The Real Importance of a Person’s Childhood

ChildhoodYour childhood is very important because it marks the basic characteristics of your adult life. The negative experiences of the first days of your life will mark your life more than all the other experiences you’ll have.

Many of your psychological problems were formed during your childhood, even if you had a normal childhood. Your childhood couldn’t be really ‘normal’ because you live in a crazy world. Besides this fact, you have inherited absurdity into your anti-conscience, the wild side of your conscience that didn’t evolve like your human conscience. This means that you are absurd from birth.

Even a normal childhood can be marked by traumatic experiences, and even a supposedly normal childhood can be absurd in many ways.

Now, think about what happens when a child has many traumatic experiences. How will this child survive after having such childhood?

The psychological system of this poor child was already destroyed from the beginning of his/her life. A traumatic childhood is a true crime.

If you had a traumatic childhood you will unavoidably become mentally ill. When you are a victim of terror, your conscience is invaded by the evil and absurd content existent into your anti-conscience. You tend to passively accept the absurd suggestions of your anti-conscience because you are terrified and you don’t know what to do.

A mental illness is the permanent invasion of the craziness of your anti-conscience into your conscience. Your anti-conscience generates mental illnesses within your conscience when you follow its thoughts without any criticism. You must always disagree with what is bad if you want to escape its sneaky traps.

Your anti-conscience makes you accept what is bad as if it was not really negative. In the end you are unable to discern what is good or bad. You gradually lose your mind and your connection with the external reality.

You should follow dream therapy based on the scientific method of dream interpretation in order to cure a mental illness, or in order to prevent a mental illness. You must eliminate the negative content you have inherited into your anti-conscience, so that you may have the chance to find peace and evolve.

This means that you have to work on transforming your personality. However, you will be rewarded. You will get rid of all the negative characteristics of your personality and become a wise human being. You’ll be an always calm, sensitive, intelligent, and understanding person. You will build an extraordinary personality and attain difficult goals.

After transforming your personality through dream therapy you will have numerous advantages that will help you surpass the narrow-minded concepts of your historical time. The fact that you must follow psychotherapy and transform your personality in order to keep your sanity will help you attain wisdom and spiritual perfection. You will begin a new life, based on wise criteria.

If your childhood was sad, even though it was not as terrible as the childhood of the victims of terror, you probably have already lost a big percentage of your conscience because of your sad experiences. Your anti-conscience takes advantage of your deceptions to impose abnormal reactions to your conscience.

You have to eliminate the effect of traumatic experiences and false impressions from the past. You must learn how to think in a mature and logical manner instead of thinking based on the concepts you used to follow when you were a child. Many parts of your personality remain attached to past behavioral patterns.

On the other hand, human beings are slaves of their habits. You cannot easily change our behavior. You have many negative reactions when you have to do things you dislike. You have to fight against the innate behavioral changes aversion that characterizes the human nature.

You also have to be very careful so that you’ll help your children have a positive childhood when you’ll become a parent. This is very difficult because you have the tendency to imitate the behavior of our parents.

I remember that when I was a child I hated my father’s behavior. My parents were always fighting because my father was always dissatisfied with something. He kept creating problems and complaining about everything. He was schizophrenic, but he didn’t follow any treatment.

He couldn’t understand his own absurdity. He believed that he was right and everyone should obey his orders. Since he was a powerful businessman besides his insanity, everyone had to bear his difficult temperament. Nobody could oblige him to follow a psychological treatment or make him admit that he was absurd and unfair.

I lived like a princess, but my childhood was marked by the sadness of having parents who were always fighting. My father was unbearable.

Fortunately, he was very kind to me because I looked like him. I had inherited his facial expressions and his green eyes. We also had similar personality traces. He would always buy for me whatever I would ask him to. I had a lot more than what I could possibly use.

I was an excellent student and I had a great literary talent, which was admired by my teachers from the beginning of my studies. Everything would be very nice for me if my father was a normal person, even if he would have a few psychological problems like most people. However, he was too absurd.

I always tried to understand his strange personality. Besides being basically absurd, he was a smart actor. He knew when he had to hide his absurdity and pretend to be a reasonable person. He was cruel and demanding only with those who depended on him for some reason; especially his employees and business partners.

His reactions were unpredictable. We never knew when he would decide to be gross with someone or when he would seem to be normal.

We were always afraid to introduce someone to my father because we didn’t know how he would treat this person. He could humiliate them or totally ignore their presence, depending on the way he was feeling at the moment, or depending on what he would conclude about this person based on his judgment. He was abrupt and rude with people he disliked, without respecting their feelings.

The observation of his behavior helped me understand many things about the nature of the anti-conscience. It also helped me understand that I needed psychotherapy when I became a young mother. I perceived that I was always angry and dissatisfied like my father. I was always complaining about something.

This is why I looked for a psychological treatment through dream interpretation. Carl Jung’s method saved my mental health and helped me discover the wise unconscious mind that produces our dreams and has a divine origin.

I learned how to have a peaceful and wise behavior, even though my behavior already was exactly like my father’s behavior when I started following dream therapy. My miraculous transformation was unbelievable.

I also learned how to be a good mother by precisely obeying the unconscious guidance. I didn’t impose my opinion to my son. I didn’t have with him the behavior I used to have when I was young. I helped my son develop his own personality without being influenced by my impositions.

Without the unconscious treatment I would surely repeat the mistakes of my parents and my son would have many psychological problems. I accepted to do what the unconscious mind was showing me even when I had to bear tiring experiences. I was always with my son and with his friends at home. I always went to his school, his tennis classes, piano lessons, and so on. The unconscious mind transformed me into a caring mother.

Without the unconscious guidance I would be indifferent like my parents. I would be a cold, distant, and demanding mother.

My son doesn’t think that I’m a perfect mother; he believes that I could be better. However, he recognizes that there are many positive characteristics in my personality, and that I helped him in many ways.

The truth is that he should be more than grateful because I found sound mental health through dream therapy when he was still a baby, and he had the chance to build a strong and self-confident personality, without passing through traumatic experiences.

You have to be very careful and never repeat the mistakes of your parents when you’ll become a parent, especially if your parents were mentally ill. You should always remember that your children’s childhood is the most important period of time in their lives, and that you tend to imitate your parents’ behavior when you become a parent like them.

By following the wise psychotherapy of the divine unconscious mind in your dreams you will transform your personality and develop all your capacities. Your wisdom will be based on real goodness. You’ll also help your children develop the positive characteristics of their personality, without being influenced by their wild conscience.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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