Learn Why Justice on Earth is Only a Myth

JusticeJustice on Earth is only a myth supported by hypocritical clowns. This happens because most people in our world live constantly controlled or temporarily influenced by the under-developed side of their conscience (anti-conscience) in numerous situations.

Our barbarous laws are based on the evilness and the absurdity that characterizes our primitive conscience.

Justice cannot survive in parallel with corruption. There is no justice without safety.

If by paying someone else to lie, anyone can simply distort the truth, how can we ever discover the real truth?

Since a powerful person can just pay everyone else to simple agree with what they want and confirm their lies, this means that many truths are never discovered by anyone. This also means that all the information we have in our world is first of all filtered, based on the interests of those who control the circulation of the information we have.

How can we know if the information we have is not the result of sabotage?

How can we verify the veracity of this information if it is hidden behind numerous conspiracies?

This is impossible.

We cannot trust anyone. We cannot believe in anything. Everyone in our world is a liar.

Everyone knows that everyone in our world is a liar, but everybody keeps lying, and at the same trying to discover other people’s lies.

There is no justice in a world where terror, violence, poverty, and immorality torture the biggest part of the population. There is only craziness camouflaged by many lies. Those who have no money have no protection on Earth, a very dangerous planet ruled by selfishness and greed.

Today I will talk about one of the worst problems of my life. I’m an attractive woman.

Perhaps you believe that I should be glad for being attractive instead of being ugly. Being attractive is not a problem in our superficial and materialistic world; it’s an advantage.

No, being attractive not always is an advantage. A beautiful woman who is desired by many men cannot survive without protection in our living hell.

An attractive woman will be in an advantageous position in our world if she will accept immorality, or if she will have a high social position. Besides that, she indispensably needs the protection of a powerful man.

If you are an attractive woman and you want to live like a nun, but you are among the worst sinners of the world (instead of being in a monastery) you are in a very dangerous position.

I had to be in this dangerous position in order to discover the truth about our world and denounce the human hypocrisy.

God was giving me orders in dreams, in signs of my daily reality, and through a small notebook with codes. Eight years after this difficult communication, I could directly listen to God’s words in my mind, without having to use my small notebook or depending only on my dreams. Of course, I also had directions in dreams and signs of my daily reality.

This miracle happened in 1998, the first year of my silence, after giving numerous explanations about what had really happened with our love story to the man who had killed my husband. I gave him numerous explanations, showing him all his mistakes and what was right or wrong. I talked about my position, his position, his children, my son, and many other matters related to our story.

He put microphones in my apartment. I talked to him, and he confirmed that he was listening to me by calling me up, without saying anything when I would answer the phone.

In 1998 God told me that I could finally stop giving explanations to this man. He understood his mistakes, he also understood that I was innocent because I was obeying God’s guidance and fighting craziness exactly when he had killed my husband, and he accepted to let me live, without trying to capture me or kill me. He understood that he shouldn’t blame me for his suffering. I had to obey God’s guidance. He didn’t have the right to do what he did, and I had to respect my moral principals and do what God was showing me. I was not free to do whatever I wanted in life. I had to obey God’s guidance and I was very obedient because I trusted His wisdom.

He tried to capture me many times, but I had warnings about everything. I knew what I had to do in order to escape his traps, and he never managed to capture me.

I had to run away from a schizophrenic murderer who wanted to rape me and kill me, because I didn’t do what he wanted me to when he had killed my husband.

I learned the truth about the real reason why my husband had died in a dream. I called his best customer up only in September of 1991, while he had killed by husband in July of 1989. He was more than angry with me.

I had short dreams that were like flashes with information about everything that would happen to me during the day. He was trying to capture me, while I was talking with him by phone.

I had to do what was necessary to escape all traps, based on the divine guidance in these fast dreams like a fast flash. I had these dreams immediately after wakening up. They were very clear. I could immediately translate their meaning, even without having to write them down. However, I always wrote them down, because I had to remember them very well.

They were very short but they were predicting everything that would happen during the day, and showing me what I had to do to escape his traps.

He didn’t accept to confess his crime to father Rosario, even though I guaranteed that nobody else would learn his confession. I told him that he could completely trust this priest because he was a very serious person and he really believed in God.

