Do We Need What is Bad?

What is bad?Most people believe that what is bad is necessary because it is part of life. They think that you have to pass through bad moments in life so that you may be able to appreciate your happy moments. Otherwise, you won’t notice your happiness. It seems that for them your capacity to evaluate what is good depends on your traumatic experiences.

Most people believe that what is bad has a positive side. What is bad seems to be more advantageous for them. This is why they like to lie.

For these people, the acceptance of a dishonest action is very simple, especially because they can hide their dishonesty. They believe that they should be dishonest to their advantage if they can hide their actions and avoid everyone’s criticism.

In a few words, most people are misled by the impression that what is bad can have a positive side.

On the other hand, most people believe that the fight between good and evil is an unavoidable battle. Everything on our planet follows this rule. All animals have natural enemies. Everything in our world is ambiguous, and has two contrasting sides.

Nothing is only good or only bad. For example, it is good to get married and have a family, but getting married is problematic in many ways. You have to get adapted to many difficult conditions when you have a family, and you have many responsibilities. It is good to work hard and make a lot of money, but money cannot buy health, peace, love, and authentic happiness. You cannot disregard other aspects of your life.

Everything has a positive and a negative side.

Thus, you tend to believe that what is bad cannot be avoided. The idea of living in a perfect world without problems and without negative aspects seems to be unreal, and even boring. The bad elements and the bad events seem to complete the good ones.

However, the truth is that our reality is based on the fight between good and evil because we live in order to eliminate our wild tendencies and learn how to be wise and sensitive human beings. This truth was discovered when I continued Carl Jung’s research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation.

We don’t need what is bad. The existence of evilness is a tragedy, which always ends up on terror. Evilness is the result of the disorganized formation of the first live conscience. We inherit a satanic conscience (anti-conscience) because we can think. The anti-conscience is a natural disaster.

We didn’t need to have this burden. The satanic anti-conscience is the result of the disorganized development of the fist live conscience, which was unable to solve its existential problems and became crazy. We have to eliminate the absurd content we have inherited into the biggest part of our brain through consciousness.

We have to eliminate our wild conscience and learn how to be wise and sensitive human beings.

When we’ll learn how to be wise and sensitive human beings we will eliminate what is bad from our psyche, from our lives, and from our world.

By translating the meaning of your dreams you’ll follow a process of mind empowerment, which will help you start using all our psychological functions and become more intelligent. You’ll acquire consciousness because you’ll understand your mistakes, and definitively stop making these mistakes.

At this point you’ll clearly understand that whatever is bad is totally unnecessary.

You have to eliminate what is bad. You have to be afraid of what is bad, without accepting it in your life as if it was unavoidable, or as if it could have a positive side.

Whatever is bad becomes worse with time.

We don’t need to pass through traumatic experiences in order to learn the importance of our happy moments. We have to suffer when we are unable to evaluate what is good in order to learn how to be grateful for what we have, but the traumatic experiences caused by the existence of what is bad shouldn’t exist. Their existence is problematic.

Traumatic experiences generated by terror cause severe mental illnesses.

By translating the meaning of your dreams you will understand the depth of the human ignorance and the depth of the human evilness and absurdity. You will also verify that the unconscious mind is wise and saintly. The unconscious mind is God’s mind, a truth discovered by Carl Jung before me. He didn’t have a religious attitude because he was a scientist and he couldn’t perceive the unconscious sanctity.

I had to complete his research and emphasize the religious importance of God’s existence. The world must understand the real importance of God’s guidance.

The unconscious guidance always protects your sanity, helping you understand the importance of goodness for the maintenance of your mental stability.

When you’ll master the dream language and you’ll have a direct contact with the unconscious mind you will verify that the unconscious wisdom really proves God’s existence into practice.

God saves the human being He created by transforming a part of the conscience of a demon into human conscience. Our satanic anti-conscience is the original conscience, the first conscience that appeared on the universe by chance in a disorganized manner. The anti-conscience didn’t follow an evolutionary process, besides existing during billions of years, because it refuses to change its behavior.

The anti-conscience generates all existent mental illnesses that torture the human race. This is why God works like a natural doctor and all dreams work like psychotherapy. God cures also physical problems, but only after eliminating the absurdity of the anti-conscience of an individual.

God’s existence is a big relief for humanity. God could discover the power of wisdom, after discovering the existence of goodness. Since every conscience comes from the original satanic conscience that first appeared on the universe in a disorganized manner, even God had a satanic origin. God could differentiate himself from the satanic conscience He came from after discovering the power of goodness. His process of transformation happened trillions of years ago.

God tries to teach us how to differentiate ourselves from our anti-conscience in our dreams and in our religion. We must differentiate ourselves from our satanic nature. We must learn how to have a human nature based on goodness and wisdom.

Thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries we can understand God’s language in dreams. Thanks to my discoveries Jung’s method became comprehensible and clear.

Now that we can understand God’s guidance in dreams, we will be able to solve all the problems that are torturing humanity for years. Every specialist will have information about their specialty in their dreams. The unconscious mind helps us solve our material problems; besides helping us transform our personality and purify our spirit.

However, most people cannot believe in God’s existence because they follow the atheistic and materialistic mindset of the current civilization. Thus, God is not received with enthusiasm.

Most people don’t like the idea of having to believe in the existence of God, unless they need support. They prefer to be free to make mistakes instead of obeying God’s guidance.

However, the truth is that Jung’s discoveries and my discoveries put an end to many problems at the same time because God is very powerful. God cannot put an end to craziness and terror alone, but God can make true miracles when we obey His guidance.

