God’s Words in Dreams and The Human Nature

Holy TrinityThe meaning of dreams is specific. Thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries we can understand the symbolic dream language created by the unconscious mind that produces our dreams. The unconscious wisdom proves God’s existence, giving us explanations for all mysteries.

Today you can easily understand how to translate the meaning of dreams based on Carl Jung’s method thanks to my simplifications. When you translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method you clearly understand God’s words in dreams. This is why this knowledge helps you find sound mental health, peace, love, and happiness.

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is not based on an interpretation of the meaning of dreams depending on the dream interpreter’s vision. The scientific method accurately transcribes God’s words, without distorting the meaning of the dream images with the opinion of the dream translator. Jung discovered the symbolic meaning that the unconscious mind gives to the images it uses to send important messages to our conscience after making a complex and long research.

The fact that now everyone can easily understand God’s words in all dream images is a big relief for humanity and a big relief for God, since now we can clearly understand His guidance in dreams. My simplifications help everyone understand how to exchange dream images with comprehensible words.

The existence of our wild conscience (anti-conscience) prevented God from being able to clearly speak to our conscience. God had to speak to our conscience by using the symbolic dream language, hoping that some day we would decipher the meaning of the dream images. Many ancient civilizations had discovered how to interpret the meaning of dreams, but they didn’t transmit their knowledge to the world.

Unfortunately, numerous impostors have distorted the meaning of dreams during years and years throughout the human history. Only Carl Jung really managed to understand the precious meaning of dreams because he could discover that the unconscious mind is a natural psychotherapist and understand the unconscious guidance.

We have proof that Jung’s method is effective because we learn how to cure a mental illness based on the unconscious guidance in dreams when we follow his method of dream interpretation. We can also cure physical diseases. Many people were already cured thanks to his extraordinary method of dream interpretation since 1920. I’ve cured many people into practice based on Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation since 1990, always verifying its effectiveness.

The accurate translation of the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method proves that our dreams are produced by a superior mind. We find real solutions to our problems.

The knowledge we have when we translate the meaning of dreams with the right method is extraordinary. Carl Jung concentrated his attention on the scientific value of the dream messages, which is immensely helpful. The divine unconscious mind is a perfect doctor. The scientific knowledge given by the unconscious mind really is spectacular.

I loved the scientific part of dream interpretation like Carl Jung, and I also loved science as a discipline. It was wonderful to be able to understand why we have absurd reactions and what we have to do to stop making mistakes.

The scientific world is fascinating. We can clearly see our reality thanks to various scientific discoveries that enlightened our vision and completely changed our concepts about our world and the possibilities we have at our disposal. Science is a true salvation from the misery of ignorance. We should really be glad because of the progress made in the scientific field in our historical time, even though there are many distortions.

Unfortunately, many theories are presented as if they were truths. Besides this fact, we live in a commercial world based on competition in all fields. Only a few scientists are really serious and really objective like Carl Jung and Konrad Lorenz. These scientists made me fall in love with science. Their brilliant work showed me everything I had to learn. Everything else I had read simply completed what these two brilliant scientists taught me with their work.

Although I fell in love with science as if I was born to be a scientist, I also paid attention to the religious importance of God’s messages in dreams. Fortunately, I was not a cold scientist, but a literature writer who had to become a scientist in order to find sound mental health and discover a lot more.

Scientists don’t have feelings. They are objective and materialistic. Their objectivity is admirable, but their lack of sensitivity is a big problem. Without sensitivity, science can become a very dangerous tool that can be used for manipulation and financial advantages.

We need religion as much as we need science because only religion can help us understand the meaning of goodness. Only goodness can give us balance and sound mental health.

God appears in dreams as a king who lost his throne. He lives abandoned like a beggar. This dream image reflects God’s position in an atheistic world ruled by terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, greed, and indifference to the human pain.

God condemns the evilness of the human race, teaching us the importance of compassion, forgiveness, and patience.

The meaning of the human life is related to the fight between God and Satan because of the satanic origin of the human conscience. The anti-conscience is our primitive conscience, which didn’t evolve like our human conscience and is still active inside us. We live in order to transform our satanic anti-conscience into a positive component of our human conscience.

Even though Carl Jung didn’t have a religious attitude after discovering the divine origin of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams, he analyzed the meaning of the Trinity in one of his books. He concluded that Satan was the forth member of the religious connection between the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. Satan represented the missing mother. At the same time, Satan represented God’s second child.

The number four in dreams represents total completion because it represents our four psychological functions: thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition.

Completion means total satisfaction, complete development, and happiness.

The number three in dreams represents three of our four psychological functions, which give us the indispensable life conditions for our satisfaction (a basic completion). The number three represents a functional completion that is not really complete. Thus, Jung was right for looking for the forth entity, which was missing in the incomplete completion represented by the trinity. The fourth divine entity will be the mother (our anti-conscience) when the satanic nature of the anti-conscience will stop characterizing the human race.

