How to Prevent or Cure a Mental (or Nervous) Breakdown

Nervous BreakdownThe ignorant world doesn’t understand how fragile the human conscience is and how dangerous is the wild side of the human conscience, the anti-conscience, which generates mental illnesses within our conscience.

Through dream translation based on the method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me, everyone can understand how to recover their conscience after having a nervous breakdown, or how to prevent a mental breakdown in case they feel they are losing control.

A nervous breakdown is characterized by extreme stress. The individual feels that he/she cannot go on. The anxiety and the pressure of unbearable feelings transform his life into a nightmare. The absurdity that suddenly controls his mind is a force that surpasses his capacity to function normally.

Those who never had serious psychological problems cannot understand what happens with those who are suddenly obliged to deal with the unbearable symptoms of craziness, which are caused by the invasion of the anti-conscience into their human conscience.

Whenever an individual has traumatic experiences in life, his conscience will be unavoidably invaded by his primitive anti-conscience. This means that his human conscience starts listening to the absurd thoughts of his absurd and evil anti-conscience, while he believes that these thoughts belong to his human conscience.

This means that those who have traumatic experiences in life will unavoidably become mentally ill. They must follow the right psychological treatment; the natural treatment of the divine unconscious mind that produces our dreams with the intention to save our sanity and help us evolve.

Those who believe that human beings are balanced and civilized rational animals are very far from the truth. Our capacity to think didn’t help us find peace and happiness because our thoughts are absurd. They are based on selfishness and evilness, even if we try to justify these thoughts with various excuses. We are constantly influenced by the absurd suggestions of our anti-conscience.

A nervous breakdown is caused by the pressure of the anti-conscience of an individual into his human conscience. The anti-conscience causes anxiety, panic attacks, dizziness, paranoia, and numerous abnormalities to the individual, who loses a big portion of his conscience. This pressure can be combated through dream therapy.

You can also prevent having a nervous breakdown and feel that you cannot think anymore, you cannot trust your own judgment, and you don’t know how to deal with the outside world before being in such situation. If you are always stressed, anxious, afraid, and depressed you must urgently follow a psychological treatment. I can translate your dreams for you and provide you with psychotherapy. After my initial help you will overcome your problems. Then, you will learn the dream language and keep translating the meaning of your dreams yourself.

You will verify that you should never take medications to eliminate panic attacks and all the unbearable symptoms caused by mental disorders. You must follow dream therapy and understand what is causing these abnormalities so that you may definitively stop having panic attacks and other unbearable symptoms.

It is a big mistake to stop having panic attacks with medication. If you won’t solve the problems that are causing panic attacks you will someday have a nervous breakdown and be unable to function normally for a long period of time. You may need one year to recuperate your conscience again after having a mental breakdown.

Medications don’t work when you come to the point of having a nervous breakdown. They help you forget your pain only in the beginning, when you start having panic attacks.

This is why you must take dream therapy very seriously and eliminate all psychological problems and unbearable symptoms that are torturing your mind before having a nervous breakdown.

You will have practical proof that the unconscious mind that produces your dreams is the best doctor you can find. All doctors must follow the psychotherapeutical treatment of the divine unconscious mind in order to understand the internal functioning of the human brain.

Unfortunately today’s psychiatrists ignore the internal functioning of the human brain and this is why they cannot help an individual recuperate his/her conscience after the invasion of the anti-conscience into the conscious field.

You may believe that a psychiatrist is a trusted professional because he/she studied in a university, but the truth is that today’s psychiatry is based on suppositions. Our doctors try to correct behavioral abnormalities and put an end to the unbearable symptoms of craziness without understanding what causes these abnormalities and these symptoms.

Only God knows how to eliminate the dangerous attacks of the satanic anti-conscience.

How can God know which information will help a dreamer fight his anti-conscience?

I don’t know. God knows a lot more than what I could learn through dream translation.