You should understand that the aversion we feel for obedience comes from our wild nature. You have to fight your tendency to dislike the idea of obeying God’s guidance.

Of course you should obey the divine wisdom. You are ignorant and God is wise. You are evil and God is saintly. Of course you don’t know what is really good or bad, since you are ignorant and evil because you have inherited evilness into your anti-conscience. Your obedience to God’s wisdom is a wise attitude.

You have to humbly recognize your inferiority and God’s superiority. You will become a superior human being if you’ll learn how to eliminate what is bad from your psyche and from your life. Then, you will use all of your brain power, and really have a reason to feel important. Right now you have many idiotic reactions because your conscience is under-developed.

The direct communication you can have with God through dream translation is an extraordinary alternative that you must receive with great enthusiasm, even if the world cannot understand the real meaning of God’s existence.

This alternative represents the beginning of a new historical time based on wisdom. Everyone will be helped by the dream messages. The dream language is bread and water for the world.

God is trying to teach us his language in dreams for years, but only a few civilizations of the world could discover the code for a perfect dream translation. Unfortunately, they didn’t transmit their knowledge to the world.

Then, many impostors distorted the meaning of dreams with their suppositions. Today the meaning of dreams is despised by most people, or considered to be too vague, subjective, and imprecise.

My clarifications and simplifications of Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation prove to the world that the meaning of dreams is specific, the dream language is universal, and once you learn the meaning of the dream symbols and the dream logic you’ll have this knowledge for life. You’ll be able to immediately translate the meaning of everyone’s dreams, not only your own.

The dream language is always the same. The dream language is a clear language, as comprehensible as the English language, with the difference that it is made by images instead of words.

Carl Jung was the only one who had the patience to make a very complicated research for years, and look for the meaning of the dream images for all civilizations. Nobody else could have his patience and manage to relate so many different aspects and all their details at the same time in order to discover the real meaning of dreams. Carl Jung was a true genius.

I found his work ready and I followed all his steps. When I discovered the wisdom of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams, I started obeying the unconscious mind. When I perceived the sanctity of the unconscious mind and I understood the depth of the human absurdity, I concluded that the ignorant human being must obey God’s guidance in dreams.

My seriousness and my obedience saved me from craziness and terror, and I learned how to save others the same way. Everyone will simply follow my steps, which are simpler than the steps I had to follow until I could understand Carl Jung’s complicated, time consuming, and obscure method of dream interpretation.

Everyone has a mission. Every human being has the moral obligation to help God put an end to craziness and terror. So, everyone must do something special to help humanity find salvation.

Now that everyone can understand God’s words in dreams this means that everyone can be guided by God and easily understand what to do to find sound mental health, peace, and happiness. Then, everyone will save the world thanks to their work and their example.

My mission is to prove God’s existence to the atheistic world and teach everyone how to easily understand God’s words in their dreams, so that everyone may help God put an end to craziness and terror on Earth. He needs everyone’s cooperation.

God’s name will be part of everyone’s narrations and descriptions. God will be scientifically accepted by the materialistic world. This fact will put a definitive end to atheism on Earth.

However, this process of transformation will take time. Until everyone will learn the truth and understand how important and powerful the dream messages are, and until the world will really change because everyone will really obey God’s guidance in their dreams, we will have to bear the problems caused by the absurd modern civilization.

You should be intelligent and learn how to translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me, without waiting until the world will finally discover this miraculous solution and this method will become popular.

The scientific method of dream interpretation is Carl Jung’s method. He deserves all the merit for discovering how to translate the meaning of dreams and the healing power of the unconscious messages. I simply completed his discoveries. They, I simplified the dream language and the process of psychotherapy through dream messages.

This part is in fact the result of God’s work because I was following the guidance I had. I would never try to simplify the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung without the unconscious guidance.

You can learn everything I know and become an expert on dream translation. First of all, you will use this knowledge to solve your personal problems and find sound mental health, physical health, peace, love, and happiness. When you’ll become a wise, sensitive, and self-confident human being, you will help others.

You will be always against what is bad and defend God’s justice, which is based on goodness and wisdom. You will then realize that we have to change many things in our world if we want to find peace.

For example, we must stop promoting violence and making our children believe that violence represents power. The super heroes of our historical time are monstrous creatures who use violence to combat their enemies. They are giving a bad example to our children.

We should teach our children how to be sensitive and diplomatic, and how to show understanding in all situations.

We must stop being protected by military forces, which can also attack other nations. We must stop creating bombs and weapons, and feed the hungry population of our exploited planet.

We must put an end to poverty on Earth. Everyone must have the basic conditions for having a decent life. Everyone must have the chance to evolve.

We have to put an end to terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, indifference, and greed. We have to stop making tragic mistakes, and we have to stop ignoring the suffering of those who are unprotected in a living hell.

We don’t need what is bad for any reason. What is bad is a tragedy. We have to eliminate what is bad thanks to our goodness and wisdom.

Now that you know this truth you can understand why the process of consciousness based on dream translation transforms you into a perfect human being. When you attain a higher level of consciousness, you never again make the mistakes of the past. Your personality changes. You have a new vision of the world. You can see what exists behind the apparent reality.

You are not misled by the ideals imposed by the commercial world, which have the intention to feed your ego and make you become an insatiable consumer. You stop believing that violence represents power.

You understand that only your goodness and your wisdom can help you use all of your brain power in a positive way. You know that what is bad is very dangerous and only what is good can help you in life.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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