A Dream Expert’s True Destiny

DestinyWhen I was a child I was a literature writer. Whenever I had inspiration I would abandon anything I was doing and write down my thoughts. I was a real artist. My magical inspiration guided me from the time I started writing my first words.

When I didn’t have inspiration my writings were mediocre. I always paid special attention to my magical inspiration because I knew that it was a special opportunity to capture the invisible wisdom contained in this magical call to creativity. I respected it as if it was the most important matter of the world.

Many people misunderstood me because of my sudden desire to write down my thoughts when I felt inspired to write. When I was 18-years-old I was living for a certain period of time with my uncle’s family in California in order to study the English language.

Once my aunt became quite angry with me because I suddenly abandoned the food I was preparing for dinner. I went to my bedroom because I had to urgently write down my thoughts. My magical inspiration was speaking inside me.

I was having my very first cooking experiences in life. My aunt thought me basic things. When I came back, she had already finished cooking what I had abandoned because we were late for dinner.

She believed that I was very lazy. She used to tell me that I was a spoiled child. This was true, but I was a real writer. I always respected the magical inspiration that whispered wise and beautiful words in my mind. I immediately abandoned any activity in order to write down my thoughts when I was inspired to write. My inspiration was sacred.

My aunt thought that my magical inspiration was an excuse because I didn’t want to cook. She was right, I didn’t want to cook. I hated her lessons. However, my magical inspiration was real. I didn’t pretend I had the inspiration to write only because I wanted to avoid cooking.

I had another way to avoid cooking. Nobody liked my food. My uncle once liked something I had prepared. However, I forgot how I had made it the first time. The next time he asked me to cook the same dish again he decided that only my aunt should cook because I had no talent. My second attempt to prepare the same dish was a big failure. Fortunately, my aunt had a big talent, and she liked cooking.

However, she couldn’t be indifferent to my laziness. She tried to keep me busy with cleaning and other things I hated as much as cooking. I suffered very much because I had never worked in my life.

When I was a child I lived like a princess and everything was very easy for me. Everybody respected the fact that I was an artist.

However, when I became a teen everything completely changed in my life. My parents got divorced. My father stopped giving me money because I gave all my support to my mother. I suddenly became poor. Then, everything became very difficult for me.

My studies in California marked the beginning of my adventures as a responsible person, after losing all the privileges I had. I had to urgently learn how to stop being a spoiled child.

Nobody there knew that I was a brilliant artist. As a matter of fact, nobody cared about my existence. It was very hard to make friends. These studies in a different country with relatives I had never met before helped me stop being naïve and inconsequential.

I lost my friends and my status quo.

Everything was very hard for me, especially because I used to live giving orders and only studying, writing, playing the piano, and drawing. I don’t know how I could survive as if I was an average human being and continue my journey. I missed my privileges, my friends, my social position, and everything else I lost because I was far away from home, and because I didn’t have a throne.

The worst is that later I had to learn how to be a hero. I still cannot believe that a lazy creature like me could become a hero.

However, I saw into practice that I was very strong. I couldn’t pretend that I couldn’t bear something. I knew I could bear anything. I could always find a way to survive.

When I became an adult I discovered that our dreams are produced by God and God is wise and saintly. Carl Jung discovered this truth before me but he couldn’t recognize God’s sanctity.

I discovered that all the absurdity and the evilness that characterize the human being come from the anti-conscience, our wild conscience that didn’t evolve like our human conscience. This discovery was the result of my obedience to the divine guidance in dreams. Otherwise, an ignorant young woman like me would never be able to discover anything.

I saw that the unconscious mind was giving me guidance in dreams and in my literary works. The symbolic meaning of my stories and my poetry revealed many important truths. They were the result of my magical inspiration. This magical inspiration was sent by God; in other words, by the divine unconscious mind that produces our dreams and gives us artistic, philosophical, and religious inclinations.

When I could translate the double symbolic meaning of my own literary book according to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, I discovered that I was a prophet. I wrote this strange philosophical romance during six years after suffering from a tragic accident, when I was 15-years-old.

The accident happened immediately after my parents separated. My father paid all the expenses and the three doctors who were following my case day and night. I had a fracture in my head and my salvation was very difficult. I was saved by miracle. However, later my father stopped giving me money because he saw that I helped my mother abandon him.

My mother was the biggest victim of his absurdity. I saved her from his tyranny with my support and my participation in her separation. I was the one who explained everything to her lawyer, while she kept crying.

I condemned my father and I told him that his absurdity was responsible for everything. He was a cruel and selfish monster.

