The True Meaning of Life and The Importance of God’s Existence

The Meaning of LifeGod exists, and He is as wise and saintly as described by all religions of the world. You can verify this truth by learning the dream language according to my simplification of Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation.

God’s existence is a scientific and religious truth.

Carl Jung cared only about the scientific side of this truth. I paid attention also to its religious dimension. This is why I could complete Jung’s research. The continuation of his dangerous research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation had to be carried on by someone who would truly believe in God’s existence and precisely obey His guidance.

Carl Jung used the unconscious mind only as a good counselor, without precisely obeying the unconscious guidance like me, besides discovering the divine origin of the unconscious mind. I understood that I had to obey the divine guidance because I was absurd and ignorant. I was afraid of my violent behavior and of my one-sided conscience.

I understood that the divine guidance in dreams was safe and that my obedience to the unconscious wisdom was true salvation.

Konrad Lorenz’s work helped me trust the unconscious mind and relate Carl Jung’s work to biology and to many new discoveries in various different scientific fields. I had scientific proof of God’s existence, and also scientific proof of His sanctity.

I also had proof of God’s existence and His sanctity when I translated the symbolic meaning of the literary book I had written when I was a teen. We can translate the symbolic meaning of literary works and the symbolic meaning of our reality the same way we translate dreams.

I was very excited with my discoveries in 1988, when I started writing my first scientific book with the intention to prove to the world that only Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is the right one. However, in the end of the year I had to change my mind, and not only prove to the world that Carl Jung had discovered the only method that helps us understand God’s words in dreams. I had to continue Jung’s research and discover a lot more.

My excitement disappeared in January of 1989, when I discovered the existence of our satanic anti-conscience, which occupies the biggest part of our brain. The anti-conscience is our primitive conscience, which didn’t evolve like our human conscience because it refuses to change its behavior. It never stops being violent.

I had to fight the absurdity of my anti-conscience and learn how to eliminate its absurdity through consciousness. I would never be able to fight all this absurdity alone. The unconscious mind was guiding me all the time. Otherwise, I wouldn’t survive.

I had to pass through the unbearable symptoms of craziness (like blackouts and hallucinations) without losing my mind. These symptoms are caused by the anti-conscience with the intention to imprison our conscience into the labyrinth of craziness. This labyrinth is characterized by lack of balance, anger, and numerous unbearable sensations. I had to resist all attacks by praying and remembering that I was fighting craziness because I had to find sound mental health, and because I had to become a psychiatrist.

After winning this fight and verifying that all the symptoms of craziness disappear when we show resistance to the anti-conscience’s attacks, I had to face the indifferent and cruel world.

I had to prove to the atheistic world that God exists and everyone must obey His guidance in dreams because human beings are in fact absurd demons. We must develop our human conscience and eliminate our satanic anti-conscience if we want to become really human.

This was a horrible mission.

I accepted it only because I understood God’s pain. I knew that nobody would believe me, or respect my discoveries.

Nobody cares about God’s existence.

Everybody thinks that God is someone who should give us things. Nobody understands that God expects something from us. Nobody understands that we have the moral obligation to help God completely eliminate all the absurdity we have inherited into our anti-conscience.

Everybody prefers the scientific part of dream translation, without caring about the religious importance of God’s existence.

You must have a different attitude. You must realize that all dreams are extremely important exactly because they contain God’s words. The dream messages are not empty words. They contain precious information and guidance.

Nightmares are important warnings that show you dangers you cannot see with the knowledge you have. Recurring dreams are alarms that indicate future problems if you won’t stop postponing a certain obligation.

Dreams about love give you objective information about the person you love in order to prevent severe mental illnesses, because love and craziness are closely connected.

Dreams about dead people give you information about what happened and what is happening with a dead person if this person was close to you when they were alive. The unconscious mind gives you explanations about their life and death. You understand why they had to die.

You also understand that their spirit is still alive. You must respect dead people the same way you respect those who are still alive.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is not a magical natural organ. The unconscious mind is God’s mind and possesses undoubtable wisdom, infinite sanctity, and eternal patience.

