Atheism and Mental Illnesses – The Importance of Accepting God’s Existence

Mental IllnessAfter continuing Carl Jung’s research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation I saw the absurdity and the evilness existent into our anti-conscience. I had to fight schizophrenia without losing my mind. I could survive this battle only because I precisely obeyed the divine guidance in dreams and in my daily reality.

I saw very clearly and without any doubt that the human brain contains craziness a priori and that craziness is invincible. We already are crazy from birth only because we have inherited absurdity into the biggest part of our brain.

I knew that I would be attacked by the world when I would declare that human beings are in fact cruel demons. However, I discovered that the biggest part of the human brain belongs to our anti-conscience, which is our wild conscience. The anti-conscience is a demon. Since the anti-conscience occupies the biggest part of our brain, this means that we are basically demons with a tiny human conscience.

Nobody wants to accept this bitter truth, the same way that nobody wanted to accept Charles Darwin’s discoveries. Nobody wanted to be considered an animal.

However, the acceptance of our satanic origin is indispensable, the same way that the acceptance of God’s existence is indispensable now that we know that God sends us precious information in dreams.

We can perfectly understand God’s words in dreams thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries. I simplified his complicated method. Everyone can easily learn the dream language and have a direct communication with God.

This is a scientific and religious discovery that already is changing the destiny of humanity.

The acceptance of God’s existence is indispensable if we want to save the mental stability contained into our human conscience before our anti-conscience will manage to destroy our conscience through absurdity.

We are absurd from birth, but God gives us a tiny human conscience to help us transform our satanic nature into human nature. Everyone can find sound mental health and even attain sanctity by following the divine guidance in dreams.

My dynamic simplification of Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation represents the end of human suffering. This knowledge is bread and water for the world.

Everyone will learn the dream language and acquire sound mental health and wisdom through dream therapy. You can verify this truth by yourself. If you have no time for studies you can submit your dreams for professional dream translation.

The scientific dream translations accurately transcribe God’s words in dreams. The information you have is superior and surely helps you in all ways. God wants to transform you into a wise and sensitive human being, so that you may be able to find peace and happiness.

Therefore, instead of following the atheism of your historical time and being imprisoned into the traps of the absurd modern civilization, you should surpass the narrow-minded concepts of your barbarous historical time. The acceptance of God’s existence is necessary if you want to keep your sanity and eliminate all the absurdity you have inherited into your brain.

You cannot have the arrogant behavior that characterizes atheists if you want to be enlightened by divine providence.

You must be humble.

Until you’ll become a true human being you must remember your satanic origin and respect God’s guidance without objections. You should never believe that you know what is good or bad. God knows more than you do. God is always right because He is wise, while you are always wrong because you are absurd and evil.

Your ego hates this position.

You don’t want to be a humble student and patient, and patiently obey the wise guidance of your saintly doctor. You want to be able to decide what to do by yourself.

However, you are selfish and lazy. You are always trying to avoid suffering. You are not wise enough. You are basically idiotic because your conscience is under-developed and one-sided. This is a tragic reality.

I know you don’t want to admit this truth, but this admission will save you from eternal suffering. You must obey God’s guidance in dreams if you want to find peace and happiness, even when you have to suffer.

You want to avoid suffering the more you can. However, you have to accept suffering sometimes, in order to avoid suffering a lot more (or forever) if you want to be wise. By trying to always avoid suffering you’ll never manage to escape the bad destiny you are trying to avoid.

Suffering is necessary for the maintenance of peace. Suffering is necessary for the salvation of your spirit from hell thanks to your goodness. Suffering is necessary for the salvation of your brothers and sisters from misery. You cannot avoid suffering if you want to find happiness in life. You must learn how to accept suffering when it is necessary, so that you may prepare the indispensable conditions for living a life without problems.

You also have to educate yourself and learn how to be patient and preserve peace instead of exploding of anger when you are upset. You will find happiness in life only after learning how to be perfect.

You have to remember the fact that you are basically a demon and have a humble attitude.

You believe that God is unfair with you when you suffer because you cannot see what is happening inside your anti-conscience. You can see only the human side of your brain. However, you are not only the content of your human conscience. You are your anti-conscience too, since it belongs to you, even though it has an independent functioning. It doesn’t depend on your ego to think. Your anti-conscience is a primitive part of yourself, which you cannot control.

Now that you know this truth, you must understand that you are not innocent. The evilness and the absurdity you have inherited into your brain and psyche only because you can think already transform you into an absurd creature.

