Eliminating Mental Illnesses and Tragic Life Situations

Unbearable Life SituationsThe scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung represents salvation from hell. I completed the missing pieces of his puzzle, proving that we must obey the unconscious mind that produces our dreams. Carl Jung had discovered the divine origin of the unconscious mind before me, but he didn’t have a religious attitude.

I had a religious attitude, and this is why I could complete his research. The continuation of his research had to be based on the obedience of a human being to the divine guidance in dreams.

Jung was afraid to obey the unconscious mind because he couldn’t see that all the absurdity existent into the human brain belongs to the wild side of our conscience, the anti-conscience, which has satanic characteristics.

Our anti-conscience is a demon. It generates horrible mental illnesses within our conscience with the intention to control our behavior.

Jung believed that the wise unconscious mind that works like a psychotherapist was also responsible for the formation of mental illnesses. He couldn’t see that the unconscious mind is wise and saintly and that our wild conscience is absurd and evil.

He stopped his research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation at a certain point because he was afraid of craziness. He had discovered that we inherit absurdity into our brain from birth. He didn’t try to better understand this matter because he was afraid to lose his mind.

During the entire process of dream interpretation based on his method, Carl Jung warned all dreamers that they had to be very careful because there was great danger in the trip to the Self. The trip to the Self through dream translation is like a surgical operation inside our brain and psyche. Jung knew that mental health issues are very dangerous.

I was very careful. I precisely obeyed Carl Jung’s lessons. Then, I started precisely obeying the guidance of the divine unconscious mind that produces our dreams.

I could recognize the unconscious sanctity thanks to my religious education and thanks to my literary talent, which was inspired by the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind sends us secret messages also through art, philosophy, and religion, besides sending us secret messages in dreams.

In the scientific book I started writing in 1988 about the meaning of dreams and craziness prevention, I declared that the human being must obey the divine unconscious mind and never do what his/her conscience desires.

Our idiotic and ignorant human conscience is under-developed and one-sided. Our conscience is constantly influenced by our anti-conscience, which is our absurd and evil primitive conscience. This means that we are unable to understand what is good or bad. We indispensably need the unconscious guidance. Without the unconscious guidance we’ll never find sound mental health.

This means that in order to find salvation from your personal hell, you must obey the divine guidance in dreams. The divine unconscious mind will help you eliminate your satanic anti-conscience and become a wise human being. Therefore, you’ll stop suffering.

This is the same as to say: when you’ll stop being evil, you will find peace and happiness.

The information I’m giving you is probably similar to the religious lessons you had when you were a child, since I’m telling you that you must learn how to be good by obeying God’s guidance. This is what your religion teaches you without a doubt. All religions were created by the same God.

God tries to cure our satanic nature through many ways. This is why He created many different religions.

I studied in a Catholic school since I was 6-years-old (in 1967) until I became 17-years-old (in 1978). When I was a child I used to believe in God and I was very religious.

However, when I became 15-years-old I suffered from a tragic car accident and I lost my faith. I became a revolted teen.

Before the accident I was one of the best students of the school. After the accident I became a problematic student. I used to have many discussions with the nuns at my school. I was aggressive and arrogant. I was always criticizing everything.

I remember that one day (when I was 16-years-old) I went to the school’s library. I used to go there are read many interesting books not related to what I was studying in class.

I don’t remember exactly why, I read a book written by a certain theologian who was condemning the world and talking about hell. He was saying that everyone would go to hell and suffer forever. He wrote many pages about God’s anger and eternal hell.

I saw in the library one of the nuns with whom I had many discussions. She used to give us lessons about religion. I showed her the book I was reading, asking her: “Is this guy crazy? How can he declare that everyone will go to hell this way? What happened to God’s love? What kind of prediction is this?”

The nun didn’t know what to say. She told me that at his time of life this was how the author interpreted God’s teachings.

