Fast Depression Treatment through Mind Empowerment and Spiritual Evolution

VisionAfter mastering the dream language according to the scientific method of dream interpretation (discovered by Carl Jung) you are able to understand God’s words in dreams. God’s words are not empty like the false words of the hypocritical and ignorant world.

As a psychiatrist and psychologist, Jung didn’t have a religious attitude after discovering that the wise unconscious mind (which produces our dreams) has a divine origin. I continued his work in order to complete his research based on my religiosity.

I recognized the depth of my ignorance, and the depth of my absurdity. I fell on my knees ashamed of my imperfect nature, concluding that I should be humble before God’s wisdom.

Thanks to my attitude, I could continue Carl Jung’s research and discover the origin of all mental illnesses. Today you know which steps you must follow in order to completely eliminate existing mental illnesses or prevent all mental illnesses once and for all.

Through dream translation you will understand that your depression is a logical consequence of the mistakes of the world. You are a victim of the cruel and absurd world.

At the same time, you will understand that your depression is a consequence of the mistakes you made in life because your conscience is one-sided and it must be developed. You are not using three of your four psychological functions (thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition) and you are either introverted or extroverted, while you must be both at the same time.

In a few words, you will understand that you are not as intelligent as you may imagine, and you are also quite insensitive. This is why you didn’t make the right choices in life.

You were also bothered by many unexpected problems and difficult life conditions. If today you are depressed, this is an obvious consequence of the mistakes of the world, and also a consequence of your own mistakes.

How can you correct so many mistakes?

You will correct all mistakes, clarify your mind, and start feeling better thanks to the process of mind empowerment you’ll pass through dream translation. This is a fast depression treatment based on divine wisdom.

Since you know that God exists because He produces your dreams, you must be able to understand that your life has another dimension. The importance of your life surpasses the limited period of time of your existence as a rational animal.

Through dream translation you will become more intelligent and at the same time, more sensitive. You’ll understand many things you couldn’t understand before. The importance of your spiritual reality will finally appear before your eyes. You will see that your life is a complex mystery.

You’ll be able to see what exists behind the apparent reality.

This process of mind empowerment and spiritual evolution is very important because it gives you an extra power. You are able to read people’s minds and predict the future. You understand the reasons why all problems are formed. You can see everyone’s real face behind their hypocritical mask.

This vision is a big advantage. It gives you knowledge and solutions.

This vision helps you understand that your personal problems simply confirm the repetition of mistakes and sins that are common to the human race. Your case is not an exception.

You stop blaming yourself, and you stop blaming the world for your problems, exactly because you understand that there are too many problems everywhere. You are a victim of the cruel world and a victim of the absurdity you have inherited, but everybody else is a victim like you. Everyone’s life biography is sad in many points, or from the beginning to the end. Therefore, you understand that you belong to a sad reality that must be transformed.

Those who are happy because they have a lot of money are in a very dangerous position. Their satanic anti-conscience takes advantage of their mistakes and sins to generate mental illnesses within their human conscience. They become neurotic, psychotic, or schizophrenic, without understanding that they are mentally ill. They justify their absurdity and their cruelty as if they had the right to be extravagant without being considered absurd, only because they are rich.

Nobody should desire to be in their position.

When you pay attention to all the details of your reality and you analyze their essence, you have a better vision of all the aspects that compose your reality. You stop thinking based on the narrow-minded concepts of the absurd modern civilization. You see the entire truth, and not only a part of the truth.

Then, you stop concentrating your attention on your pain and your personal problems, and you learn how to begin a new life. The wiser you become, better you understand how far from wisdom everyone around you really is, besides understanding how ignorant and absurd you used to be before. Therefore, you stop having the personality you used to have in the past, and you become another person.

After understanding your mistakes and the mistakes of the world, and after completely changing your behavior, you have the right to have another social image. This alternative gives you the freedom to begin everything again. You will begin a new life from the beginning, and you’ll do everything the right way this time, because you will be wise.

This power will eliminate your depression and help you become stronger.

You have the right to begin a new life, and be totally different. You don’t need to carry your past on your shoulders forever.

You’ll be a happy person because you’ll have permanent mental health and wisdom.

When I went back to Brazil for a visit (in 1991) after living eleven years in Greece, I taught my friends to pray before eating. Some of them agreed this was a good idea.

I became a vegetarian in January of 1990, after understanding how barbarous it was to kill animals and eat their meat. So, when I went back to my country I started showing to everyone that I became a very religious person. I had different habits; I was not modern like I used to be in the past.

My old friends found it quite strange, especially because I was an atheist during my entire adolescence.

I became an atheist after suffering from a tragic car accident when I was 15-years-old, besides still studying in the same Catholic school I was studying since 6-years-old. I was selfish, lazy, indifferent, and proud of my intelligence. I didn’t seem to have any inclination to imitate the example of the nuns of my school.

However, I had to have the behavior of a nun in order to be able to continue Carl Jung’s research, and in order to cure my severe neurosis, which already had characteristics of schizophrenia. I couldn’t find sound mental health and continue Jung’s research without changing my behavior and my life.

Everyone got used with my new personality. I became a missionary. I helped my friends solve their problems while I was in Brazil, as if I was still living there like before. Whenever I go back to my country I feel as if I didn’t stop living there. (I live in Greece since 1980, after being a tourist in this country for 10 months. I have many relatives in Greece. Greece was a nice country many years ago, while I had no safety and no protection in Brazil.)

