Psychology and The Global Superficiality

Dream symbolThe nature of our planet follows a well-organized process, but the intellectual development of the human race is causing problems to our exploited planet. This happens because we are slaves of our rationalism and we don’t develop our sensitivity in parallel with our sensibility.

Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is a miraculous solution for all psychological problems. However, his complicated and obscure method couldn’t be evaluated by the ignorant and indifferent world. I managed to clarify his method and discover the real dimension of the dream messages.

Jung’s method of dream interpretation is a miraculous solution for all human problems, but he couldn’t evaluate the real importance of his discoveries in his time.

Carl Jung lived in a historical time when humanity believed in the power of science. Therefore, he was optimistic. He believed that the human conscience was more intelligent than what it is in fact. He couldn’t see all the absurdity existent in the human brain because he had stopped his research at a certain point.

The vision I had after continuing his research explains all mysteries. I could clearly verify that our dreams are produced by God because we are in fact demons with a human face. We are selfish, hypocritical, and superficial. We don’t analyze anything in depth.

The biggest part of our brain is absurd and evil because it is wild and violent. This is why we are so cruel.

Of course, nobody likes this truth and nobody wants to pay attention to this fact, exactly because we are indifferent to our own absurdity. Everyone prefers to believe that we are balanced enough, even if some people become crazy in our world. Everyone tries to be happy in an absurd world, without fighting their own absurdity. This is why most people in our world are mentally ill.

Most people are neurotic, but they ignore this truth.

My work proves to the world that we are blinded by our ridiculous superficiality, and this is why we cannot see that we are barbarous monsters and we need psychotherapy. Terror, poverty, prostitution, and all the wars and crimes existent in our world prove that we are insane creatures, more than any scientific explanation about the content of the human brain.

We don’t need more proof in order to understand that we really are absurd monsters if we will analyze what is happening in our world everyday, including numerous suicide attempts.

My work gives scientific explanations for the abnormal behavior of the world population, which is basically mentally ill, and for the formation of mental illnesses within our conscience by our evil and absurd anti-conscience.

My work is the result of my obedience to the divine guidance in dreams. I would never have discovered anything alone.

We have to pay attention to the fact that we are absurd and our world is a living hell extremely dangerous, so that we may stop making mistakes.

The global superficiality is a terrible obstacle for our evolution. This superficiality affects each one of us. It doesn’t let us pay attention to the origin of our problems, and this is why we cannot find solutions.

Our superficiality doesn’t let us pay attention to our absurdity or to the absurdity of the world. Thus, we do nothing in order to stop suffering, while we should care about finding solutions.

Superficiality is the occupation with what is near the surface and can easily be noticed. Superficiality is the concern with what is obvious, and not profound.

In other words, when you are superficial you waste of time with what is apparent, without investigating what exists under the apparent reality. What exists on the surface is merely a thin cover. Your reality is camouflaged by many factors. All human beings are actors.

If you want to understand the psychological reality of the human race and your own psychological system you have to learn how to translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation. My dynamic method of instant translating from images into words (derived from Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation) helps you easily understand the divine words in your dreams.

The accurate translation of the meaning of dreams is a miraculous solution to all problems because you have God’s guidance in the dream images. You understand how to solve your problems. You stop acting based on your suppositions.

At this point science and religion become complementary disciplines.

All religions work like psychotherapy for our absurd and evil anti-conscience, and for our one-sided and under-developed conscience.

The unconscious wisdom clearly proves to the world that God sends wise messages to our human conscience, which confirm the religious lessons we have in our religion.

The link between science and religion helps you understand that your mental stability depends on your goodness. Only goodness can give you psychological balance and help you always act with wisdom, in all circumstances.

You will understand the real importance of goodness and the importance of the process of transformation you’ll pass through dream translation when you’ll have a better vision of the world. After understanding the content of the human brain and psyche, after discovering to which psychological type everyone around you belongs to, and after understanding the truth about the hypocritical world, the vision you’ll have will be totally different from the vision you have now.