Everybody hated him. However, he had a lot of money and he was powerful. He could torture many people with his implications without being prevented to be cruel. Everybody had to bear his implications. He was extremely demanding, impatient, irritating, unfair, selfish, and absurd.

I didn’t want to be like him. This is why I looked for psychotherapy through dream interpretation when I understood that I was neurotic. I precisely followed Carl Jung’s steps after studying all methods of dream interpretation of the scientific community. I understood that only his method was right. Only Jung could translate the wise unconscious words in dreams.

When I became a dream expert I started writing a scientific book in order to prove to the world that only Carl Jung could discover the right method of dream interpretation, in February of 1988. While I was collecting examples from various scientific discoveries in different fields that proved that Jung’s dream theories were real discoveries, I remembered the literary book I had written after the car accident.

This book contained numerous dream symbols. All personages of the story were archetypes. Archetypes are important dream symbols that appear in dreams, in artistic expressions, and in religious and philosophical manifestations of all civilizations, in all historical times. They define important experiences that are common to the human race.

The meaning of the dream symbols that appeared in my literary work showed me that the unconscious mind wrote another story behind the literary meaning of the romance. This book contained a prophecy. This was a big surprise for me. The unconscious mind revealed many truths in my writings through the magical inspiration it was sending me.

This book was showing me the meaning of life and death. I was also preparing me to discover the evil anti-conscience and fight craziness. I could understand the second symbolic meaning of the book only after discovering the existence of the anti-conscience into the biggest part of the human brain and psyche, in January of 1989.

My literary book was entitled “The Philanthropic Beggar”. It was written in Portuguese because I’m Brazilian. It was never published because I left my country while I still was writing it. I finished writing this book only when I was 21-years-old (almost 22) in Greece, a few days before getting married.

When I was 19-years-old and I went back to Brazil after my studies in the US and after spending almost an year in Greece with my uncles, aunts, and cousins, I decided to live in Greece with my relatives because I felt more protected in this country. This decision was not something that depended on my will.

We had no safety in Sao Paulo, my city. Brazil became too violent. I had to abandon my adored country, and with it, my adored Portuguese language, and live in Europe, where the winter is very cold and lasts a long time. This change was quite painful for me.

I lost my glorious future.

When I was a child everyone could predict that I would surely become a named writer someday. My literary talent was admired by all my teachers. I was more than sure that my destiny was to become a famous literary writer someday. I wanted to be internationally famous.

I was sure that the entire world would admire my writings. Everything I used to write had an important meaning. The fact that I could write in a beautiful way didn’t mean that my words were empty.

I started writing my first poems when was 7-years-old; exactly when I learned how to write my first words. I had many notebooks with my creations. I wrote my first poem almost without really knowing how to write.

However, God had different plans for me. I had to continue Carl Jung’s dangerous research into the unknown region of the human psyche and discover the anti-conscience that generates mental illnesses within our human conscience.

I had to become a psychiatrist and psychologist and deal with mental illnesses, terror, immorality, cruelty, indifference, and hypocrisy. Someone had to learn the truth about the unknown content of the human brain and psyche and find out how we can find balance besides being so absurd.

I had to fight craziness and learn how to eliminate the dangerous anti-conscience because I was very strong. I was able to keep my sanity and survive the anti-conscience’s attacks.

I was prepared to be the hero who could discover the existence of our wild conscience especially because of my literary talent. On the other hand, I was practically schizophrenic like my father. I had to pass through a difficult psychotherapy in order to find sound mental health.

This means that even though I had to be a hero, I was not doing any favor to anyone. My heroism was psychotherapy for me.

My literary talent was in fact an important tool, which helped me better understand the meaning of the dream language. My literary talent also prepared me for my difficult mission. It helped me understand God’s pain and accept fighting craziness when I became a young adult.

I had to help God cure everyone thanks to the accurate translation of the meaning of dreams and the unconscious psychotherapy. I also had to prove to the atheistic and materialistic world that God exists and sends us psychotherapeutical messages in dreams.

My literary talent was very important for many reasons. It helped me have the right attitude before God’s wisdom and sanctity because the book I wrote after the car accident helped me understand the importance of compassion. The most important heroes of the story were an old beggar and a hungry child.

My literary talent helped me also write a pray for myself and proclaim it loud, the same way I used to proclaim my poems when I was a teen. I used to learn my best poems by heart and proclaim them in various different places and situations only for myself. I liked to listen to the poetic words, especially when I was near nature.

The pray I wrote for myself helped me go ahead and show courage even in the hardest moments. It had no rhymes, but it was beautiful. This pray made me always remember that I was born to be a hero. This was my true destiny. I was very strong. I couldn’t pretend that I was weak. God knew how much I could bear and was counting on me.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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