God works like a psychotherapist by creating meaningful dreams for you because He wants to transform you into a mentally healthy person, so that you may be able to be a happy person. First of all you must get rid of the evilness and the absurdity you have inherited into the biggest part of your brain and psyche.

If this inherited content didn’t exist, you would easily become a perfect human being. However, your wild and primitive anti-conscience doesn’t let you evolve. This is the biggest problem of your life, and the biggest problem of God’s life.

God wants to transform all His children into perfect human beings, but their satanic anti-conscience transforms them into barbarous monsters.

The fight between the human conscience and the anti-conscience is ancient. It characterizes the human evolution. We are in fact under-developed primates who possess a tiny human conscience, which is one-sided and must be developed.

God tries to cure our absurdity thanks to the dream messages, thanks to our religion, thanks to the beauty of our planet, and in a billion other ways. God does everything He can to help us develop our intelligence and our sensitivity.

God created our planet with the intention to transform our anti-conscience into a human being.

However, nobody gives importance to God’s guidance, and this is why our world is a living hell. Those who are not victims of terror themselves disregard the suffering of those who have no conditions to survive in a world ruled by violence, terror, immorality, hypocrisy, cruelty, indifference, and greed.

God’s attempt was a big failure.

Our anti-conscience is too strong and we prefer what is bad. We don’t want to learn how to be good.

We keep trying to avoid suffering, without understanding that many times we have to accept suffering in order to achieve a goal, or in order to help someone.

We prefer to cause suffering than to suffer ourselves. We care only about having pleasures in life. We believe that we must be very selfish and always defend our own interests.

In a few words, we have a satanic behavior, and we don’t want to change. We (the human beings existent into the human side of our conscience) imitate the behavior of our primitive anti-conscience, which is a demon, and doesn’t want to evolve.

God has no chances to convince our conscience to obey His guidance and learn how to be sincere, generous, humble, and pure. We don’t want to learn these lessons.

This is why religion is so despised by the modern civilization. As a matter of fact, this attitude is not new in the human history. Atheism and violence characterize the human race from the beginning of its formation. We are barbarous animals.

The skulls that today’s teens are painting in their blouses reflect the influence of their primitive anti-conscience and its violent tendencies. Our children are complaining because the world is becoming crazier.

Our wars and our crimes prove this truth more than anything else. We know that there is no real peace on Earth, and this is why we protect our possessions with military forces and bombs.

We believe that we don’t need to admit the existence of God if we can scientifically explain many things (independently of the many unexplained phenomena we cannot explain). We believe that we can understand how everything was formed, even if our theories are very far from the truth.

We don’t accept anyone’s guidance. God is not welcome in our planet.

Only a few souls care about God’s existence, but most of them are big hypocrites. They are demons who pretend to believe in God, but do nothing to put an end to craziness and terror.

God is alone.

I could discover this tragic truth when I was 28-years-old and I was continuing Carl Jung’s research. Since then, I precisely obey God’s guidance in dreams and signs of my reality, even against my will. I’m sure that I will verify that God was right in the future, even if I cannot understand His guidance from the beginning. I’m sure that I will agree with God in the future, when I will see the results of His guidance.

I have to convince the atheistic and materialistic world to imitate my example. Everyone must obey the divine guidance in dreams with the same confidence I do.

However, nobody wants to learn how to be perfect. Nobody cares about God’s pain because of our indifference.

Everybody is selfish and lazy. Everybody hates obedience.

God may be right, but we don’t want to have the behavior of saints. We prefer to be demons with a human mask. We prefer to only pretend to be good, but always protect our own interests.

We don’t want to understand the entire truth. We prefer to have only a partial vision of it, and pay attention only to the points we care about.

We don’t feel we can trust God, and we don’t like the idea of being His slaves.