You won’t be able to forget this vision after being able to see many truths you ignored before. Thus, you will gradually understand the importance of goodness.

Consciousness is an irreversible process. The information you absorb when you acquire consciousness of something you ignored before is basic for your survival. You don’t forget this information because it is essential. It is what you could understand in life.

For example, after verifying that when you are too tired you are aggressive, you will remember this lesson. You won’t forget that this behavior is caused by your uncomfortable situation.

However, if you’ll never acquire consciousness of this problem, you’ll always be aggressive when you are tired, without understanding that you have a violent behavior because you are not feeling well and your anti-conscience takes advantage of your bad mood to invade your conscience.

Your consciousness protects you from many hidden dangers. Consciousness is comprehension, vision, notion, and real knowledge. When you acquire consciousness you understand the meaning of your actions. You understand everything in depth. You discover the roots of every problem.

You understand that you are absurd when you are violent and cruel, even when you believe that your enemies deserve to be attacked. When you understand that whenever you are violent you are wrong because violence is terror, you will never again forget this lesson.

This lesson will help you remember that goodness is medicine. Instead of exploding of anger, you will always show goodness and silently carry your cross, without causing a war. After carrying this cross and facing a crucifixion, you will resurrect because you will manage to attain a special goal.

You will understand that many times you have to bear being in an inferior position and being unfairly treated without exploding of anger. Then, you will understand that you should never let anger contaminate your psyche with its poison, in any situation. You will evolve thanks to this bitter experience, and you’ll stop becoming angry with human mistakes. Anger will never again be noticed in your behavior.

You will understand that you have a certain responsibility because you are alive. You don’t live only in order to work or only in order to have pleasures in life. You live because you must transform your personality and become a conscious human being. You must understand the meaning of your actions. You must pay attention to what is happening with your life, your psyche, and everything that is part of your reality.

When you are a conscious human being you pay attention to all details. You know what is right or wrong and what you have to do in order to defend justice in all situations. Your guide is the meaning of goodness. Goodness explains how you must be if you want to always keep your sanity.

Now you can see the relationship existent between psychology, psychiatry, neurology, and religion. Sound mental health depends on goodness. Only goodness can show you the right way to surpass all the obstacles of the way and triumph. Only goodness can help you keep your balance, and never be controlled by the craziness you have inherited into the wild side of your conscience, the terrible anti-conscience. Goodness is the only antidote against craziness and terror.

You are very far from real goodness, but God helps you attain sanctity by following the guidance you have in your dreams. Sanctity is spiritual perfection.

Now, let me analyze the meaning of a dream about a snake, which is a very common dream symbol, to show you how God’s goodness saves a sinner. God helps a sinner thanks to the symbol of the snake because God tries to save the sinner’s mental stability.

However, the sinner must be punished in order to be saved because he must suffer in order to understand his mistake and acquire consciousness of this mistake, so that he may never again repeat this mistake in his life.

Good is generous with the sinner, but God is a very serious doctor. He must correct the sinner’s behavior.

The snake in dreams represents the intervention of divine providence with the intention to save a sinner from eternal hell. The snake represents a punishment that cures the dreamer by making him face a bad event in his daily life, which will put an end to a costly mistake.

The snake represents suffering, but at the same time it represents salvation. The dreamer is prevented from making the same mistake during all his life and from facing tragic consequences.

However, the snake represents a painful situation, a situation that will uncover one of the dreamer’s mistakes. He should avoid facing God’s punishment because he is making a costly mistake. God’s punishment is a painful protection because the dreamer is a sinner. The dreamer must stop being a sinner.

The dreamer must be intelligent and obey the divine guidance in his dreams so that he may avoid having to face the bad event that will put an end to his mistake. He must stop making this mistake without wasting time. This way he won’t need to face a bad event in order to learn this lesson.