God demanded this confession, and not me. I didn’t need this confession. However, it was important for God and for him to confess his crime to a priest. This was the only way he could be cured and his spirit would be purified.

He didn’t want to clearly confess his crime. He wanted to simply forget it, and never talk about it. However, I told him that he had to confess this crime because he needed the divine absolution; it was indispensable. He couldn’t keep living with this burden. I told him that he would surely be forgiven. He only had to admit the truth, and not directly to me or to anyone else, but only to a very serious priest who would never tell anything to anyone.

The king didn’t accept confessing anything, but he stopped trying to capture me. He understood that I was innocent because I was obeying God’s guidance.

However, he didn’t believe in God. He simply understood that I believed in God and that I believed that I was following God’s guidance, and this was the reason why I didn’t do what he wanted me to.

I had to be able to judge the human actions based on God’s lessons in dreams. In other words, I had to verify into practice that my discovery was really real many times, in many different aspects of my reality, and in many different situations.

I had to look at all human beings and immediately remember that they were not human; they were demons who were merely pretending to have human feelings.

I had the chance to verify that everyone on Earth is a demon after discovering the existence of our wild conscience. This was very simple because it is real. I learned how to detect the signs of absurdity and evilness in the human behavior. The existence of a satanic anti-conscience into the human brain can be confirmed through many different ways in our reality.

I must denounce the craziness that characterizes our courts, our police, and our prisons, besides showing you that lawyers and politicians are if fact clowns. Everyone else is a clown too. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Since everyone is a big hypocrite on Earth, everyone is a clown. Everything in our world is a theater.

I’m sorry if my words seem to be offensive, but I cannot find better terms to describe the truth as it is.

Now, I will tell you my story from the beginning, so that you may understand why justice on Earth is only a myth.

When I was a little girl I was very proud of my beauty, my literary talent, and my intelligence. I was a beautiful and intelligent child. Everyone admired my green eyes.

I was one of the best students of my school. My teachers and the nuns who lived there admired my personality because I was very generous and extremely religious. I used to give my new clothes and toys to the poor because I believed that they deserved to have new things instead of using only old clothes that nobody wants and broken toys.

My literary talent was famous. Everyone could predict that I would become a famous literature writer someday. I lived like a princess. My parents had a factory and a store, and we had many maids.

However, when I became 15-years-old I suffered from a tragic car accident. I lost my friend Marina who was next to me in the car, I lost my faith in God, and I lost my pride. I didn’t lose my life because four doctors were following my case and the best neurologist of my city was the head of this group. I had a serious trauma in my head. I lost my memory, my intelligence, my identity, and my equilibrium.

This accident was preparing me for the fight against the satanic anti-conscience when I would become 28-years-old. It was provoked by my anti-conscience and by the anti-conscience of those who were with me in the car.

The anti-conscience is Satan. Satan is very powerful because it can emit negative energy. It causes tragic accidents, small accidents, strange events, and numerous misfortunes.

God let this accident happen because He cannot protect those who accept their anti-conscience’s suggestions. There were six teens in this car. The accident happened two days before the trip I had reserved. I would travel to Greece with my mother on Monday, but the car accident happened on Saturday night, and I couldn’t travel.

Everyone in the car had a terrible anti-conscience. This accident was the result of the strong absurd tendencies we had inherited, and the result of our acceptance of our anti-conscience’s evilness. Our human conscience was not offering resistance against the absurdity imposed by our anti-conscience. We would surely become evil adults.

God let this accident happen without trying to protect us, with the intention to save us from craziness and terror with this tragic experience. Marina couldn’t be saved because she could already abandon our living hell.

To live on Earth is not exactly an advantage, as you may believe. Marina was pure and innocent, even though she was the oldest one in the car. She was 22-years-old. God didn’t let her lose her human conscience in the crazy world. She became a lawyer. She was temporarily living with my mother and with me in our apartment. My parents separated a few months before the accident. Marina was from another city, and she found a good job in my city, the dangerous Sao Paulo.

After this tragic accident, I concluded that I was horrible, the world was horrible, everything was horrible, and there was nothing good anywhere.

