The Myth of Finding The Perfect Mate is Not a Myth – Incredible Scientific Proof

Platonic LoveI will give you scientific and philosophical proof of the existence of a perfect mate. You should pay attention to my lessons and care about finding your other half while you are still very young. This way, you won’t get involved with the wrong person and lose your real perfect mate in the crowd.

On the other hand, if you are already old but you are alone because you couldn’t find the ideal partner in life, you can find your perfect mate now. The same happens if you are divorced and you had many deceptions in your first marriage.

You didn’t find your real perfect mate from the beginning. This is why you had a traumatic relationship with the wrong person. However, now you can finally find the right person for you. It’s never too late. When you positively transform your personality through dream translation, the unconscious mind helps you discover your soul mate.

You may believe that the idea of finding a perfect mate is based on having unreal expectations. Most people think that they have to get adapted to what they dislike in a relationship and concentrate their attention on what they like in the other person, without looking for perfection. However, this supposedly ‘realistic’ conclusion is not as logical as it seems to be.

I will give you an example so that you may understand my lessons.

The ‘Symposium’ is a philosophical text based on dialogues, written by the Greek philosopher Plato. This text is similar to the genesis because it talks about the purpose and nature of love. The ‘Symposium’ is responsible for the definition of a ‘platonic love’.

For Socrates and for Plato, the most correct use of love is to love divinity. The original definition of the platonic love indicates that the person you love makes you pay attention to your spiritual reality. Platonic love is the perfect love, which makes you understand the spiritual dimension of your reality.

Many years later this definition was distorted by the world. Today platonic love is considered the impossible type of love. Platonic love is love from distance, love that never finds completion because it is characterized by the absence of sexual relationships.

This distortion doesn’t represent Plato’s idea about the perfect love. In the dialogue ‘The Symposium’, Love is examined in a sequence of speeches by men who attend a symposium, or drinking party. Each man must define the real meaning of Love.

Aristophanes talks about soul mates during the symposium. He explains that humans originally had four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces. However, Zeus was afraid of their power. He decided to split them all in half, condemning them to spend their lives searching for the other half to find completion.

This story seems to be based on the philosopher’s imagination. However, the truth is that everyone has a soul mate. Plato’s story is not a myth. It describes a real fact in a symbolic way.

Thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries about the meaning of dreams, today we have scientific proof that everyone can find their perfect mate. This statement is not based on suppositions that cannot be scientifically proved. This phenomenon is constantly observed into practice.

When you follow dream therapy, you learn how to find your perfect mate. Plato described a big irony. Your perfect mate characterizes your destiny.

When you become a perfect human being because you are following the divine guidance in dreams, you also find your soul mate. This is true.

I found my soul mate in the end of my studies about the meaning of dreams based on Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. My love story proves that this phenomenon is real.

I couldn’t believe that we have a soul mate. I used to think that love at first sight was a myth. However, to my surprise, I saw this phenomenon happening into practice.

I immediately fell in love with a man I had never met before. I knew nothing about him besides a few details. He immediately fell in love with me too, since there is reciprocity between the couple. When you find your perfect mach, this means that your perfect match finds you too. Both of you understand that you love one another because there is a magnetic field uniting you and the person you love.

This is a very strange phenomenon. I had never met my perfect mate before, but I felt as if we had lived together for years, and I could read his mind. I couldn’t believe that this experience was real.

I had a dream about this meeting exactly the day before I met this man. I was following dream therapy for four years. At that time, I felt that I was able to finally understand Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation.

This intriguing meeting with my perfect mate and the dream I had predicting this meeting the previous day, gave me the idea to start writing a scientific book in order to prove to the world with my own example that Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is the only right one. The knowledge we acquire when we translate the meaning of dreams based on Jung’s method gives us crucial information about the most important matters of our lives.

I started having a series of dreams with information about the man I fell in love with. The unconscious mind was guiding me and showing me many things I couldn’t find out otherwise. There was a big complication in my case. Both of us were already married with somebody else, and we had children.

I obeyed the divine guidance and I never met this man again because our relationship would be catastrophic for our children. He was too old for me. He could be my father. His children would never accept seeing their father with me. My son was only three-years-old at that time, but he would surely hate this man after understanding that I had abandoned his father because of him. This man was my husband’s best customer.

