A Coincidence That Proves God’s Existence and Carl Jung’s Brilliant Discoveries

Coincidence The generous unconscious mind that produces your dreams works like a natural doctor and a spiritual guide. You are lucky because Carl Jung managed to discover the right method of dream interpretation. He didn’t give to the world his own opinion about the meaning of dreams, but the result of his arduous research. He had to relate too many aspects in order to discover the real meaning of the dream language.

Only a genius like him could make such meticulous research and discover so much. I was more than impressed with his accurate translations when I was neurotic and I started following his method of dream interpretation.

The world must recognize the superiority of Carl Jung’s discoveries about the meaning of dreams and their healing power. His method of dream interpretation is far superior. The subjective interpretations of the meaning of dreams that come from the ignorant world, even when they have a scientific base, are totally wrong.

Only a scientist who would be as patient and as humble as Carl Jung could have the courage to make such a meticulous research and relate so many details until he could finally discover the mysterious meaning of dreams, besides having so many obstacles in his way.

Jung really looked for the meaning of the symbolic dream language. He didn’t invent anything.

Only a few people can understand his complicated method of dream interpretation because it is too complicated. I precisely followed his steps because I needed salvation and I was a good student.

I could verify the value of his discoveries, but the ignorant world is not able to evaluate the superiority of this work. Carl Jung is one of the biggest heroes of humanity.

My work proves to the world how brilliant his discoveries are, and how important it is for all human beings to obey the unconscious guidance in dreams.

The divine unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God’s mind. Jung didn’t have a religious attitude because he was a scientist. I was a literature writer who had to become a scientist after being able to better understand the meaning of the dream language.

I had a religious attitude and I fell down on my knees when God showed me that I was one of the worst sinners of the world. I was absurd and cruel. I needed urgent psychotherapy. I recognized this truth, grateful because I had the chance to find salvation.

My work is based on linking the discoveries of various scientists to Carl Jung’s discoveries, and them, completing his research. I found everything he discovered ready, and I precisely followed his steps. Then, the unconscious mind guided me in dream messages. I precisely obeyed the guidance of the unconscious mind.

This means that I used the knowledge given to me by a genius, and by the divine wisdom, even though I was so ignorant. Otherwise, I had no chances to continue Carl Jung’s research into the unknown region of the human psyche.

I understood how the human brain works, and I discovered the absurd side of the human brain, which works independently of our human conscience. I named it anti-conscience because it tries to destroy our conscience. Anti is a Greek word, which means ‘against, opposite’. The anti-conscience is our primitive conscience that didn’t evolve, and generates mental illnesses within our human conscience.

This discovery helped me complete Carl Jung’s research and explain all the obscure points in his work.

The truth is that what really helped me attain all goals was my complete obedience to the unconscious guidance. I obeyed the unconscious guidance like a soldier. When I found sound mental health, the divine unconscious mind showed me that I had to help many other people with this knowledge.

I always obeyed the unconscious guidance, even against my will. I knew that I was ignorant, absurd, and evil, while the unconscious mind was wise, pure, and saintly.

Exactly when I concluded that we must obey the unconscious guidance in dreams instead of doing what our conscience desires, the unconscious mind obliged me to obey a very difficult guidance. I had to stay far from the man I loved.

This guidance was more than terrible for me. However, I was married to another man, and the man I was in love with was married to another woman. I could logically understand how right God’s guidance was, besides totally disagreeing with it.

The unconscious mind showed me that I had to forget this man. I had to care about attaining sanctity instead of being a terrible sinner.

This was a shocking guidance, but it happened exactly when I made a shocking scientific discovery: the biggest part of the human brain belongs to the anti-conscience. This means that we are absurd and evil from birth.

Now you can understand the importance of the Catholic and Orthodox baptism.

Now you can also understand why I was so obedient. The coincidence of discovering the truth about the human nature and having to stay far from adultery exactly when I discovered this bitter truth didn’t happen by chance. After discovering that there is so much absurdity and evilness in the human brain and psyche, I had to recognize that I was unable to decide what was good or bad and simply obey the unconscious guidance, without objections.

God’s plan was perfect. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be so obedient.

The violent human nature must be transformed through consciousness. We live in order to transform our satanic anti-conscience into a human being. This is how we will become true human beings. This is a process carried on through dream translation.

The unconscious messages help us eliminate the evilness and the absurdity of our anti-conscience through knowledge. We understand how to behave. We learn how to always act with wisdom.

The scientific side of my discoveries is very important because the unconscious mind can cure all mental illnesses and even physical diseases. However, the religious side of my discoveries is even more important than anything else.

I prove into practice that the obedience to the divine guidance saves us from craziness and terror and transforms us into wise human beings. We can attain sanctity by following the unconscious guidance in dreams. This is not a goal impossible to be achieved. Everything is possible when we obey the unconscious mind.

Jung was not obedient like me. My total obedience to the unconscious mind helped me discover how really powerful the unconscious psychotherapy is, and how much we can trust the unconscious wisdom. Instead of becoming schizophrenic like my father I could escape this tragic destiny, and become a psychotherapist.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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