Mental Health Issues Increased by The Modern Civilization and Safe Psychotherapy

Absurd Modern CivilizationThe impression that the modern civilization is advanced because of our scientific and technological progress is false. We are unable to find peace. There is no justice on Earth. Our world is ruled by terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, indifference, and greed. Money is most people’s god. Nobody respects their moral principals. Nobody precisely follows the guidance of their religion.

Only because we are intelligent enough in order to create extraordinary objects that help us in many ways, or solve various problems based on our scientific knowledge, this doesn’t mean that we are superior creatures. The fact that so many wars, crimes, and suicide attempts happen everyday in our world reflects the insanity of our population.

The truth is that we are under-developed primates. This is why we cannot find peace. We are mentally ill from birth because the biggest part of our brain belongs to our wild conscience (anti-conscience). We tend to acquire worse mental illnesses with time.

This means that the truth about your reality is totally different from what you may possibly believe with the vision you have. The hypocritical world is the result of the absurdity contained in the human brain. In order to prevent or cure mental health issues you must learn how to protect yourself from the absurdity you have inherited into your brain, and from the absurdity of the world.

The mistakes of the modern civilization affect your daily life, giving you excuses for the indifference you show to the human pain, while imposing you selfish behavior. You are induced to spend everything you can to satisfy your insatiable ego without remorse.

The barbarous modern civilization is based on violent military power, individualism, and a false justice that cannot protect those who have no financial power.

Everything depends on how much you can give to your lawyer, and on how much your lawyer may receive from your enemies in order to betray you. Besides all expenses and risks you’ll have from the beginning, the judge may consider your case irrelevant and never care about it. You may receive a document with a list of laws explaining why your case cannot be solved the way you believed it should, putting an end to your hypothesis. Or, you may have to wait many years until the court will finally care about your case. You may die before this day will come.

Nobody is sincere on Earth. Everybody has a social mask, which Carl Jung named ‘persona’. His discovery is real. Everyone presents to the world a false image about themselves.

The persona is the false ‘face’ you present to the world, which doesn’t represent who you really are, but who you pretend to be. Your persona is an actor.

After continuing Jung’s research I discovered that the absurdity existent a priori (from birth) into the human brain is responsible for the evilness and the absurdity that characterize our behavior. We tend to be hypocritical actors because of the selfishness imposed by our anti-conscience, which is our primitive conscience that didn’t evolve like our human conscience.

The ‘persona’ (social mask) is worse than what Jung believed it was with the knowledge he had. He knew that the persona was a false mask and that this fact had a negative meaning. We should be sincere in order to be balanced.

However, Jung concluded that the persona was a logical necessity. We cannot simply show to the world exactly who we are because we could be misunderstood by many people. He believed that we need a social mask because it has a protective side.

Carl Jung was wrong in this point because this social mask is the dangerous acceptance of the evilness and the absurdity of our anti-conscience, which is constantly influencing our ego and imposing absurd behavior to our conscience. Jung couldn’t see all the absurdity I discovered in the human brain. He also believed that our human conscience was more powerful than what it actually is.

The social mask created by our selfish ego under the influence of our anti-conscience is based on a hypocritical behavioral pattern that doesn’t help us in any way. On the contrary. This social mask makes us try to identify ourselves with it. We may believe that we are what we pretend to be.

On the other hand, the fact that we accept being constant actors before our social environment indicates that we feel comfortable with absurdity. We believe that falsity is an obvious necessity in our world, without understanding that this is an absurd necessity.

The only reason why falsity is ‘necessary’ in our crazy world is exactly the fact that we live in a crazy world that imposes absurd behavior to its population. This truth is camouflaged by hypocrisy, superficiality, and indifference to human pain.

The world leaders don’t let you pay attention to all the mistakes of the absurd modern civilization. The big companies that hold the global economy in their hands need consumers. The world works based on their decisions.

They want to transform you into a robot. They don’t want to give you the chance to understand anything.

If you believe that you are protected from many dangers, you should remember that there is no protection in a world ruled by terror and violence. The same bomb that will kill your neighbors in the street will also kill you in your palace.

Our population lives exposed to numerous dangers. You should not believe in the illusion that your ‘human rights’ will be respected if you’ll be a victim of someone else’s evilness, because you have no rights if you don’t have money, and illusions are very dangerous. On the other hand, your enemies can have more money than you do, even if you believe that you are in a privileged position.

The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me helps you understand the truth about your reality and how to find salvation. You are protected from mental health issues increased by the absurd modern civilization.

There are many visible and invisible dangers threatening your mental stability all the time. You need a safe psychotherapy that will really help you find sound mental health instead of increasing your psychological problems with suppositions that are far from the truth.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is God’s mind. The divine unconscious mind is not a liar like hypocritical and selfish human beings who want to take advantage of your ignorance.

When you translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method you are enlightened. You understand how to escape the wickedness of the world and find peace. The mistakes of the barbarous modern civilization stop affecting your behavior. The unconscious wisdom helps you surpass the knowledge of your historical time.

First of all, you learn how to transform your personality and guarantee your mental and physical health. Then, you learn how to develop your intelligence and become a genius.

You also pass through a process of spiritual purification. You eliminate the immoral tendencies you have inherited, learning how to always respect your moral principals in all circumstances.

Your moral principals create an anchor that doesn’t let your ship get lost in the vast ocean. Your moral principals protect your mental stability and your dignity.

However, you are induced to disrespect your moral principals in the crazy world. The selfish mindset of the atheistic and materialistic modern civilization makes you accept absurdity with apathy. You are induced to believe that you are smart when you are dishonest and you care only about having advantages yourself, while disrespecting everyone else’s rights.

This selfish mindset obliges you to have a persona. You cannot clearly show to the world that you are a selfish and indifferent creature who cares only about your own interests. You must wear a hypocritical social mask and pretend that you care about everyone else the same way you care about yourself and your family.

You should really care about everyone else’s well-being without having to pretend that you care about this matter. Your social mask is absurd because you accept to be an actor instead of sincerely caring about everyone else as you should.

However, you believe that you should be selfish, even though you have to hide this fact from the world. You accept the absurdity of your anti-conscience, and the absurdity of your selfish ego without criticism.

You must be careful with what you do in life. Your personality, your actions, and everything that happens to you in life define your future. The unconscious mind will give you many lessons about what is right or wrong and why in your dreams.

You’ll be able to clearly discern the absurdity existent in the world, the absurdity existent into your anti-conscience, and the absurdity existent into the anti-conscience of everyone around you. This means that you’ll stop being a victim of your ignorance. You will be able to discern what is good or bad, and understand how to show wise behavior in all circumstances.

The unconscious mind gives you additional information about the objective reality in dreams, helping you understand your reality even better. The unconscious mind sends you informative messages also in symbolic signs of your daily reality, which should be interpreted like dreams. These signs give you more information about your reality and the future, without depending on sleeping and dreaming.

After acquiring sound mental health through dream therapy and being into constant contact with the unconscious mind, your life will completely change. You will feel always protected. You will be a wise and self-confident human being. The divine guidance in dreams and in symbols of your daily reality will always enlighten your journey.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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