The Effective Psychotherapy of The Divine Unconscious Mind

DreamingThe divine unconscious mind produces your dreams with the intention to help you become more intelligent and sensitive. Your sensitivity defines your balance as a conscious human being. Even though the world believes that what really matters is how smart someone is depending on their thoughts, the truth is that what really matters as an indication of sound mental health and intelligence is the level of sensitivity observed in an individual’s behavior.

Your balance depends on your sensitivity as a human being. Your intelligence depends on your sensitivity because your sensitivity is an important link that gives you information about the outside world.

If you are violent, you are insensitive. Thus, you are controlled by the absurdity of your wild nature. You gradually become mentally ill, because you are controlled by your anti-conscience, which is your primitive conscience. Your wild conscience takes the place of your ego and acts in your place. This means that you start having the behavior of a wild animal that can think, but has no human feelings. Your human conscience loses its power and cannot control your behavior anymore. This is what happens to you when you become mentally ill.

You must be careful and prevent a mental illness by eliminating you dangerous anti-conscience through dream translation before having psychological problems. If you have mental health problems you should follow dream therapy without wasting time. I can translate your dreams for you until you’ll get used with the dream language.

The unconscious mind helps you eliminate the violence and the immorality that characterize the wild side of your conscience, and influence your behavior. You learn how to be a wise and sensitive human being in all situations.

The psychotherapy of the unconscious mind in dream messages works like medicine for your brain and psyche because the unconscious mind knows what type of information can help you understand what you cannot see. In other words, all dreams are specially prepared by God with the intention to help you eliminate your absurd and evil tendencies and become more intelligent and sensitive. Your sensitivity and your intelligence are developed at the same time because they complete one another.

Until today there are still many people who believe that dreams are projections of our own minds without any specific meaning. Other people believe that dream interpretation is a subjective practice that depends on the intuition of the dream interpreter. There are also various supposedly scientific methods that defend subjective theories and mislead the public with opinions. For those who ignore the discoveries of Carl Jung and my discoveries after continuing his research, the meaning of dreams seems to be a confusing matter, which cannot be completely understood.

My work puts an end to all misconceptions about the meaning of dreams and their importance, proving that only Carl Jung could discover the mysterious meaning of the symbolic dream language. My work also gives to the world the answer for all mysteries, by relating science to religion.

God tries to transform us into perfect creatures by eliminating our wild tendencies and teaching us how to be calm, sensitive, and humble. This is why the divine unconscious mind works like a natural psychotherapist. Our psychotherapy is based on the development of our sensitivity more than anything else.

Sensitivity is the capacity of an organ or organism to respond to stimulation.

The stimuli of your environment are those who are around you. In other words, sensitivity is your capacity to understand how other people feel; your capacity to feel their pain instead of being indifferent to their suffering.

Sensitivity is also your capacity to appreciate what is really meaningful and beautiful. Your sensitivity is a connection between yourself and the outside world. This connection helps you feel the world. This connection prevents you from being insensitive and indifferent to the human pain. This connection with the outside world also prevents you from living isolated, in your own fantastic world.

When you are sensitive you are not distant and disconnected with your reality. You are realistic. You pay attention to all details. You don’t ignore what is essential. You are not misled by false impressions. You understand what exists behind the apparent reality and the camouflage of hypocrisy.

You become a conscious human being who knows the meaning of your actions. You are connected to the world and connected to God.

God’s existence is the existence of goodness. Without God goodness wouldn’t exist. God is the discoverer of the power of goodness. Your sensitivity helps you understand the meaning of goodness, and at the same time, the absurdity and the evilness of the world.

Without sensitivity you cannot understand the meaning of compassion. Compassion is indispensable for the maintenance of your mental stability and for the preservation of your dignity. Compassion is also indispensable for the maintenance of peace in our world.

You have to respect your moral principals. Your morals protect you from making serious mistakes that will have tragic consequences. When you respect your moral principals you respect the laws of goodness and you show compassion to those who depend on your answer to all life challenges.

The unconscious mind helps you understand how to become a sensitive human being. All dream images contain important messages.

When you translate the meaning of your dreams and you understand the unconscious guidance you pass through a process of mind empowerment, which helps you develop the psychological functions you are not consciously using.

You have to fight the absurdity and the evilness of your original animal nature and learn how to be calm, peaceful, sensitive, patient, friendly, humble, helpful, sincere, and generous. This process of transformation is obtained as you develop all your psychological functions. The unconscious mind helps you pay attention to all the components of your reality.

This process of mind empowerment works like a process of spiritual purification because you learn how to stop accepting sins, how to eliminate our anger, how to stop making mistakes, how to avoid what is bad, how to predict the future, and how to change your destiny.

Your spiritual purification transforms you into a humble and sensitive human being who respects other people’s feelings. This means that you pay attention to everyone around you. When you achieve this goal, you become a wise human being.

