Are You Violent? A Definition of Violence and Peace

ViolentAfter continuing Carl Jung’s research I discovered that we are violent primates. Konrad Lorenz’s research and his discoveries confirmed my findings. Many other scientific discoveries confirmed the same truth.

Even though we believe that we are civilized, we are far from balance. We believe that some people are violent, and some people are calm. However, the truth is that human beings are extremely violent and dangerous primates. Our wars and crimes prove this truth more than anything else.

If some people seem to be calm, this is because they are satisfied for a while. Whenever someone is dissatisfied for some reason, he/she becomes angry. Anger generates violence.

Do you become angry when someone does something against you?

If you do, this means that you are violent. If you were a peaceful creature, you would simply become very sad. You wouldn’t become angry and desire revenge.

If you belong to the human race, you are unavoidably violent because you have inherited many evil and absurd tendencies into the wild side of your conscience. You must transform this dangerous content into peaceful content through dream therapy. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams will help you find peace.

In order to eliminate your violent reactions, you must be able to evaluate the importance of peace. If you believe that the behavioral patterns of violence are useful and you become violent when you are upset, you cannot find peace.

You have to understand the real meaning of violence. Violence is an abrupt attack against others with the intention to hurt them. It is a physical force or a psychological imposition characterized by cruelty and hatred.

When you think about the definition of violence you understand that it is a negative reaction. However, you forget its meaning when you become angry for some reason. You believe that you are right for becoming angry because you were disrespected, insulted, or robbed. You believe that you cannot but feel revolted with this unfair situation. Anyone in your place would react the same way.

You condemn the violence of others, but when you are violent, you believe that you are ‘right’ because you were a victim of someone else’s wickedness. This means that your behavior depends on other people’s behavior. You cannot show compassion when those who are around you are cruel. You become cruel too.

You believe that your cruelty is a self-defensive attitude. However, if you become angry whenever you have to defend yourself, your anger can make you lose your mind. You are able to kill your enemies only because they did something insignificant against you.

You must be afraid of violence, instead of believing that violence is a useful tool that can protect you from the cruel world. Violence is craziness. Violence generates terror.

You know that violence is something bad, but you are used with the absurd mindset of the modern civilization. You theoretically condemn violence. On the other hand, you are induced to believe that the violent heroes who kill the gangsters in various movies are admirable heroes you should imitate. You applaud those who use violence against violence.

You are induced to admire the violent world leaders. You are induced to believe that you need military protection in order to preserve peace in your country.

What kind of peace is this? A peace that depends on violence?

Peace is the opposite of violence. Peace is understanding and forgiveness. Peace is serenity and tranquility.

How can you find peace in a cruel world?

You believe that you have to defend yourself from others all the time. You believe that you are an idiot if you remain calm when you are offended.

You must learn how to keep your peace of mind even when others disrespect your rights. When you are wise you are always calm because you understand that human beings are imperfect creatures. You forgive their imperfections for understanding their inferiority.

Your wisdom reminds you that the real peace is based on goodness. You are always humble, sensitive, friendly, calm, sincere, and generous. Your attitude helps you preserve peace without using violence.

Peace based on impositions is an invisible war. You must learn the difference between violence and peace by analyzing the wise unconscious messages in dreams.

You’ll understand that the behavioral patterns of violence are primitive and idiotic. You’ll also learn the meaning of love.

The unconscious mind helps you love humanity. You feel sorry for everyone. You desire to see everyone finding peace and happiness. Your philosophy of life is based on generosity and sanctity.

You understand that everyone must attain spiritual perfection and learn how to be wise in order to find peace and happiness. The behavioral patterns based on violence, and the selfish ideals imposed by our materialistic civilization cannot help humanity find peace.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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