I recuperated my memory, my intelligence, and my equilibrium, but my identity completely changed. I became an aggressive teen. I stopped being superficial. I stopped believing in many illusions.

Even though I ignored what had caused the tragic accident, I remembered that a few days before this accident I laughed a lot because I had received a letter from a young man. I had met him because he was a friend of my godmother’s nephew. He lived in another state. He was showing me that he was in love with me in this letter. I was so cold and indifferent that I read his letter out loud to one of my friends, who was a member of my gang and also my neighbor.

I should have respected the young man who was in love with me. I should be sensitive and delicate instead of reading his letter out loud to one of my friends, while laughing and making fun of him.

Even though I didn’t believe that God exists because He didn’t protect me and my friends and He let this accident happen, I had the impression that the accident was not caused by chance. My intuition made me understand that this accident was God’s punishment because I made fun of someone else’s pain.

I stopped being vain. I acquired a big scar on my forehead, which I covered with my hair. Whenever I looked at the mirror I remembered the image I saw of myself immediately after arriving home when I had the accident, after being in the hospital for one month. My left eye was totally read, as if it was bleeding.

My vision was not clear. I had to close one eye to be able to see only one image instead of two images of one person or object. I lost my equilibrium. I was unable to walk down stairs alone, write, or play the piano. In the beginning I was afraid that this paralysis would last forever. It was horrible.

I gradually recuperated my vision, and the color of my eye (around the iris) became white again. I also gradually recuperated my movements, my equilibrium, and my intelligence.

However, whenever I would look at the mirror again I would always remember my face in the mirror when I came back home, after staying one month in the hospital (during which I had lost my memory) after the tragic accident we had in a Saturday night, after a birthday party. I recuperated my memory when I entered my bedroom. I felt as if I woke up after sleeping for hours.

Whenever I looked at my image in the mirror after this tragic accident, my first thought was that I should be glad because I still had my beautiful green eyes and I could see with them. I stopped admiring their color.

I started paying attention to the ugly points of my face. I understood that it was ridiculous to care about my appearance.

However, I was still very proud of my intelligence.

I was very intelligent, but after the accident I became neurotic, what means that I started losing my intelligence without understanding what was happening to me. I gradually became idiotic, even though I had the impression that I still was very intelligent. This impression was a big trap.

I was very intelligent when I was a child and my human conscience was strong. However, when I became a teen my anti-conscience became stronger because I entered into contact with the evilness of the world. I stopped liking to be an angel.

I had to abandon my country when I finished high school because there was no safety in Brazil, especially in my city, Sao Paulo. I decided to live in Greece, where I had many relatives because my parents were Greek. I lost the Portuguese language and my extraordinary literary talent stopped guaranteeing a brilliant future for me.

I got married to a Greek man I didn’t really love because I believed that he was a good person and he had a great sense of humor. It was always pleasant to talk with him.

This marriage was a big mistake.

I could understand this mistake when I started following dream therapy and I discovered that my marriage was the result of the influence of my anti-conscience. God opened my eyes, showing me that my husband was manipulating me. He didn’t love me either. He only wanted to take advantage of my intelligence and my sincerity.

He understood that he would have many advantages in life by marrying a strong woman like me, who was so sincere. I always hated lies. I used to tell everything exactly as it was. Sometimes I was even rude because I was too sincere.

However, everything was even worse. I understood how tragic the mistake of getting married to a man I didn’t love was much later. I fell in love with one of my husband’s best customers.

God made me discover the truth about the satanic origin of the human conscience and fight craziness exactly when the man I was in love with had decided to kill my husband because he loved me too, and he had to find a special way to meet me again, without my husband’s presence, like the first time we met.

This man killed my husband because he wanted to possess me, and he was a millionaire. He could easily hide his crime and pretend that my husband had died because of a sudden heart attack. Nobody refused his money. It was very simply for him to hide such a terrible crime.

This man was many years older than me, but he didn’t mind killing a 34-years-old man because he wanted to steal his wife. He didn’t mind killing the father of a 4-years-boy either.