I was a very nervous person when I became a young adult, especially after getting married and becoming a mother. When I learned how to completely change my behavior and be patient, sensitive, tolerant, and humble, I understood how ridiculous I was when I used to explode of anger for any reason. I was cured from depression and neurosis thanks to the knowledge I could acquire by reading the divine words in dreams, and by obeying the guidance I had.

I could mention many other examples, but I don’t have the right to talk about other people’s lives and their dreams. I usually talk about my own case because I can use my example for studies and lessons. Many other people have found sound mental health through dream interpretation based on the method discovered by Carl Jung since 1920. I simply simplified his method, completing his research.

The person who would continue Jung’s research had to be religious because God is the dream producer. We cannot treat God as if He was only a ‘natural organ’ at our disposal. We have to respect the sacred meaning of God’s words in dreams.

My lessons help you understand the real dimension of dreams, besides teaching you how to understand the dream language and how to pass through a psychotherapeutical process thanks to the unconscious guidance. The happy end of this process is guaranteed because your doctor (God) is perfect. This guarantee is the best advantage you have.

Even if you’ll translate only the meaning of a few dream symbols contained in your dreams, you will already be helped. Dreams are specially created by the divine unconscious mind with the intention to cure your absurd conscience and eliminate your anti-conscience through consciousness. When you eliminate the absurd tendencies of your anti-conscience, you stop being depressed and absurd.

The unconscious treatment also works like spiritual purification. You learn how to stop making moral mistakes and sins, and always show wise behavior.

You become a happy person because you solve your psychological problems, you learn how to protect yourself from the world, and you become a sensitive human being. Then, you begin a new life, far from the mistakes of the past. The more you improve yourself, better is everything for you.

The ignorant, atheistic, and materialistic world doesn’t believe in God and doesn’t understand the importance of dreams, or the importance of our spiritual reality. However, you have to remember my lessons. I’m a very serious dream expert. I’m showing you the real dimension of dreams after meticulously studying all aspects about the meaning of dreams and their psychotherapeutical effect.

You can absolutely trust the dream messages because they come from God. They are not based on human suppositions. This is why you have exactly the dreams you must have in order to eliminate your anti-conscience and evolve.

Dreams are not images produced by chance. Dreams are art works produced by the divine unconscious mind with the intention to eliminate your absurdity and help you become more sensitive.

The unconscious mind doesn’t belong to our idiotic brain. The unconscious mind is a superior mind that prepares a plan and sends to all dreamers a series of dreams especially created with the intention to help them transform their personality.

The divine unconscious mind sends to each dreamer the messages that will awake the dormant psychological functions in his/her conscience. This means that thanks to dream therapy all dreamers start using in a conscious manner the wild psychological functions that belong to their anti-conscience. Dreams are very special creations. Dreams must be respected because they give us precious information that can be trusted.

You cannot absolutely trust any information that comes from the hypocritical world. The only information you can trust is the information that comes from God. God shows you the truth in your dreams. God cures your psyche with the truth. The truth is that you are an imperfect creature, but you can evolve. If you’ll study the meaning of dreams and obey the divine guidance, you will become a genius.

All dream images make sense and follow a specific sequence. When you learn the dream language you perceive the existence of a clear organization in all dream images and scenes.

This organization is not a product of chance; it is the result of God’s work. You understand what is important for you in your dreams because God sends you exactly the information you need. God is a psychotherapist. He knows what type of information you must have in order to escape the traps of your anti-conscience, and evolve.

I had to look for the meaning of numerous dream symbols to be able to simplify the dream language. Carl Jung discovered only the meaning of the basic dream symbols. Today you have the privilege to learn a lot more without wasting time because I give you the results of my research.

Dreams are specially produced to cure your psyche even without your cooperation. When you are able to clearly understand the unconscious guidance in dreams, you have more advantages.

God knows what each one of us must understand in order to develop the psychological functions that remain in a wild condition in our conscience, and belong to our anti-conscience. This is why the process of mind empowerment of the unconscious mind helps everyone overcome their depression in a few months (around 8 months of basic psychotherapy).

God is as wise as described by all religions of the world. However, He cannot put an end to craziness and terror alone. He needs our cooperation.

God sends you dreams with special information and guidance in order to transform you into a perfect human being. When you’ll eliminate all the absurdity you have inherited, you will help God put an end to craziness and terror on Earth thanks to your brilliant personality.

You have to be an obedient patient if you want to have fast positive results. This means that you have to remember the superiority of God’s wisdom, even when you dislike His guidance.

For example, you have to agree that it is wiser to be humble and definitively stop being proud of yourself. Your humbleness plays an important role in your treatment.

After transforming your personality you’ll always be satisfied with your behavior. You’ll feel satisfied with your life. You’ll be a happy person because you will be fine.

However, you won’t be afraid of suffering.

You won’t be indifferent to other people’s problems. You won’t insist on trying to be glad no matter what, just because you don’t like to be sad.

You’ll always accept carrying a cross in order to save someone. You’ll always cry when someone will tell you their pain. You’ll always feel depressed when you’ll deal with terror and violence. You’ll prefer to be sad whenever you’ll verify that there is no justice on Earth. You won’t close your eyes before what is unfair and silently agree with craziness. You won’t be indifferent to what is bad.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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