The End of The Modern Civilization and The Beginning of A New Time

Modern Civilization The end of the modern civilization is happening right now. We are living the last days of a barbarous civilization where justice is a game based on financial powers, and poverty prevents humanity from finding peace. This is the end of terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, indifference, and greed.

This phenomenon is happening now because now the world knows the truth about the satanic origin of the human being and about the existence of God, who produces our dreams in order to eliminate our satanic nature and transform us into real human beings.

Thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries about the meaning of dreams and the unconscious wisdom, and thanks to my discoveries after continuing his research, now we know that we are basically cruel demons, since the biggest part of our brain belongs to our wild conscience (anti-conscience), which didn’t evolve like our human conscience.

Now that we have this knowledge, we are finally really to pay attention to the divine guidance in dreams. Now we are ready to have a humble attitude instead of showing anger before the tragic truth, or instead of trying to ignore the facts.

Now the entire world will obey the divine guidance without objections.

We already had the chance to verify that the world leaders will never help humanity find peace. Psychiatrists and psychologists will never be able to cure all mental illnesses and put and end to craziness and terror. Doctors and researchers will never be able to find the cure for all the diseases that torture our population.

We depend on God’s sanctity and wisdom.

The crimes and wars that happen everyday in our world simply prove that we are crazy monsters. This is an obvious truth.

The global indifference to the barbarities that happen in our world is another shocking proof of our demoniac nature. Only demons can be indifferent to hunger and terror. Only demons can pretend to be human while acting like monsters. Only demons can indifferently try to be happy before terror instead of saving those who are on despair.

We must simply admit that we are not really human. Our behavior clearly reflects our cruelty.

I could discover this bitter truth and scientifically prove the satanic origin of the human being. I could also prove the sanctity and the wisdom of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams. Carl Jung discovered that God produces our dreams, but he didn’t have a religious attitude. I had a religious attitude and I accepted to precisely obey the divine guidance. This is why an ignorant and young woman like me could discover so much. I obeyed the divine wisdom like a soldier, recognizing my ignorance and my absurdity.

I was cured from a serious neurosis that already had the characteristics of schizophrenia thanks to dream therapy, and then I started curing many people thanks to this extraordinary knowledge, while simplifying the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, the only method that helps you understand God’s words in dreams.

The end of the modern civilization will be marked by the psychological transformation of the human race. The scientific method of dream interpretation is bread and water for the world. Everyone can easily learn the dream language thanks to my simplifications, and have a direct communication with God. This unbelievable alternative is true; as true as the satanic origin of the human being.

Now everyone can have free psychotherapy through dream translation and find sound mental health thanks to the unconscious guidance in dreams. The divine unconscious mind generously sends informative dreams to everyone.

All dreams work like medicine. Dreams can also cure physical diseases and solve the problems of your daily life.

You will remember your dreams if you’ll pay attention to their existence; especially if you’ll write them down and keep a dream journal. This first step is indispensable. You also have to study my dynamic simplification of Carl Jung’s method and learn the meaning of the most important dream symbols and the dream logic.

Then, you’ll have this knowledge forever. The dream language is like any language made only by words, with the difference that it is made by images.

For example, one of my patients recently submitted a dream for professional translation about a river. The river already gives us information, independently of the dream story, because it is an important dream symbol.

The river represents a challenge. The dreamer must cross the river and find his anti-conscience at the other side of the river. This challenge is necessary because he must recognize the existence of his wild conscience.

The meaning of this recognition is what really matters. The dreamer must meet his anti-conscience so that he may stop doubting that he is absurd.

When you see something with your own eyes, you believe that it is real. This is why you have to cross the river and find your anti-conscience there. You have to see your absurd side and understand that you have an animal nature, which is evil, absurd, and cruel.

This is a heroic necessity, since your anti-conscience is a dangerous demon. However, you have to be a hero and recognize your own absurdity, so that you may accept to be obedient.

You have to do only do what the divine unconscious mind shows you in your dreams, without doing what you may desire. This is how you’ll stop being violent and help the world find peace. If you’ll keep acting the way you do, you’ll never find balance.

The dreamer who had this dream about the river saw himself into the deep water. He was trying to get out of the river, with great difficulty.

This dream image alone already gives him crucial information about his mental condition and his attitude in life. He refuses to recognize that he has an absurd side. He couldn’t cross the river because he couldn’t find a bridge. He fell into the deep water and he tried to get out of the river, without going to the other side.

This short dream is clearly showing to this dreamer that he must change his attitude and stop believing that there is nothing wrong with his thoughts and his behavior. He must be humble and have the courage to admit that he is absurd in many ways. He must face his anti-conscience like a hero.

I cannot tell you the biographical details of this dreamer. I can only tell you that he is mentally ill. Even though he knows that he is mentally ill, he doesn’t want to admit his own absurdity. This is an idiotic reaction generated by his anti-conscience, which is indifferently accepted by his one-sided human conscience.

The dreamer doesn’t criticize his actions because his human conscience already was partially destroyed by his anti-conscience.

He knows that he is mentally ill for years, especially because his life biography is marked by many tragedies. However, he cannot admit that he is absurd and that therefore, he needs special guidance.

He insists on believing that he knows what is good or bad for him. He doesn’t want to be guided by the unconscious wisdom.

The unconscious mind reflected his attitude with this dream. This simple dream scene is showing him that he must indispensably change his attitude and pay attention to the facts. He cannot refuse to admit an obvious truth.

Of course he needs special guidance. He keeps making costly mistakes. He is unable to control his behavior.

This dreamer’s attitude is very common. Many people don’t want to admit their own absurdity. They don’t want to learn if they have inherited absurdity in their brain or not. They don’t want to learn what will happen in the future and get prepared for the future the right way, so that they may avoid all traps and triumph.

They prefer to believe that there is nothing wrong with them, or with the world. They close their eyes before poverty, terror, violence, and immorality. They prefer to believe that we will find all the solutions we need because we are intelligent.

This is why they cannot understand what exists in the other side of their brain; the side that they cannot see because it doesn’t belong to their conscience.

The river separates the dreamer’s ego from his anti-conscience, which is active and lives at the other side of the river.

Now that the dreamer of my example learned that he has a wild side at the other side of the river, he must have the courage to face the truth and recognize his own absurdity. The anti-conscience is part of his brain. It belongs to the dreamer, even though it works independently of his human conscience.

The dreamer must recognize his own absurdity and admit that he needs guidance. He has to obey the unconscious mind in a conscious manner. He must agree with his obedience. He must recognize that he depends on the unconscious guidance in order to eliminate his satanic anti-conscience, instead of being a victim of its absurdity.

He cannot keep ignoring his wild conscience and insist on his plans. His anti-conscience is constantly influencing his decisions, and this is why he is making numerous costly mistakes.

The dreamer must admit the truth and fight his anti-conscience instead of ignoring its poisonous influence.

The unconscious mind helps everyone understand that they have to pass through a process of consciousness and spiritual purification. All dreamers understand in which ways they are influenced by their wild side and what they have to do in order to eliminate this danger.

This is why the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung is putting and end to the barbarous modern civilization and marking the beginning of a new time. Now that I simplified his complicated method, clarifying all the obscure points in his work, everyone will follow the divine guidance in dreams with gratitude and find sound mental health, wisdom, love, peace, and happiness.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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