I was in love with him and I would disregard the importance of his crime if I had learned that he had killed my husband when he did it. I was a demon. I didn’t marry him only because God protected me from his teeth.

I was in fact protected from schizophrenia. This man was very dangerous for my mental stability because nobody would accept our relationship, and he would be too jealous of other men because he was much older than me. I would never be happy with him.

God told me that He was saving a terrible demon like me from craziness and terror only because He needed my help.

A monster like me didn’t deserve salvation. I had to pay for my treatment by learning how to be a psychiatrist, and by having the obligation to prove God’s existence to the atheistic world. God wouldn’t suffer so much to make me understand the truth if this was done only because He had the intention to save me from craziness. I was not important.

I should be grateful because I had the chance to save my sanity by obeying God’s guidance even though I didn’t deserve to have this guidance. It was God’s gift. God was very generous with me because He needed my generosity. Only my mission was important. I had to help God put an end to craziness and terror on Earth.

I stopped having the right to be a simple human being. I was the result of a complicated preparation, I was mentally ill, and I had an important mission. God showed me very clearly that I shouldn’t complain, but be grateful for being saved.

After my husband’s death I started showing to the world that I was very religious. I became very religious again in the beginning of 1988, after having confirmations of God’s existence in dreams and by translating the symbolic meaning of the literary book I had written after the accident, but nobody knew that I stopped being the indifferent creature I was before.

I visited a Catholic institution in the center of Athens and I talked with two nuns after discovering the truth about God’s existence and His messages in dreams in May of 1989, two months before my husband’s death. I even slept there one night. I went to the mass with sister Alberta at 6 o’clock in the morning the next day.

Sister Alberta helped me very much, even though she couldn’t believe in my revelations. Sister Anne Marie helped me too because she was very sensitive, but she couldn’t understand the seriousness of my discoveries.

God told me that I had to go every Sunday to the Catholic church and follow the mass. I also started participating of several seminars about the Bible in the Catholic organization of the Sisters of San Joseph in Athens, where I met sister Alberta and sister Anne Marie. The seminars started only after my husband’s death.

So, the man who had killed my husband believed that I was shocked with his crime, and this is why I suddenly became very religious and I started going to these religious seminars and to the church every Sunday, while before I didn’t go to the church.

Greece is basically an Orthodox country. I belong to both churches because I was baptized in both of them. I entered into contact also with Orthodox nuns and priests and I told them the truth I had discovered.

However, in the beginning I was guided by the Catholic church since I had studied for twelve years in a Catholic school with nuns in Brazil, and this environment was familiar to me. I had to remember the lessons I had when I was a child. I also had to learn how to have the behavior of a humble person who believes in God.

Exactly at that period of time I started visiting a psychiatrist who couldn’t help me in any way. Then, I had to fight craziness based only on the guidance of the divine unconscious mind. My husband was murdered two months later.

I didn’t know that the man who wanted to possess me had killed my husband because I didn’t believe that he had the intention to marry me, and I learned the truth only later. Of course, since I loved him too, I didn’t want to do anything against him.

However, even if I would try to denounce his crime in a court, this would be more than impossible. First of all, this man was very powerful. He could simply kill me if I would try to do anything against him, the same way he had killed my husband.

My family didn’t believe me when I told them that this man had killed my husband. Everybody thought that I was imagining things that were not real. There was no way I could prove the truth to anyone.

I had no way to prove to the world that my son and I were victims of this crazy man, and oblige him to at least give me a compensation in money because he killed my son’s father. How would I raise my son?

This man abandoned me alone with my orphan son, because I didn’t go back to the factory I had with my husband to give him the chance to meet me again, because of my husband’s death. I obeyed God’s guidance, and I never went back to the factory, besides one day for a few minutes to get some papers, with my brother-in-law.

When my husband died in July 25 of 1989 I let my brother-in-law solve all existent problems without talking with any customer, even though I knew all customers because I used to work with my husband in our small factory. I was fighting craziness and everyone in my family knew that I had psychological problems. My brother-in-law had to handle this situation with the help of a good friend.