Even if I knew all the psychological problems of a certain patient and his life biography from the moment he was born, I wouldn’t know how to explain what was happening to him in a form that he could understand. I wouldn’t be able to produce dreams that would really help him overcome his mental illness. I’m only a dream translator; I’m not the dream producer.

Only God (the dream producer) knows what type of information will help each one of us fight the absurdity imposed by our anti-conscience.

Many times I receive dreams for translation and I observe that all the dreams of a certain dreamer are nightmares and bad dreams for a long period of time. Many times it’s hard for me to clearly understand the intention of the divine unconscious mind because I ignore the dreamer’s case. However, after translating the meaning of his dreams for a certain period of time, I observe that he solves his basic psychological problems and he starts having positive dreams.

I simply translate the meaning of the dream symbols, respecting the dream logic. Then, I relate this information to the dreamer’s life biography. This is how I understand what is happening into his brain and psyche, and how to help him find sound mental health.

The real doctor is not me, even though I’m a doctor too, since I have to help the patient understand the unconscious guidance and put it into practice in his daily life. The real doctor is the divine unconscious mind that produces his dreams. In other words, God’s mind cures the dreamer, and not me. I’m only a helper.

Dreams contain complex symbolic messages that reflect the mental condition of the dreamer. This is why only a serious and patient psychiatrist and psychologist could discover the real meaning of the complicated dream language; Carl Jung. All the other dream interpreters of the world are very far from real knowledge. They ignore the complicated meaning of the symbolic dream language.

Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is complicated, time consuming, and obscure because the dream language is totally different from languages based on the functioning of our conscience. The unconscious mind follows a different logic.

I had to translate numerous dreams for many people during two decades in order to simplify all the complication existent in an accurate translation of the meaning of dreams. The scientific dream translations are very serious and extremely important. Dream translation according to the scientific method of dream interpretation is an accurate translation of God’s words in dreams.

God’s words are based on wisdom, and not on ignorance and hypocrisy like human words. You will surely understand the difference existent between both.

You will also understand the complex functioning of the human brain as if you were a psychiatrist yourself because the unconscious mind gives you many lessons. The unconscious mind uses symbols of you daily life to give you special messages that work like medicine for your psyche. These messages also give you information about the outside world and your daily reality. Everything becomes comprehensible for you.

After understanding how the human brain works and how much absurdity exists into the wild side of the human brain you will understand that those who constantly make mistakes someday will have a mental breakdown, even if they seem to be far from this tragic end.

When someone is absurd and does absurd things while justifying his absurdity with selfish excuses, someday he will have a mental breakdown. Then, he will be obliged to face the consequences of his absurdity.

You cannot disrespect the physical laws that prevail in your environment and believe that you will manage to repress your anxiety or your neurosis. You must solve your psychological problems before having a nervous breakdown and losing your capacity to think logically.

The unconscious mind shows you an image of what is happening into your own brain or into someone else’s brain through dream messages. The information you have in dreams helps you understand how your brain works, what determines your behavior, and how you can always control our behavior and avoid being in stressful situations that cause mental breakdowns.

You also understand who is near a nervous breakdown. You are able to analyze the psychological condition of those who are around you. You are not manipulated by the false logic of the hypocritical world, which is based on selfishness, materialism, and greed. You can see the signs of abnormality in everyone’s behavior.

When you learn how to control your behavior you never have a nervous breakdown because you organize your life in a harmonic way. The unconscious mind helps you change your life, besides helping you change your behavior.

On the other hand, the fact that you can have a direct communication with God opens a new horizon for you. God is the best psychiatrist and psychologist you could have and the wisest saint you could meet. This fact is a link with another dimension.

You’ll verify that the conclusions of the atheistic and materialistic modern civilization are erroneous conclusions based on ignorance.

Carl Jung didn’t have a religious attitude after discovering that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God’s mind because he believed that theologians should answer the questions that science couldn’t answer. He didn’t want to mix science with religion.

Jung was a very serious scientist who admired the religious side of the unconscious mind as a distant, cold, and objective professional. He didn’t perceive the unconscious sanctity.