Jung couldn’t understand the human being is Satan because he didn’t know that our anti-conscience occupies the biggest part of our brain. He couldn’t see the anti-conscience because he stopped his research at certain point. He didn’t know that we had inherited so much absurdity into the wild side of our conscience, even though he had concluded that craziness is inherited. Jung had analyzed the behavior and the worlds of patients who suffered from severe mental illnesses, concluding that their words didn’t belong to their reality.

However, Jung ignored how much absurdity we have inherited. I discovered the bitter truth after continuing his research. We are absurd from birth because we have a huge anti-conscience (which has satanic characteristics) and our tiny human conscience is one-sided because it works based on only one psychological function, having also some help of a second, half-developed psychological function, while ignoring the other two psychological functions we have at our disposal.

These psychological functions must be developed during our lives through dream translation. We must pass through a process of consciousness to start using these psychological functions too. They belong to our anti-conscience, and they are very dangerous for our mental stability.

The first live conscience that appeared on the universe was disorganized and absurd because it was the result of chance. This is why it ended up on craziness and terror.

Until today the absurd tendencies of the anti-conscience couldn’t be completely eliminated. Therefore, we must recognize our demoniac nature. We are not really human. We have the behavior of demons because the biggest part of our brain belongs to our wild conscience and our human conscience is deficient.

Of course, the negative reactions to this truth are similar to the negative reactions of the population when Charles Darwin had discovered that we are merely primates. Nobody wanted to accept this discovery. The same way, nobody wants to agree with the idea of having a satanic nature. However, this drama characterizes the human life and especially God’s life, since God is trying to eliminate our evilness without success during billions of years.

We never learn how to be really human.

God cannot eliminate our satanic nature without our cooperation, but we disagree with God’s laws. We don’t want to learn how to be humble, sincere, generous, patient, and wise.

We prefer to do whatever we may desire. We like to be vain. We like to be selfish, unfair, demanding, violent, cruel, and indifferent. We don’t want to fight our satanic nature. We want to accept what is bad, even though we hypocritically pretend to be good.

We laugh with what is bad. We believe that we are smarter when we are dishonest.

We don’t care about God’s existence. We don’t want to learn if God exists or not. We only want to have many material pleasures and a powerful social position, without caring about anything else.

God is desperate. He stopped trying to save the human race from craziness and terror. He is mechanically doing what He always does to save us, but without hoping to save anyone.

The materialistic and atheistic modern civilization is one of the most barbarous civilizations of the human history. Poverty and terror in parallel with greed, and in parallel with a scientific and technological progress that could save our lives, but is in fact destroying our exploited planet, clearly prove that we are insane.

When you think about the existence of a spiritual reality that surpasses the material reality you tend to believe that you are imagining unreal things. You cannot believe that there is another dimension in life. You are used with the narrow-minded concepts of the current civilization. Thus, you don’t feel comfortable believing in God’s existence and completely trusting His guidance in your religion and in your dreams.

You don’t believe that ancient civilizations could discover what we ignore in our historical time. You believe that we are smarter than previous generations, while we are in fact repeating the known mistakes and sins of the human race.

In different cultures the spiritual reality was respected and considered to be more important than the material one, but the scientific and technological progress of our historical time gives you the impression that we know more than our ancestors. This is a false impression. There are truths that don’t depend on material elements.

For example, Plato was an ancient Greek philosopher who believed that God was the origin of the timeless, abstract, unchanging objects of the understanding. For Plato God was not a person, but an inconceivable entity or state of knowledge that couldn’t be described according to materialistic concepts. His description has a true side, even though it is incomplete.

Thomas Aquinas was an Italian Dominican priest, philosopher and theologian. He believed that some emotions could be ascribed to God, like love and joy, because they are good-making properties that entail no imperfection, while other emotions couldn’t be part of God’s nature. This description is true because it describes the saintly nature of God.

God’s nature was an important topic for various previous generations. If today the world disregards the importance of God’s existence this doesn’t mean that our scientists managed to prove God’s inexistence, but that the human race doesn’t believe that we need a God.

The truth is that our scientific progress showed us that we are absurd and that we need a God if we want to learn how to fight invincible mental illnesses, but we don’t want to pay attention to unpleasant truths.

We indispensably need a God also because life wouldn’t have appeared on our young planet without the existence of a creator in only four billion years and a half. Scientific discoveries in many different fields have already proved to the world that we must admit God’s existence.

Thanks to the accurate translations of the scientific method of dream interpretation today you can have a direct communication with God through dream messages and understand who God is. Thus, you can verify by yourself that God does exist.

God is exactly like a human being with the difference that He is not evil like us. God has a saintly nature. He is a very wise person without any imperfection. He passed through a very, very long process of psychological and spiritual transformation, and He learned how to use all of His brain power.

Then, God decided to teach everything He knew to the satanic conscience we all are originated from, since the first live conscience appeared by chance, and it was totally disorganized. The first live conscience was unable to solve its existential problems.

Our conscience comes from the satanic original conscience that first appeared on the universe, before God’s existence. We have inherited this primitive conscience and this is why we can think. However, we have to organize our primitive conscience based on goodness, so that we may find balance and stop suffering because of our absurdity.