Many years later, when I continued Carl Jung’s research and I discovered the existence of the satanic anti-conscience into the biggest part of the human brain, I understood that the theologian who was predicting that everyone would go to hell after death was right. Our satanic nature doesn’t let us find peace. We already live in hell on earth because we are evil.

When we become adults we disregard the religious lessons we had during our childhood. We disrespect God’s guidance because we have inherited many absurd tendencies.

We are constantly making costly mistakes that cause even more problems and more suffering for us and for everyone around us.

Of course there is hell after death waiting for all sinners. Human beings are in fact demons with a tiny human conscience. Those who refuse to learn the importance of goodness during their lives must pass through hell in order to stop preferring to be evil.

Carl Jung’s discoveries and my discoveries after continuing his research give you scientific explanations for the religious lesson you had when you were a child.

All religions give us the same basic lessons. Each religion is a different form of psychotherapy.

When you follow dream therapy you eliminate your satanic nature, which generates mental illnesses within your conscience and tragic life situations. You learn how to fight absurdity. You will also avoid suffering after death.

Remember that you should always respect your moral principals because they protect your sanity. This basic lesson is found in all religious teachings. All religions give you a list of moral principals that must be respected.

Now you have scientific explanations, which justify the necessity of this list. Now you can understand why you must respect a series of laws if you want to protect your sanity.

When God tells you not to kill others, He is saving you from schizophrenia, psychosis, multiple personality disorder, and many other terrible mental illnesses. When God tells you that you must forgive your enemies and love your enemies the same way you love your children, God is saving you from wars, crimes, terror, chaos, craziness, and despair.

You don’t believe you are so evil and you need this guidance. However, someday you may be tempted to kill an enemy. This solution will seem to save you from your personal hell. If you’ll accept the idea of killing someone as a solution to your problems, you’ll completely lose your human conscience.

Those who decide to kill someone else are completely controlled by their absurd and evil anti-conscience.

Evilness is craziness. When you are evil you are absurd because you are violent. Violence generates terror, and terror generates despair. You must stop being evil and learn how to attain sanctity. You will save yourself from a living hell on earth, and from an eternal hell in a spiritual level.

Don’t be afraid of sanctity. It is not something more than unattainable. Sanctity is perfect mental health, sensitivity, and wisdom.

Your wild nature doesn’t help you accept the idea of attaining perfection. You have to fight your absurd tendencies and agree with the fact that you must be transformed.

You will then verify that when you obey the divine guidance you are cured, and your life changes. You stop living suffocated in unbearable life situations.

The unconscious mind helps you find peace and happiness by teaching you how to be perfect.

You must desire to transform your personality until you’ll attain sanctity without believing that you’ll never get there. Sanctity is superiority.

Now that I simplified Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation you can easily understand God’s words in dreams and find salvation. Now you know that the danger comes from your anti-conscience. Therefore, you won’t follow dream therapy afraid like Carl Jung and his students. You are not in darkness.

Carl Jung was a pioneer; he couldn’t have a global vision about the content of the human brain and psyche from the beginning. He had to make a very arduous research before being able to decipher the mysterious meaning of dreams. He really had to stop his research, and let someone else continue his work.

The continuation of his research was very difficult, dangerous, and long. Only someone who would have faith in God would be able to fight craziness without becoming mentally ill.

My discoveries help you clearly identify your enemy (your anti-conscience) and clearly understand the guidance of the divine unconscious mind, your savior.

I’m not only a scientist who continued Carl Jung’s research with seriousness, and who made a long scientific research about the content of the human brain and psyche, while curing many people through dream therapy into practice. I also have a spiritual connection with the unconscious mind thanks to my literary talent, and thanks to my religious education for twelve years in a Catholic school.

This is why I could complete the missing pieces of the puzzle that Carl Jung managed to put together thanks to his extraordinary research and discoveries about the meaning of dreams and their healing power.

I teach you how to exchange dream images with words that make sense to your conscience, and immediately understand the unconscious messages. I also teach you the real importance of your obedience to God’s guidance in dreams.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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