I had to raise my son alone. The man who had killed my son’s father was a millionaire, while I was just an average person, but he didn’t have the dignity to at least give me money after killing my husband. Since he concluded that I was shocked and I didn’t want him because I saw that he was a monster, and this is why I became very religious, he should also have concluded that he should pay me for making a tragic mistake and destroying my life and my son’s life because of his cruelty.

Who gave him the right to kill an innocent man who was also a young father only because he had to find a way to make me go back to the factory?

I stopped working in our small factory and I stayed home with my son, writing my scientific book. This was part of God’s plan. I had to stay far away from the factory.

Later I started working with my mother in the store she had with one of my uncles. So, this man wanted to oblige me to go back to the factory where he had met me, because only this way he could meet me again. He needed a serious reason to come back to our factory. This was not a simple matter for a proud man like him. He couldn’t simply appear in the factory again and clearly show me that he wanted to see me again. He had to create a scenario.

He had to go to our small factory again because of an extraordinary reason, like the extraordinary reason that made him come to our factory the first time. He was not an office boy. He was a king. The first time he had to come to our factory in order to prepare himself certain stairs for his exposition because my husband didn’t understand how to do what he wanted him to.

The king decided to kill my husband in order to make me go back to the factory and meet him again, so that he could pretend that he wanted to protect me. He would get divorced, and marry me. This was his plan.

However, God ruined everything for him. I never did what he was expecting me to, and I didn’t understand his crime because I believed that my husband’s death was the result of God’s will. My husband’s death was something that seemed to belong to my strange reality because I found God and I had a direct communication with Him.

My husband’s death exactly at that point of my life seemed to be part of God’s complicate plan for the elimination of craziness and terror on Earth. I had to better understand the meaning of death. My husband’s death helped me decipher many mysteries.

I also had to learn how to be an independent woman. I used to depend on my husband for everything. I had to learn how to solve all problems alone.

I also understood that God had decided to take my husband’s life because this way He was obliging me to be a good mother for my son and never think about committing suicide. My son had already lost his father. He needed his mother more than ever.

So, I didn’t think that my husband’s death was something unexplainable in the situation I was. I believed that God made me meet sister Alberta and sister Anne Marie two months before becoming a widow because He was preparing me to have the behavior of a nun, while I had the behavior of an impatient dictator and I had to stop being a demon. My husband’s death represented the end of my superficiality.

I had to face this situation and raise a boy alone, paying for the crime of a coward king, who didn’t have the courage to clearly confess his sin and pay me because he was so barbarous. He could anonymously pay me, without confessing anything, the same way he had anonymously killed my husband, but he didn’t think about this obligation, and nobody obliged him to do anything for me. He practically killed me and my son, but he abandoned us bleeding, without doing anything for his victims.

Even when I discovered the truth and I started having conversations with the murderer by phone, he didn’t understand that independently of his opinion or his pain, he should give me money because he had killed my son’s father.

His two business partners didn’t understand this fact two. Both of them hated me. They were so afraid to be denounced (even though they could easily prevent me from denouncing them) that one of them called up my mother to make me stop making these phone calls. He told her that I was bothering his business partner with my phone calls.

My son and I were the biggest victims of the king’s plan. Neither he nor his business partners understood that they had to do something for us because we were not responsible for the king’s mistake but we were paying for this mistake.

The king was furious because I didn’t do what he was expecting me to. He didn’t think about the consequences of his crime for me and for my son. He kept thinking only about his own pain. His two business partners didn’t think about this matter too. They wanted to get rid of me because I was a big threat against them, since they could be considered the king’s culprits.

I was always facing strange situations and facts, without being able to prove anything to anyone.

I had to go to Brazil so that my Greek enemies could rest for a while because they were too tense. When I came back, I understood that the king had put microphones in my apartment to spy on me, and he was following me everywhere.

I told him that if he wanted to marry me he had to confess his crime to a priest. I would send him a Catholic priest whom I knew and I trusted, father Rosario. He was and Italian priest who lived in Greece. The king had to confess that he had killed my husband to this priest, who was a very serious person.

This priest was not a clown. Father Rosario was a rare example. He really believed in God, besides being superficial in a few points. He was the only one who believed that God suffers because of our crimes, while all the other priests and nuns I had talked with believed that God doesn’t suffer like us, poor human beings.