God managed to organize His conscience and become a perfect creature. He is trying to organize our conscience based in goodness the same way, but He cannot manage to complete this organization because we don’t obey His guidance. We do what is catastrophic for us. Thus, we never abandon our original satanic nature.

This is the big drama of God’s life. God cannot make miracles without our cooperation, but nobody cares about His existence.

Even those who supposedly represent God on Earth are selfish actors. Nobody tries to attain sanctity on Earth.

Everybody tries to adapt God’s teachings to the absurd lifestyle of their civilization. Everyone distorts God’s words based on their interests.

God sends us secret messages in dreams, hoping that we will care about learning the meaning of dreams, but the world distorted dream interpretation with numerous ridiculous suppositions. Only one scientist in the history of humanity was serious enough in order to make an arduous scientific research and discover the real meaning of the symbolic dream language. This hero was Carl Jung.

However, until today the world didn’t recognize this truth. Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is the only one we should care about. All the other methods of dream interpretation are false because they are based on suppositions. I’m trying to prove this truth to the world since 2007 (when I finally published my work online, after two decades of research and cures) and facing the global incredibility.

Many people simply cannot believe that the meaning of dreams is so important or that we can clearly translate the meaning of dreams.

Some people are glad with this alternative and are reaping the benefits of our discoveries. However, the entire world was not convinced yet.

On the other hand, although I managed to greatly simplify and clarify Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation, only by understanding the meaning of dreams and the divine guidance contained in the dream messages, the world won’t magically change. The world still must agree with the obedience to God’s guidance.

The biggest obstacle for our salvation is our attitude after understanding God’s guidance in dreams. We have to obey this guidance even when we disagree with God.

This is a terrible problem because we are selfish and evil. We want to be violent. We don’t want to be obedient.

God keeps trying to transform us into calm, helpful, friendly, and perfect creatures. We have to accept doing what God shows us in our dreams instead of being cruel, indifferent, and lazy. This is the biggest problem we have to solve if we want to attain spiritual perfection and help God feel better for seeing that we are learning how to be good.

We can become geniuses and attain higher levels of knowledge, but we are wasting our time with our materialistic lifestyle because we are slaves of our idiotic animal nature and of its destructive evilness. The worst of all is the fact that we are victims of craziness and terror because we are slaves of our primitive anti-conscience.

We can attain spiritual perfection like God, but we don’t care about being perfect. We could solve all the problems that torture the human race, and find peace, love, and happiness by obeying God’s guidance in dreams, but we are wasting our time trying to do what we believe we should do, without caring about our spiritual evolution.

God is always crying. His heart is always bleeding, exactly as shown in many sacred images of Jesus and Saint Mary. God regrets having created our planet with the intention to transform the satanic nature of the anti-conscience into a perfect human nature.

We don’t want to obey God’s guidance, no matter how much he may try to convince us that this will be better for us.

We try to avoid suffering the more we can. We hate sacrifices. We don’t want to learn how to be patient. We are unable to forgive our enemies without desiring revenge.

We have the behavior imposed by our satanic nature, while we believe that we are doing what ‘we’ want.

God tried everything He could in order to show us that we must stop liking to be evil and desire to attain spiritual perfection, but nothing works. We are unable to understand that we must accept suffering in order to transform our personality, so that we may stop making mistakes and stop suffering because of the tragic consequences of our costly mistakes.

We don’t want to learn anything. We don’t want to definitively get rid of our mistakes. We prefer to keep repeating the same mistakes for life.

This behavior is absurd, but we are crazy from birth. Although we have an absurd behavior, we believe that we are right for being this way. We cannot understand our own absurdity.

If you’ll logically think about this matter you’ll obviously understand that a crazy person cannot evaluate their mental condition and verify that they are absurd. So, you are able to understand that humanity cannot understand how absurd we are, exactly because we are absurd.

Our thoughts are repetitive. We don’t pay attention to all the aspects that compose our reality. We cannot understand that we make many silly mistakes that work against ourselves.

God is trying to make us correct our mistakes, but we don’t want to understand that we are making mistakes, and we don’t agree with everything we have to do in order to correct our behavior. We cannot get out of this vicious circle because we don’t understand our own absurdity, and we insist on our narrow-minded points of view.

You may believe that most people are sane and only a few people become mentally ill, but the truth is that most people are mentally ill in our world; especially the world leaders. This is why our world is ruled by terror, violence, immorality, and greed.

There is no justice on Earth. Corruptions and crimes are part of our daily reality.

God gave us scientific knowledge and now we can understand what is happening inside our brain and psyche thanks to the accurate translation of the meaning of dreams. Now we have scientific explanations for the religious lessons of the past. Now we can also clearly understand the barbarous mistakes of our materialistic and atheistic civilization.

However, knowledge alone is not enough. We have to pass through a deep process of transformation.

Will the world obey God’s guidance now that everyone can understand God’s words in dreams and understand the truth?

Or will the world simply ignore this alternative?

What will you do after learning the truth about God’s despair and the evil human nature?

Will you transform your personality and attain spiritual perfection?

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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