God may politely give us numerous explanations about the reasons why we must obey His guidance, but we don’t care about them. God may try to show us that we are not His slaves when we obey His guidance, but we don’t like obedience, independently of the reasons why we must be obedient. We prefer to be free, even though we keep making dangerous mistakes.

We are always trying to please our ego.

This is why we use the human conscience we receive from God in order to satisfy our selfish desires, instead of fighting the absurdity of our anti-conscience. This is why our anti-conscience manages to easily destroy our conscience with the mental illnesses it generates within our conscience. This is why our world is becoming worse with time, and nobody can find salvation.

You have to precisely obey God’s guidance if you want to abandon this sad reality. You have to pass through a process of psychological transformation, mind empowerment, and spiritual evolution instead of repeating the mistakes of the human race.

It’s very hard to always obey God’s guidance, but this is a guaranteed method to solve all problems and evolve. When you are with God, you are safe.

However, you have to be serious. You cannot abandon your journey in the middle of the way.

Some people theoretically agree with God until a certain point. When they understand the importance of the process of transformation they have to pass through, they believe that they really should transform their personality and change their behavior. However, this conclusion is superficial. Everyone is a hero only in the beginning.

Nobody bears having to improve their personality more and more, and more…

However, everyone is too far from perfection. Everyone’s road is quite long.

You can easily be cured from depression, neurosis, panic attacks, and other psychological problems in only a few months of dream therapy, but in order to become a perfect human being you must keep following dream therapy for years, always obeying the divine guidance. You cannot become a perfect human being in only a few months.

You should desire to be perfect, and never abandon the long path. This is how you will completely evolve, and this is how you will make God happy with you.

God is extremely sad. He needs your support.

God is doing everything He can to save you from craziness and terror, and transform you into a wise and sensitive human being, but if you are indifferent to His attempts, God cannot oblige you to be good. You must decide to be good for understanding that it is better to be good, even when you have to suffer in order to protect others, or in order to preserve peace.

You must consciously decide to obey the wise guidance you receive in your dreams, even when you disagree with it because you don’t want to suffer. If you want to transform your personality and become a perfect human being you must accept suffering when it is necessary.

For example, you cannot be a perfect human being if you are impatient. You must learn how to wait the proper time. If you won’t accept suffering and learning how to wait for something for a long time, you won’t learn how to be patient. If you won’t learn how to be patient, you’ll never do anything in a perfect way. Perfection cannot be accomplished in a hurry.

God depends on your acceptance and on your cooperation in order to transform you into a wise and sensitive person.

You cannot keep having the indifferent attitude of those who say that ‘nobody is perfect’, and cross their arms without trying to attain perfection. You must take action and accept this challenge.

When I discovered the anti-conscience and I had to fight craziness like a hero I felt that God was demanding too much from me, but at the same time I understood God’s pain. Nobody tries to attain sanctity on Earth. He needed my example. I had to become a psychiatrist, a psychologist, and also have the behavior of a saint only because God deserved to have an obedient server.

God is the biggest victim of our indifference to what is bad. He has no hope to transform all human beings into saints. We are cruel, indifferent, and lazy. We don’t want to change.

You must desire to be perfect and do everything you can to attain sanctity. This is why God gave you your human intelligence. Even if you are indifferent to your own salvation, you have the moral obligation to become a perfect human being because this is what God expects from you.

This is why you are alive. This is why God created a beautiful planet for you. This is why God sends you meaningful messages in dreams.

You live in order to abandon your animal nature and understand your spiritual reality. You live in order to transform your primitive personality into a wise and sensitive personality. This is the true meaning of your life.

The material world is only a background. What is really important is the essence, and the essence is your spirit. Only goodness can save your spirit from eternal hell.

God gives you the freedom to live the way you may desire because your own conscience must work and your own intelligence must be developed. Then, God gives you many lessons and clues, so that you may accept obeying His guidance. You have to consciously conclude that you must obey the divine guidance because it represents your salvation.

You must desire to be a relief for God. You must desire to help Him put an end to craziness and terror. God deserves your attention.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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