I told the king that if he would confess his crime to this priest, I would forgive him, and marry him. However, he refused to confess his crime.

He was a king. He had to give orders. He couldn’t be in the position of a terrible sinner, and confess a terrible crime.

This confession was God’s idea. It was in fact another obstacle to prevent me from meeting this man after my husband’s death. God did everything He could to protect me and make me stay far away from the king. Everything worked because I was obedient.

I gave many explanations to the king, using the microphones he had put in my apartment to spy on me. He made many anonymous phone calls to confirm the fact that he was listening to me.

While I was facing this strange situation, I was also working in a store with my mother, and living with her, so that she could help me raise my son.

I had to go to many banks. At that time the cash card didn’t exist yet. It appeared a few years later. I had to go to many banks, wait in lines and deal with deposits and payments.

In the bank where I had my most important accounts I had a serious enemy who was in love with me. He did everything he could to make me pay attention to his existence by causing problems and complications whenever I was in the bank. He was always trying to make me fight with him, and this way give him the chance to approach me, without showing me that this was what he wanted.

The same tactic was used by many other men in other banks, and everywhere where I used to go.

I had many enemies everywhere, who wanted to possess me because I was attractive, even though I clearly showed them that I was not interested on having a relationship with anyone. One of them even stole money from my account to provoke a scandal.

I accused this very arrogant admirer, talking with the manager about his behavior. This hypocrite admirer was the bank’s vice president. He pretended to be totally innocent when I clearly condemned him because he was torturing me for causing problems on purpose. He was a big actor. He acted as if I was offending him, while he was a respectful married man.

He was a ridiculous coward. He acted as if my accusations had no meaning at all. We tried to show me that I was crazy and this is why I believed that a respectful gentleman like him could ever do anything to cause me problems for some reason.

The manager was a big actor too. He smiled when I told him that the vice president was causing me problems because he was trying to enter into contact with me. He told me that he couldn’t put the vice-president in the closet to make him stop bothering me.

The bank’s manager was another one of the vice president’s culprits. The entire bank was part of his theater. Everyone had a role in his show every time I would go to this bank.

Exactly when the manager told me that he couldn’t keep the vice-president in the closed to protect me, a certain employee was near him (because he supposedly wanted to ask something to the manager) and he laughed with what he heard. My problem was very funny.

I seemed to be a silly woman who was merely imagining that serious people like the bank’s manager and the vice president could do something on purpose, just to make me approach the vice president.

Many other men did horrible things against me, trying to make me fight with them. This tactic was used by all men, without exceptions. Nobody was friendly or helpful. They had to be indifferent, and attack me, so that I would approach them because I wanted to talk to them and complain about something, while they would be covered, without exposing themselves.

I understood that I had no hope to be taken seriously. How could I prove that all these cowards were causing me various problems on purpose because they wanted to have the chance to approach me, without exposing their ego? They didn’t have the dignity to be sincere. They didn’t know the meaning of the word ‘dignity’.

I was a big victim of the cruelty of many absurd men who didn’t respect my human rights and my preferences. I wanted to live alone like a nun and have the time to help others by translating their dreams for them and providing them with psychotherapy. I also had to work in a store, besides keeping my house, and besides being a mother who always had to go to her son’s school for one reason or another.

My son was a bad student. He didn’t look like me and his father. He had his own personality. My son was always doing something wrong in the classroom because ‘another boy’ did something else before, and my son was always blamed for whatever would happen in the class (even when he was ‘totally innocent’) because he was famous for creating problems. Other times, I had to go to the school because he broke something ‘by mistake’, or he did something else ‘by mistake’. He was good only on sports and music. He received many medals on tennis and he was a great pianist, but he hated the school lessons.

I had to face all problems alone because I didn’t have a husband. Nobody respected my rights, and nobody defended me.

My own family never believed me whenever I would tell them my adventures because I was attractive, and many men were always trying to make me fall into their traps. They believed that I was imagining things, and I had no way to prove anything to anyone. Or, they would merely laugh. My problem was very funny. Even if I was bothered by many suitors, I should be glad because they were showing me that they wanted me.

