A Perfect Treatment for Mental Illnesses

Mental IllnessCarl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is curing mental illnesses since 1920. I started curing people from various mental illnesses through dream therapy by using his method of dream interpretation in September of 1990. I continued his difficult and complicated research by obeying the guidance of the unconscious mind in dream messages.

Jung discovered that the unconscious mind works like a natural doctor because it is God’s mind. He didn’t have a religious attitude before God’s wisdom because he was a scientist.

I completed the missing pieces of the complex puzzle he managed to put together, proving that we can trust the dream messages because they are based on sanctity.

Carl Jung was a true genius. His meticulous research and his extraordinary conclusions couldn’t be understood by the world. Nobody had the patience to precisely follow his steps, besides a few brave souls.

I was one of them because I was on despair and I couldn’t go anywhere for a psychological treatment. I was a young mother and I had to be with my baby all the time.

I studied Jung’s books many times and I precisely followed his guidance. This was very difficult, especially in the beginning. However, I had no alternative. I was always depressed and angry. I had to find peace.

Another reason why I cared about dream therapy was the fact that I had many vivid dreams. I remembered many old dreams, even though I had never written them down. I started writing down my dreams in a dream journal only when I decided to follow Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation.

Jung introduced me to the unconscious mind. Then, the divine unconscious mind became my doctor. I had to continue Jung’s research from the point he had abandoned it, and complete his mission. My work is the result of his work.

Carl Jung discovered and explained everything. I only completed the end of his research, adding something else, and clarifying all the obscure points in his conclusions.

He helped many people find sound mental health because his method is excellent, besides being so complicated. This method works.

The fact that I managed to simplify Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation is a great advantage for you. My dynamic simplifications help you immediately understand what you have to do in order to stop having psychological problems.

You can be sure that the scientific method of dream interpretation is a safe psychotherapeutical method because it is not based on human ignorance. When you trust the scientific method of dream interpretation you are trusting a psychotherapeutical method successfully tested during two generations, which is based on divine wisdom, and not on human suppositions.

I help you clearly understand Carl Jung’s long and complicated lessons in only a few words. I also add many details that he ignored.

Then, I show you that the real importance of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams is not only the fact that the unconscious mind works like a natural psychotherapist, but the fact that it is God’s mind.

God is wise and His sanctity is real. This is why He sends us important messages in dreams.

All ancient civilizations that respected the importance of the meaning of dreams were right. Some civilizations could understand the unconscious language, even though they didn’t transmit their knowledge to the world.

The advantage to receive precious messages in dreams is an alternative we didn’t expect we could have. The meaning of dreams is underestimated by most people in our world. Nobody can believe that the meaning of dreams must be respected because it surpasses our expectations. On the other hand, the hypocritical mindset of the absurd modern civilization is materialistic and atheistic. Our barbarous civilization disregards many truths.

Everyone must translate the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method of dream interpretation, so that they may recognize the superiority of the unconscious guidance.

The perfect treatment of the unconscious mind is visible from the beginning.

All mental illnesses are cured based on wisdom. For example, I will show you a simple phrase from a dreamer’s dream and my translations:

I’m at a bus stop. I see a machine that let’s you play bass guitar.

Dream Translation:

I’m at a bus stop.

You represent your ego in dreams.

The bus is a vehicle. Therefore, it represents your life.

If you’ll take a bus in a dream this means that your life will follow the repetitive route that everyone follows, which ends up on frustrations and deceptions. The bus doesn’t give you new alternatives and solutions. The bus follows always the same route.

You are at the bus stop because your ego had the intention to follow a route without alternatives.

I see a machine that let’s you play bass guitar.

The machine with games represents an illusion.

The fact that you can play bass guitar means that this illusion will give you joy.

In a few words:

If you’ll repeat the mistakes of the human race and follow the same route that everyone follows, you will end up on frustrations.

If you’ll believe in illusions, you will end up on frustrations.

You have to look for new alternatives in life and evolve.

You also have to be serious and pay attention to the real facts of your reality, instead of believing in unreal things.


The unconscious words in dreams work like psychotherapy and at the same time, they have a philosophical background. They help the dreamer think like a philosopher.

The sentence: ‘If you’ll repeat the mistakes of the human race’… shows to the dreamer that his life belongs to a certain behavioral system created in ancient times. He must pay attention to the details of this system and avoid repeating the mistakes of previous generations.

The words ‘human race’ put the dreamer in the position of an ancient philosopher. He thinks about the destiny of humanity. At the same time, he becomes a scientist and he analyzes the characteristics of the human behavior. The philosophical aspect of the human nature also has a scientific dimension.

The dreamer understands that he tends to repeat the mistakes of the human race because he belongs to this behavioral system. Therefore, he must pay attention to the signs that indicate that he is repeating common human mistakes.

The dreamer must find new alternatives in life instead of repeating his ancestors’ mistakes. He has the chance to evolve if he will follow the unconscious guidance in dreams.

He must agree with this necessity and respect the unconscious wisdom. Only if he will overcome his fears, will he become a self-confident person. He cannot be indifferent to his psychological problems.

The unconscious mind convinces the dreamer to follow dream therapy, so that he may avoid repeating the tragic mistakes made by people who follow a route without different alternatives. These people don’t have different alternatives in life because they don’t pass through psychotherapy. They never learn how to stop making mistakes.

The dreamer must be different and transform his personality. This is how he will find sound mental health and have many advantages in life.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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