All the complications existent in my case obliged me to follow another route. The divine unconscious mind showed me that I had to become a nun, even though I would have to live among the worst sinners of the world. I had to be a good mother for my son. I couldn’t abandon him and live in a monastery. However, I had to learn how to behave like a nun and attain sanctity. This way I would be cured from my severe neurosis.

When I met my perfect mate I was neurotic. Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation cured my neurosis to a certain degree, but my case was complicated. I had inherited too much absurdity into the wild side of my conscience because my father was schizophrenic. I was practically already schizophrenic like him when I started following dream therapy, four years before meeting my perfect mate.

The unconscious mind showed me that instead of being a terrible sinner, I should follow a different path. I had to attain sanctity after eliminating my wild conscience through goodness and wisdom.

I had to be a savior. I had to cure many people through dream therapy and help the world understand Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation.

The fact that my love story was a tragedy proves that when you are a big sinner you don’t deserve to be happy with your perfect mate. You must purify your spirit in order to deserve finding your perfect mate and live happily with him/her.

Many other people have found their perfect mate in favorable conditions. They had a wonderful relationship and a beautiful family. Carl Jung was one of them.

There are numerous real stories of people who found their soul mate and lived happily with them. They found the person who loves them as much as they love this person. This person is exactly like them, as if this person belonged to the same mind and body they do.

In other words, your perfect mate seems to be a part of yourself. Your perfect mate looks like you. Both of you have similar physical and psychological characteristics.

Therefore, Plato’s definition about the soul mates is true. His definition is a symbolic representation of what happens in our lives.

Aristophanes explains that humans originally had four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces. However, Zeus was afraid of their power. He decided to split them all in half, condemning them to spend their lives searching for the other half to find completion.

We can translate the symbolic meaning of this philosophical story the same way we translate the symbolic dream language.

Humans were originally complete. However, they were separated because God was afraid of their powerful evilness.

In order to find their perfect mate and in order to be able to live happily with the special person, humans must eliminate their evilness. In other words, humans must pass through painful experiences in order to be transformed into real human beings.

This is why God condemns them to spend their lives looking for the other half instead of letting them live happily with their perfect mate from the beginning. First of all, human beings must purify their spirit and learn how to be perfect. After transforming their personality, they deserve to find happiness and completion with their soul mate.

This means that the unconscious mind helps you transform your personality in dreams. You find your soul mate and you learn what to do in order to live happily with the person you love. This is not a myth. The unconscious mind has a divine origin and proves God’s existence.

In my case, the purification of my spirit was too complicated because I was too cruel and selfish. Wish I had followed dream therapy before getting married. I started looking for therapy only after one year of marriage, when I became pregnant. When I became a mother I was constantly depressed and angry.

Wish my work was ready at that time, and I had already simplified Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation. However, in the beginning I was ignorant, and everything was too difficult for me. The fact that I started looking for treatment through dream interpretation when my son was a baby didn’t mean that I found the solutions I needed as fast as you find them today, thanks to my clarifications and simplifications.

I was so far from knowledge in the beginning of my difficult research that I had to continue this research for two decades before becoming the dream expert I am now. You are lucky because you have all the explanations you need in order to easily understand the dream language. Now you can easily understand the divine guidance in dreams and find your soul mate before it’s too late. You can also finally find your soul mate even if you had a sad past alone, or a past with the wrong partner.

You should take advantage of my discoveries after continuing Carl Jung’s research, and learn how to positively transform your personality. This is how you will deserve living a happy life with your perfect mate.

Plato’s description about the soul mates and their suffering has many similarities with the Biblical narration about the original sin. Adam and Even have to abandon the Eden garden after eating the forbidden fruit because they became evil. They had to pass through suffering in life, and work in order to survive.

God punishes human beings because they are evil.

The scientific explanation for this phenomenon was found when I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience, our wild conscience, into the biggest part of our brain. Since we have inherited so much absurdity and evilness in our brain and psyche, this means that we are demons. The horrors of our crazy world prove this truth more than anything else.

In order to find peace and happiness we have to eliminate our wild nature. Only when we’ll pay attention to our spiritual reality, will we deserve to find authentic happiness with the ideal person. This is why everyone finds their real perfect mate when they follow dream therapy.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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