God punishes the human being when the human being can be saved thanks to a punishment. The snake represents the punishment that saves the person from future complications and tragic life situations when they are able to regret having made this mistake.

Now that you have this knowledge, after having a dream about a snake you must understand that you are making a mistake, and stop making it.

The unconscious mind will help you discover what you cannot see alone by sending you more information in your next dreams.

You only have to keep writing down your dreams and translate them according to the scientific method of dream interpretation in order to understand everything about yourself and about everyone around you. You’ll learn how to avoid being punished for making a certain mistake because you’ll stop making it, without having to face a bad event.

The meaning of your dreams works like psychotherapy, mind empowerment, and spiritual purification. The dream messages follow a specific sequence, with the intention to help you fight the absurdity of your anti-conscience and develop your intelligence. You learn how to avoid all traps.

The divine unconscious mind carefully prepares a series of dreams to help you understand your psychological problems. You understand how to stop making the mistakes imposed by your anti-conscience.

By obeying the guidance you have, you will surely learn how to successfully solve all problems and acquire sound mental health that lasts for life. The divine unconscious mind produces exactly the dreams you need in order to understand your mistakes and change your behavior.

For example, when you have a dream about a bridge, this means that you must face a challenge. You have to go to the other side of the bridge and meet your anti-conscience. You have to verify the existence of your absurd anti-conscience, so that you may stop making mistakes because you are proud of yourself.

You will learn how to be humble after verifying that you are in fact an under-developed primate.

If you are able to translate the meaning of at least one dream symbol in each dream of your dream collection, you will understand the basic guidance of the divine unconscious mind, and learn something very important for your safety.

God is a genius able to cure all mental disorders thanks to the dream messages. However, He depends on our obedience to His guidance. God cannot make miracles when we disobey the guidance we have because we are evil and absurd. We have to fight our negative tendencies and understand that God knows how to help us attain wisdom. We are not able to solve our problems alone.

If you cannot understand your position before God’s wisdom you won’t respect the divine guidance, while this guidance always saves your life. It’s important to understand your position as an under-developed primate before God’s wisdom.

The materialism and the atheism that characterize the absurd modern civilization cannot help you understand the truth about your reality. The blind materialism and the manipulating atheism of the current civilization make you disregard your spiritual reality.

You have to learn the unconscious lessons in your dreams and transform your personality, so that you may follow a process of spiritual purification and attain spiritual perfection.

When you translate the meaning of your dreams, you understand the philosophical meaning of your actions. Your consciousness becomes a philosophical speculation. You criticize the knowledge you have the same way you criticize the human behavior.

Philosophy is a very important discipline, which is neglected by the modern civilization, but should not be forgotten. Everything depends on the philosophy you follow. If you believe you must be selfish, your philosophy of life will be violent and cruel. If you believe you must be wise, your philosophy of life will be peaceful and sensitive.

When you understand the real dimension of the unconscious psychotherapy through dream messages, you understand that through dream translation you become always more intelligent and more connected to your reality. You stop living in an imaginary world. You pay attention to all the details of your reality. Therefore, your philosophy of life becomes realistic.

The process of consciousness carried on through dream therapy helps you constantly evolve instead of repeating costly mistakes. You stop being superficial. You become a serious person who takes life very seriously and pays attention to what is important.

The unconscious messages in dreams help you learn the meaning of goodness and find salvation thanks to the comprehension of the importance of goodness in your life. You learn how to always show understanding, instead of being contaminated by the poison of anger and hatred. You stop being violent and rude. You always are humble and friendly.

The unconscious treatment eliminates the absurdity and the evilness you have inherited into your brain and psyche by teaching you how to be a perfect human being. You show wise behavior in all circumstances because you are not contaminated by the poison of hatred. You are not a slave of your violent tendencies. Your goodness helps you deeply analyze all aspects of your reality with patience and caution, and never act without pondering your actions.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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