symptoms of absurdity. You should take your mental health very seriously, especially now that you know that we inherit craziness into our anti-conscience.

If you’ll be serious and follow the divine guidance, you will avoid what is bad and follow the positive destiny traced for you, based on the positive characteristics of your personality. Instead of being another mentally ill looking for salvation in the cruel world, you will be a self-confident savior who will help others. The clarity of your mind and your sensitivity will transform you into a superior person.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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