This is a very sad truth that you don’t want to accept. However, when you’ll finally understand the truth, you’ll be able to take action and change your reality. You will stop making mistakes and become a wise human through consciousness.

You have to transform your anti-conscience into a positive content that will be part of your human conscience. This is how you will eliminate all mental illnesses and prevent mental illnesses. In other words, you have to tame your wild tendencies. You must learn how to be patient and respect the conditions already existent in your environment without trying to change your reality without knowledge.

You must learn how to be a sensitive human being who is always calm and always shows understanding.

Your faith in God’s wisdom will help you attain this goal. You’ll have an advantage in your psychotherapy if you’ll admit God’s existence and obey His guidance with gratitude. Carl Jung’s discoveries and my discoveries after precisely following his steps are definitively putting an end to atheism on Earth.

The internet was created exactly because everyone had to learn how important our discoveries are and find salvation from despair thanks to dream translation. Everyone needs help and support. Everyone needs guidance.

You have the privilege to learn this truth because you are reading this article. You must pay attention to what I’m teaching you because my work is based on my obedience to the divine guidance. I’m basically a server, a helper, a secondary personality. My mission is to translate, to link, and to explain. The divine unconscious mind is the miraculous doctor who cures all mental illnesses and physical diseases.

I’m not teaching you my theories, but what I’ve learned because I was an obedient student and patient.

All mental illnesses are generated by your anti-conscience within your conscience with the intention to destroy your human conscience. The anti-conscience is constantly attacking your conscience because your ego controls your behavior, and your ego is the center of your human conscience.

Your anti-conscience manages to influence your ego many times, and this is why your ego is very selfish and it has many absurd desires. Your anti-conscience wants to destroy your human conscience through craziness and take the place of your ego. You must prevent this tragic end by obeying the unconscious mind.

This means that your ego must obey the divine guidance in dreams and in your religion, so that you may eliminate the absurdity existent into your anti-conscience and acquire total consciousness. You’ll be able to use all of your brain power, which now goes wasted because it belongs to your anti-conscience.

The unconscious mind helps you completely develop your intelligence. You learn how to use all your capacities.

This means that my discoveries help you attain sound mental health that lasts for life, physical health, peace, and happiness. You only have to admit your evil nature and your absurdity, and accept obeying the divine guidance.

Instead of becoming angry with me because I could discover our satanic origin, everyone should be grateful because I could discover the origin of the human suffering and the miraculous psychotherapy of the divine unconscious mind in our dreams.

We suffer because we are demons. We cannot avoid suffering on Earth because it is a planet specially made to transform our evil nature into human nature. However, we can suffer in a positive way and evolve through suffering, instead of suffering in a horrible way because of the consequences or our mistakes.

Jung believed that the unconscious mind was God’s mind, but he didn’t have faith in God’s wisdom. I precisely obeyed the divine guidance, discovering that God cures all mental illnesses and physical diseases when we precisely obey His guidance.

The accurate translation of the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method will help all doctors (independently on their specialty) more than what they may imagine. They will clearly understand how to cure their patients.

Everyone can easily learn everything I know by following my lessons. Today the comprehension of the real meaning of dreams is not a mystery.

The unconscious mind helps you cure physical diseases, the same way it helps you cure mental illnesses. You learn how to cure yourself, and how to help others.

Dream translation according to the scientific method is the beginning of a new historical time.

This is the end of the absurd modern civilization. The end of atheism, materialism, violence, immorality, poverty, terror, hypocrisy, indifference, and greed. The end of craziness and despair. The end of racism, prejudice, falsity, cruelty, and all the horrors that transform our world into an unbearable living hell.

For now on God’s wisdom will guide humanity. Everyone will precisely obey the divine guidance like me. Now we know why our obedience is indispensable, and how much we can attain when we obey the divine guidance.

My example and my lessons give you more than enough proof. I also give you a clear map so that you may attain very fast the same level I managed to attain after many years of research, studies, and cures.

I became a doctor only because the unconscious mind obliged me to cure many people into practice for two decades before publishing my work. My work is in fact God’s gift to the world. I simply obeyed the guidance I had.

God is a big hero, but nobody recognizes His heroism. He lives trying to transform demons into wise human beings, always facing failure. My transformation was a big compensation for Him, after trying so hard to achieve this goal. I understood that I couldn’t fail. I had to attain sanctity because God was counting on me. He was alone among numerous demons.

You must understand this truth like me, and transform your personality. You have the moral obligation to attain sanctity and help God put an end to terror.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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