You learn how to solve your problems based on your intelligence and based on your sensitivity, without neglecting any detail of your reality. You clearly understand what is good or bad, and the meaning of justice.

The always effective psychotherapy of the divine unconscious mind helps you solve your psychological problems and become a self-confident person. You become a sensitive and balanced person. This is how you are able to keep your mental stability for life.

Atheists despise the simplistic acceptance of God’s existence as a justification for the formation of everything in our world, using science to combat the faith in God’s existence. Atheists are materialistic and aggressive.

However, new scientific discoveries in many different scientific fields like biology, astronomy, and physics clearly prove to the world that the organization of the nature of our planet and the formation of so many different live species in our young planet couldn’t have appeared by chance. Organization takes time and depends on a wise brain. Organization cannot be a product of chance.

The extraordinary organization in the functioning of our planet, where so many different live species exist, proves that a superior brain created and organized the nature of our planet. This organization could never have simply happened by chance in only four billion years and a half, which is the age of our young planet.

The more we learn about the universe and about the nature of our planet, more we understand the complexity of this nature. For example, in the past we ignored the existence of microbes, but now we can see that there are too many dangerous microbes in our planet. Our scientific knowledge helps us understand the depth of our ignorance.

Unfortunately, we are ignorant and under-developed, but we are very proud of our intelligence. The divine wisdom shows us how much we ignore and how absurd we are.

Our scientists are trying to cure mental illnesses like depression, neurosis, psychosis, and schizophrenia based on theories about the functioning of the human brain. This is an attempt that cannot be effective because our scientists ignore the functioning of the human brain. They don’t have an internal vision of our brain and psyche.

God shows us in our own dreams everything that is happening into our brain and psyche. We understand how our brain works. We also realize that we are under-developed primates who possess a huge satanic conscience that didn’t evolve like our human conscience. We are very far from balance and sound mental health.

The scientists of our historical time will never be able to put an end to all mental illnesses because they don’t know how to put an end to terror and violence.

Only God knows how to eliminate the satanic anti-conscience, which occupies the biggest part of the human brain and is responsible for the existence of terror. In other words, we inherit craziness into the biggest part of our brain. We are dangerous wild animals who can think. We must learn how to be sensitive and wise human beings.

The truth about the human nature is disappointing and discouraging because the truth is that we are absurd from birth.

Our ignorant scientists and the superficial world believe that our conscience is able to find solutions to our problems based on cruel thoughts without feelings. The global indifference to poverty, terror, immorality, and all the horrors that characterize the absurd modern civilization prove that we are insane.

The attempt to cure mental illnesses while disregarding the existence of terror is an absurd attempt. It is like trying to eliminate cholera while living in trash. We will never be able to put an end to mental illnesses in parallel with the existence of terror. We have to put an end to terror on Earth if we want to cure all mental illnesses forever.

The elimination of terror is a very difficult matter. We will never be able to find solutions to this terrible problem without the divine guidance. We are unable to put an end to terror on Earth based on our tiny human conscience, which is deficient and must be developed. We need superior knowledge to achieve this goal. We must be humble and admit this truth.

Fortunately, we have the divine guidance in our own dreams. God is very generous and sends us wise messages in all dream images. We only have to obey the divine guidance in order to stop being violent and learn how to find peace, love, and authentic happiness.

God shows us in our dreams how we can put an end to terror and violence, and how we can cure all mental illnesses and physical diseases.

The psychotherapy of the divine unconscious mind makes miracles because it is perfect. This is a scientific truth you can verify by yourself.

Everyone verifies that dream therapy according to the scientific method is effective. It works. This method helps everyone solve their problems, independently of what kind of problems they have.

God knows how to solve all problems and how to cure all diseases. This is not a simplistic answer. God’s existence is a miracle.

God only needs our obedience to His guidance in order to save us from craziness and terror. When we obey God’s guidance we learn how to be calm, sensitive, and wise. Our happiness depends on our wisdom.

We must show gratitude and accept God’s treatment with humbleness. All dream messages work like psychotherapy because we need a long treatment in order to become perfect human beings. We have to attain sanctity in order to be perfect. This must be our purpose in life. We must desire to be saintly and wise like God.

Now that you have this information you have to understand that you should keep translating the meaning of your dreams and obeying the divine guidance forever, even after solving your problems. The divine guidance is a precious advantage you should be grateful for, and God needs your example. You must really be the special human being you were meant to be.

After solving your psychological problems and changing your life you’ll learn more, and attain higher levels of knowledge. Your evolutionary process never ends. You will be sensitive like an artist, wise like a philosopher, objective like a scientist, and religious like a priest.

You will have proof of God’s existence, since you will surely be cured thanks to God’s guidance in dreams. You’ll truly believe in God’s protection. This advantage will give you self-confidence and great courage.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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