However, you should understand the spiritual dimension of your contact with God, without concentrating your attention only on the scientific side of dream therapy. Even if you are an atheist, you will feel much better after verifying that God exists and that the messages you receive in your dreams come from a superior mind. It is a big relief to verify the existence of God.

You will feel protected. You will understand that you are not alone.

This protection will help you feel safe. You will believe in salvation. You will trust God’s wisdom and sanctity.

The spiritual dimension of your contact with God will also help you better evaluate your religion. All religions explain a part of the complex truth of our spiritual reality.

Most people abandon their religion after becoming adults, even if they are not declared atheists. They are hypocrites who go to the church without believing in the spiritual dimension of this practice. They don’t feel really connected with God. They don’t really believe in God’s existence.

They don’t believe in miracles.

Your position will be totally different because you will have clear proof that the unconscious mind that produces your dreams really is God’s mind. At a certain point of your psychotherapy, the unconscious mind will show you the connection existent between your dreams, your life, and your religion. Everything is connected. Our reality is not divided in separated parts.

You will have scientific explanations about what is happening to your brain and psyche because of the invasion of your anti-conscience into the conscious field. You will also pass through a process of spiritual purification. You will understand the meaning of your actions, the importance of goodness, and the importance of wisdom.

For example, you will have many dreams about your past and the facts that marked your life. Dreams about past situations and events with people you haven’t met for a long time give you information about the way that these situations negatively influenced your behavior. Your anti-conscience takes advantage of all the deceptions you have in life to impose its absurd thoughts to your conscience.

By going back to the past and analyzing past situations with the guidance of the unconscious mind you will close old traumas and correct all the erroneous conclusions made based on your fears.

If you have nightmares and bad dreams you will stop having nightmares after understanding your basic problems. For example, you may understand that you have a neurotic behavior because you had traumatic experiences in the past and you are always afraid to face the same situations again.

This neurotic behavior is absurd, but you cannot stop being absurd because you are afraid, even when you logically understand that your fears are absurd. Getting rid of an abnormal behavior is not a simple matter.

You will observe that you tend to be cold and distant in your relationships because you are always afraid of betrayal. You will verify that on one hand you are afraid of real dangers, but on the other hand you are also afraid of absurd suppositions.

In order to be able to trust someone, you must be sure that this person really is sincere and will never abandon you. The unconscious mind will help you test the reactions of every important person for you in a way that will convince you that you can really trust them. You will also have information about this person in your dreams. You will stop acting based on your fears.

You will learn how to discern the truth and analyze the human behavior like a doctor and like a philosopher. The answers you’ll find will help you feel safe. The unconscious mind always helps you find exactly the answers you need to feel safe, even though you are so afraid of everything.

You are able to see everything at the same time. You know that you can feel safe because the information you have is based on a serious analysis of all the factors that compose your reality. This safety helps you preserve you sanity even when you have to face stressful situations, besides helping you avoid being in such situations.

The unconscious treatment is safe because the unconscious mind knows all the dangers that are threatening your peace of mind. You have dream predictions and warnings showing you how the future will be unfolded. You understand how to achieve your goals, how to prevent a catastrophe, and how to change your destiny.

Dreams about adventures reflect the fight between your conscience and your anti-conscience. Peaceful dreams about pleasant moments reflect positive future predictions. Your dreams help you understand everything you need to know about yourself, about the people around you, and about you future. You have a map.

Your dreams show you everything you cannot see by yourself. The knowledge you have cures your psyche, giving you confidence.

After understanding the human nature and how our world functions you will know how to identify signs of danger and how to find people you can trust. You will learn how to find solutions to all problems and stop feeling anxious. You will feel safe and relax.

Of course, you won’t stop paying attention to what is bad and protect yourself. You will always be very careful in life because there are many hidden dangers in our crazy world. However, you will always feel safe because you will be protected by the unconscious wisdom and by your own wisdom, since you will be a wise human being.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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