When I started working online (in 2007) I saw that exactly the same problem I had offline, started happening to me online. I couldn’t believe that so many men from different countries would care about me, since I was in Greece, so far away from them. However, I had many enemies who caused me many problems online with the intention to enter into contact with me.

My first enemy was a powerful American internet marketer. My second enemy was a Canadian editor. My third enemy was the owner of a very important website. He was American. He was my worst enemy. He caused me so many problems that I had to urgently go to the technician three times and try to save my laptop. He kept cutting my connection; he caused numerous unexplained damages at my websites. I passed through hell because of this crazy American, but nobody helped me.

I had to go to the Greek police and look for protection to make him understand that he was a cruel monster and I was a big victim of his financial power. However, I couldn’t prove anything against him because he was well-protected by his money and his social position.

This third enemy tortured me online from 2007 until 2009, when my father died and I traveled to Brazil for his funeral. This crazy American was homosexual, but he fell in love with me and he understood that I could cure him. Homosexuality is a mental illness like schizophrenia or psychosis. It can be cured through dream therapy. This man wanted to force me to have a relationship with him. He was the worst enemy I ever had.

I believed that I could prove everything he did against me, everything that the Canadian editor did, and everything that many others had done against me online, because everything is written online. It was a simple matter to identify my enemies online and prove that they were doing many things against me on purpose. This is something I couldn’t do offline.

However, I knew that they would pay everyone and in the end, I wouldn’t be able to prove anything against my powerful enemies.

Besides already knowing that this was a waste of time, I had to face everything as if I was an ignorant person and I believed that I had the chance to find justice. This was another part of God’s plan for the elimination of craziness and terror on Earth. Everything was part of this complicated plan.

I went five times to the police, asking for protection. I never found the right responsible for this matter. Each officer gave me a different suggestion.

I visited three lawyers trying to find a solution. However, nobody helped me because they were accepting money from my enemies, besides being indifferent.

The lawyers wanted a lot of money in advance to pay attention to my case, without giving me any guarantee that my case would be accepted by the judge, and would really be judged.

One of them told me (in a hurry) that I only had to pay him 300 Euros and he would defend me in a court, if the judge would accept the case. I tried to tell him the problem I had, but he interrupted me, telling me that my problem didn’t matter. He didn’t want to learn if I had killed someone, if I had stolen something. If I was innocent or guilty was an irrelevant detail.

He would defend me in any case, even if I was the worst monster of the planet and I had committed barbarous crimes. I only had to pay him the amount he was asking for, and wait. He would simply play with the laws, and write many excuses.

He didn’t mind defending a murderer, or destroying the life of an innocent person because he was an incompetent lawyer. All customers were welcome, without exceptions and without explanations.

My friends and relatives didn’t help me in any way. Everyone told me that they didn’t know how to help me, and everybody simply abandoned me alone with this strange problem. Even people who were saved from despair thanks to my generosity with them and had the moral obligation to do everything they could for me, simply abandoned me, without trying to do something for me. I was totally alone in this situation.

I looked for proof that I was attacked by many men also offline, and I found certain documents that could prove many things.

However, the police officer didn’t want to keep these documents because he would have to examine each one and this was too time consuming. He even told me that he would have to delay a lot examining all that stuff. Therefore, he concluded that these documents couldn’t help me in any way, without examining them. He had no time to analyze this content and send it to the judge.

The Greek police answered my requests of verification of what was going on in my computer only two years later, telling me that they couldn’t examine my computer because it was something personal. I told them that I allowed them to examine it so that they could find clear proof that many man were causing damages to my online business. These men were crazy and they wanted to find a way to approach me, besides our geographical distance.

However, the police office simple called the technician who knew that I was a victim of strange attacks, which had almost ruined my computer, and also a certain friend I had helped when his wife had committed suicide by translating his dreams for him, because I had asked him to help me find a webmaster I could trust. I told him my problem when I was desperate facing the attacks of the crazy American online.

He worked with computers. However, he didn’t help me.

This friend and the technician had to go to the police station as my testimonials and declare that yes, they knew that I was a victim of strange attacks online, so that this case could be ‘legally closed’.

