How to Cure or Prevent a Mental Disorder by Obeying God’s Guidance in Dreams

Faith in GodEven though the atheistic and materialistic mindset of the modern civilization makes you believe that science and religion are contrasting disciplines, my work shows you that you have to make a combination of both when you are fighting mental disorders and physical diseases.

I will show you the importance of your faith in God if you want to always protect your mental and physical health, or when you are trying to cure an existent mental illness or physical disease.

God produces your dreams in order to give you important guidance, which protects your mental stability and helps you develop your sensitivity. After acquiring perfect mental health you will also acquire perfect physical health. Everything depends on your obedience to God’s guidance in your dreams.

You must have real faith in God if you want to be helped. You must believe that God will surely help you solve your problems and become a better person, even in the hardest moments of your difficult journey.

Carl Jung was a genius who managed to understand the meaning of the dream language and the psychotherapy of the divine unconscious mind. He discovered that our dreams are produced by God before me, but he didn’t completely trust God’s wisdom because he couldn’t perceive God’s sanctity.

I could perceive God’s sanctity because I was a poet, and because I had studied in a Catholic school during twelve years. This is why I concluded that we must obey God’s guidance after finding God’s words in dreams.

I declared that we must be very afraid of our own conscience because we are basically demons. Our own judgment is dangerous because we are ignorant, absurd, and evil.

We inherit absurdity into the biggest part of our brain because we have inherited a wild conscience (anti-conscience), which didn’t evolve like our human conscience. We need psychotherapy even if we seem to be balanced according to the concepts of the superficial and violent modern civilization.

I concluded that we must have faith in God and never doubt of God’s wisdom. This conclusion was my salvation.

You can transform your personality the same way, and become a perfect human being by following the divine guidance in dreams. You can attain higher levels of knowledge and sensitivity, and be totally different from the biggest part of the world population, which is mentally ill.

I managed to simplify Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation for you. Now you can easily learn the real meaning of the dream language and clearly understand God’s words in your dreams. This means that now you can successfully solve all problems.

You must become more intelligent and sensitive by developing our human conscience through dream therapy, so that you may be able to trust your own judgment. Your conscience works based on only one psychological function, what means that you are deficient from birth. You must develop your capacities so that you may always control your behavior, without being influenced by your wild tendencies.

Your wild tendencies are not irrational because you are a rational animal. However, even though these tendencies result from a rational process, they are absurd tendencies because they follow an absurd reasoning system, which is totally different from the well-organized human logic. Your wild tendencies seem to be logical because they are justified based on selfish criteria, but they are totally disorganized and absurd.

This is why you cannot trust your own judgment. You have to eliminate your anti-conscience through dream translation before being able to trust your own conclusions. Dream translation is a fast process of mind empowerment and spiritual evolution.

During this process, your obedience to the divine wisdom is indispensable because you are absurd, ignorant, and evil. You don’t know what is really good or bad. The divine unconscious mind will give you many lessons in dreams and teach you many things you ignore.

You must be humble and accept the unconscious criticism because you are a sinner. God will help you stop making mistakes and always have a wise behavior.

God will help you eliminate all the negative thoughts and doubts that are blocking your mind by showing you that there are many solutions you didn’t think about. You’ll understand how to stop having fears because you’ll learn how to find solutions for all problems, one by one.

You’ll feel that you have God’s support. This will be more than important for you because this support will give you self-confidence.

In order to eliminate the absurdity of your anti-conscience and evolve, you have to change your behavior and learn how to have the behavior of a wise person. You must be calm, gentle, generous, sensitive, and always show understanding.

If you disagree with the necessity to stop having a violent behavior, and you disrespect the guidance of the divine unconscious mind, you cannot eliminate all the absurdity you have inherited. You must trust your protector.

God’s sanctity is your guarantee that you will surely follow the right path and evolve. The fact that God sends you messages in dreams and you can easily understand these messages is a special advantage.

In the beginning I couldn’t believe that I had really found God when I understood that the unconscious mind was God’s mind. This was a true revelation. However, I had many previous indications that I would really arrive somewhere and understand something important in my journey.

I discovered that was a prophet when I learned how to translate the meaning of dreams and I translated the symbolic meaning of my literary work. My writings were inspired by the unconscious mind that produces dreams and gives us artistic talents. I found another meaning behind the literary meaning of my words.

I had real proof of God’s existence. I could clearly verify His intention to cure my mental disorder when I could translate the symbolic meaning of the dream symbols found in my book.

I started writing this book after suffering from a tragic car accident when I was a teen. Of course, I couldn’t suppose that all the personages of my story were dream symbols at that time. I discovered this fact only when I learned Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, many years later.

I saw that God was protecting my sanity and showing me that I had to stop imposing my ideas. I had to pay attention to my feelings instead of being a slave of my insensitive rationalism. When I verified this protection, my faith in God became concrete and solid.

My faith was more than indispensable because I had to pass through the unbearable symptoms of craziness while praying and remembering that I was fighting craziness, without losing my mind. The anti-conscience generates terrible mental disorders and unbearable sensations. In order to bear all these symptoms and keep praying, my faith in God’s existence had to be real.

I really believed in God. I had enough proof. This was why I managed to win the battle against the anti-conscience. I saw that we must offer resistance to its attacks until we will eliminate all the unbearable symptoms of craziness.

You must follow my example and completely trust the divine guidance, so that you may eliminate your anti-conscience before having to face the unbearable symptoms of craziness.

However, your ego is afraid to completely trust God. Your ego prefers to doubt of God’s sanctity, and trust your own conscience.

You cannot believe that your own conscience is absurd and that you cannot trust your own judgment. You cannot believe that you must trust God’s judgment instead of doing what you think you should do. You don’t want to trust anyone. This is why in the end you trust your absurd anti-conscience, and you become its victim.

Your anti-conscience keeps producing negative thoughts and sending many doubts to your conscience. You must believe in the divine wisdom, without paying attention to the negative thoughts and doubts generated by your anti-conscience. You have to remember that you can find solutions to all problems, without letting your anti-conscience’s doubts paralyze your reasoning system.

Your faith in God’s power is more important than the logical conclusion that you must trust your psychotherapist. Your faith in God has a sacred meaning.

You have to trust your protector, even when you have to suffer, or when you seem to be a loser. God’s plan is always perfect. You’ll surely triumph by obeying the divine guidance, even when you have to pass through difficult parts during this process.

If you don’t have such confidence, your anti-conscience will destroy your capacity to think logically with its absurd logic, with its negative thoughts, and with its infinite doubts.

The importance of your faith in God is not only a religious matter. Your faith protects your sanity, and gives you special courage. You must feel safe if you want to escape the logical traps of your anti-conscience and the cruelty of the world.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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