Why Should You Attain Perfection? How to Be a Hero

DesperateThe scientific method of dream interpretation accurately translates God’s words in dreams. Today, attaining perfection is not a goal impossible to be achieved. You have clear guidance in dream messages. By translating the meaning of your dreams based on the scientific method you learn how to eliminate your wild nature and become a perfect human being.

The divine unconscious mind that produces our dreams is also a natural doctor, besides being an excellent spiritual guide.

You will have to become a doctor too because this is how you’ll learn how to be a perfect human being.

You will become a doctor by precisely following the guidance of the unconscious mind in your patients’ dreams, and in the dreams you’ll have about their case. Since the unconscious mind is a doctor and gives you the solutions for all problems, your mission as a doctor is to help your patients follow the unconscious guidance.

The unconscious mind gives you information about your patients’ psychological condition and about their physical health in your own dreams, especially when they don’t cooperate for their recuperation by relating their dreams.

You should desire to attain perfection because thanks to your superiority you’ll be able to cure mental illnesses and physical diseases.

The real doctor is the unconscious mind that produces our dreams, but you’ll have to be a doctor too because you will be into contact with your patient. You will have to assume the responsibility for his/her mental stability and physical health.

You’ll have to give many explanations to your patients and help them follow the unconscious treatment.

You will give hope to people who are afraid to die because they are sick. You’ll have to deal with sneaky mental illnesses. Your position is delicate. You must be extremely serious and very careful. You will be responsible for your patients’ lives.

You have to trust the unconscious guidance and help your patients trust this guidance with the same conviction you do. This is a very serious responsibility, which you cannot assume before becoming a dream expert.

However, when you’ll master the dream language and you will start helping everyone around you and verifying how you can help average people follow the unconscious treatment, you will also be able to help the mentally ill and those who suffer from incurable diseases.

You have to attain sanctity so that you may be a perfect doctor. You cannot be hypocritical or indifferent. The unconscious treatment is based on your serious and warm attitude. You have to feel your patients’ pain and truly understand what is happening with them.

On the other hand, you will follow a march towards sanctity because when you deal with serious problems you have to accept suffering in order to cure those who are suffering. You cannot be a distant observer and simply throw a rope to your patient, hoping that he will hold the rope and wait until you’ll manage to save his life.

He is not able to hold anything. You have to carry your patient in your arms. He needs an ambulance.

When you’ll deal with serious problems and complications you will have to bear the negative attitude of your patients and insist, so that they may continue their psychotherapy.

Patients who suffer from severe mental illnesses want to abandon their treatment all the time. You have to be persistent and tolerant.

Patients who suffer from incurable diseases have no courage to work. You have to help them understand that they must do what the unconscious mind is showing them, and stop being indifferent.

Sanctity is necessary if you want to help people who have serious problems because you will be offended many times, and you will have to repeat the same guidance many times, in many different ways, until your patients will finally understand this guidance.

You will also have to repeat this guidance many times until they will finally obey the unconscious mind.

The mentally ill are disobedient. They do absurd things.

Those who know that soon they will die have no faith. They don’t want to believe in anything.

You must have the behavior of a saintly creature in order to solve so many problems at the same time, and in order to surpass so many obstacles while facing despair. You will feel desperate during each treatment.

Patients who suffer from a severe mental illness (or even from a simple neurosis; it makes no difference) don’t have a reasonable behavior. They will be tiring, irritating, offensive, lazy, and arrogant. You will desire to abandon them all the time.

Patients who suffer from incurable diseases are indifferent patients who have no courage.

However, you must be persistent and tolerant. You have the moral obligation to save those who have no hope of salvation. You must be grateful because you are a strong hero, and not a victim of terror. You are healthy. You are a savior.

Your spiritual perfection will give life to those who were practically dead. Your work will give peace and happiness to those who were constantly exploding of anger. You’ll give self-confidence to those who had no courage to live. You’ll help everyone find wisdom and relief.

Your work will be a consolation for the desperate because they have no power in our hypocritical world. Even if they are free, they live in jail.

Your presence will give hope to humanity and motivation to the new generations. Everyone will be grateful for your brilliant personality. Thanks to your existence God’s justice will prevail.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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