My two testimonials confirmed that I was suffering as a victim of strange attacks when they were invited to do so, but the police refused to examine my computer and discover those who were attacking me because according to various laws, they didn’t have the right to investigate my property.

I kept all the papers they gave me explaining why they couldn’t help me in any way.

My crazy online enemies make me spend more than 50 thousand Euros to correct the damages they caused, but nobody paid me back. Everyone would attack me, and simply abandon me bleeding after verifying that it was impossible to force me to do what they wanted me to. Nobody had any dignity. Nobody gave me a cent after trying to destroy me, even when they recognized their absurdity after all my explanations. I tried to talk to them.

It was useless. They were monsters.

Of course, I didn’t want to put anyone in jail. Our sadistic prisons are as absurd and cruel as the guillotine. I only wanted to have my money back.

However, I had no hope to be respected and protected by anyone. I couldn’t oblige my enemies to do anything for me, even if I would explain that I wouldn’t denounce them. They could simply give me money anonymously, or help me in other ways, without appearing and exposing themselves.

However, they didn’t have a human conscience. They simply abandoned me bleeding after being a victim of their absurdity.

My position was simply ridiculous.

I was saved by people who had no obligation to help me in any way. Those who owed me their sanity didn’t try to do anything to help me when I was in trouble.

All my patients were selfish and ungrateful. Only when I was helping them they thanked me numerous times, promising that they would help me in any way they could in the future. When I needed their support because I couldn’t find a trustful webmaster who wouldn’t accept money from my enemies to cause me problems, nobody tried to help me.

Besides being indifferent to my pain, my relatives and friends were afraid of my enemies. Perhaps my enemies offered them money too, and they were very skeptical.

Who would refuse a lot of money in exchange for abandoning a woman with a serious problem without helping her?

Who would defend a weak woman like me, against a powerful man?

Everybody was afraid to help me because they could have problems themselves. My enemies could do something against them. So, they preferred to ignore my pain and care about their own lives.

Nobody believed that they had the moral obligation to help a poor widow like me, who was also the mother of an orphan boy.

God told me that I had to bear all the attacks online because Satan was powerful. The anti-conscience of the entire world was against me, since I was trying to put an end to craziness and terror and our world is ruled by terror, violence, immorality, and greed.

I had to be patient and face all attacks with courage. They wouldn’t last forever, like the attacks of my anti-conscience when it was trying to imprison my conscience into the labyrinth of craziness.

God couldn’t protect me. I had to simply bear this crucifixion.

Justice on Earth is a fairy tale. You have to prove to the court and to the judge that someone else is guilty, otherwise this person must be considered innocent.

However, how can a poor person pay expensive lawyers to play with the laws on their behalf? And how can they be sure that their layers won’t accept money from their enemies to make them lose their causes?

Only poor people have to face our barbarous justice. Those who have money and rule the world commit many crimes without being discovered. Sometimes a powerful person is discovered after committing a crime, but this happens only because they have powerful enemies who want to put them in jail.

Most crimes remain uncovered forever in our living hell, and they are not only committed by millionaires. It’s very easy to kill someone and hide this fact in our crazy world because our world is ruled by Satan. In other words, our world is ruled by our wild conscience, since the anti-conscience controls everyone’s behavior on Earth.

Nobody fights the craziness imposed by their anti-conscience. Everybody accepts their anti-conscience’s evilness without criticizing their actions.

Nobody respects God’s teachings. Nobody believes in God’s existence. Nobody tries to find out the truth. Everyone in our world prefers to keep believing in lies, without investigating anything.

I told myself that it was better to be the victim of many demons than to be a demon myself. I accepted to patiently wait until all attacks would finally stop.

I had many reasons to be glad, besides all problems. My conscience was alive and clean. I became a doctor and I had already cured many people through dream translation. Everyone would imitate my example when everyone would understand that God’s existence and His messages in dreams represent our salvation from craziness and terror.

I didn’t mind having to pass through numerous crucifixions. I was very strong. I would prove to the world that the obedience to God’s guidance in dreams is the solution to all problems, no matter how many attacks I would have to bear.

I was very glad because I was not a murderer. I was only a victim.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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