The Divine Origin of The Unconscious Mind that Produces Our Dreams

GodThe divine origin of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams was discovered by Carl Jung, who discovered the real meaning of the dream language after making an arduous research. However, he didn’t have a religious attitude. He didn’t completely trust the unconscious mind. He believed that the unconscious mind was a good counselor for the human being, but we must make our decisions based on our own conscience.

After continuing Jung’s research into the unknown region of the human psyche I discovered the unconscious sanctity, which Jung couldn’t perceive. I also discovered the anti-conscience, which he couldn’t see. The anti-conscience generates mental illnesses within our conscience with the intention to destroy our conscience and control our behavior. It is our wild conscience, which remains in a primitive condition. It is absurd, violent, immoral, and cruel.

The anti-conscience is very powerful. This is why it generates horrible mental illnesses within our human conscience. The anti-conscience generates absurd thoughts, and various distortions in our psychological functions. It causes dizziness, hallucinations, and horrible sensations. The anti-conscience is as powerful as God. The truth is that God cannot win the battle against Satan. He needs our cooperation. This is why he created our human conscience.

Since Jung couldn’t see the anti-conscience because he stopped his research at a certain point, and because he didn’t lose his human conscience in order to see the content of his primitive conscience (like the mentally ill) he believed that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams and works like a psychotherapist, was also the responsible for generating mental illnesses.

He knew that the unconscious mind was God’s mind, but he believed that God had a bad side. He didn’t recognize God’s sanctity. Jung believed that all mental illnesses were caused by the divine unconscious mind as a punishment for those who would abandon their moral principals.

However, the truth is that all mental illnesses are caused by our satanic anti-conscience, which occupies the biggest part of our brain. This tragedy proves that we are basically demons. The biggest part of our brain has demoniac characteristics.

Our anti-conscience tries to convince our human conscience to abandon our moral principals, so that we may fall into the labyrinth of craziness and lose our mind. This is how the anti-conscience has the chance to completely control our behavior instead of being tamed by our human sensitivity and sensibility.

We possess a tiny human conscience that must be developed because it is one-sided, and cannot fight the powerful anti-conscience alone. This is why we have the unconscious guidance in dreams.

The unconscious mind helps us fight our evil and absurd anti-conscience, so that we may become true human beings. We learn how to develop our human conscience, while eliminating our wild conscience through consciousness.

This means that the ignored content of our anti-conscience becomes known. Since it becomes known by our conscience, we are able to transform this dangerous wild content into positive and peaceful human content.

However, we must obey the unconscious guidance in order to achieve this goal. This obedience many times is quite difficult because we have to accept suffering.

We have to face painful situations. We have to do things that displease our selfish ego. We have to stop being violent and learn how to be humble. We have to automatically forgive our enemies and feel sorry for them. We have to completely transform our evil nature into human nature. This is not a simple matter.

If until today the real meaning of dreams was not clearly understood, this happened because the human being didn’t accept to completely obey God’s guidance, even against his/her own will. Only now that one human being accepted to completely obey the unconscious guidance in dreams without objections, could humanity discover the truth.

I was the human being who accepted to obey the divine guidance after discovering the unconscious sanctity, and after discovering that I would become schizophrenic like my father without psychotherapy. I had no choice. My obedience to the unconscious guidance was the only way I could save my mental health.

I understood that I was neurotic and unable to decide what was good or bad. My obedience was a clear recognition that I needed help with my psychological issues because I couldn’t deal with my anger and many repetitive thoughts alone.

My obedience helped me find sound mental health and discover the big mystery behind dreams, since I could continue Jung’s research and discover the unconscious sanctity, and the satanic anti-conscience, our primitive conscience.

The mystery behind dreams reveals the existence of God to the atheistic world, explaining all unexplained phenomena. Now we know that we possess and absurd satanic conscience that must be eliminated through consciousness, and this is why God sends us important messages in dreams. By following dream therapy we acquire total consciousness thanks to the miraculous psychotherapy of the unconscious mind.

My obedience was very important also because I could simplify the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung. Now everyone can easily learn the dream language.

This means that everyone can have a direct communication with God through dream messages. This is a spectacular alternative that will completely change the way our world functions. The unconscious wisdom will put and end to terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, indifference, poverty, and greed. All physical diseases and mental disorders will be cured.

Now we know that we can obey the divine guidance with safety because we have proof that we surely find salvation by obeying the unconscious guidance in dreams. So, now we accept suffering in order to transform our violent nature into peaceful and wise nature.

Now we accept eliminating our selfish ego and learn how to be humble. Now we can understand that humbleness is wisdom, while pride is an absurd reaction.

Now we can understand that if we don’t learn how to be good, we will unavoidably end up on terror. We have inherited numerous absurd tendencies from birth. Now we know that when we disobey God’s guidance, we fall into our anti-conscience’s traps and we become mentally ill. So, now we won’t be as foolish as Adam and Eve.

My obedience puts an end to the original sin, marking the end of the absurd modern civilization. Everyone will follow my example. Many people already are reaping all the benefits they can have thanks to the unconscious wisdom because they are obeying the unconscious guidance like me.

By precisely obeying God’s guidance in dreams, I could carry on His plan for the elimination of craziness and terror. I thought that everything was done because I had to save my sanity, but later I understood that I was putting God’s plan into practice. He used my case and my example to show to the world that the obedience to His guidance in dreams cures all mental illnesses and even physical diseases.

Everything I’m teaching you about the importance of the meaning of dreams and the content of the human brain is the result of my obedience to the divine guidance. I could learn everything I’m teaching you because I was a good student and patient, even though I was young and ignorant.

God is an excellent doctor, teacher, and spiritual guide. He is also an artist. His creations prove his talent. God created our planet with the intention to eliminate the evilness of the anti-conscience and transform Satan into a human being.

I simplified the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung exactly because I understood that this was precious knowledge that everyone must have.

The truth is that I agreed with God’s guidance. The idea to simplify Carl Jung’s method was not mine. However, I accepted my mission because I understood that I really had to help everyone understand the meaning of dreams like me. This knowledge will save the world.

This happened only now because now we are ready to accept obeying God’s guidance without objections, after all our failures. My obedience marks the beginning of the global obedience to God’s guidance. This miracle could happen only now, in our chaotic historical time.

Now that we have almost destroyed our planet with our pollutions and wars, now that we understood that we will never find peace based on our political systems, now we can humbly recognize our incapacity to decide what is good or bad in life, and our incapacity to rule the world.

We are ready to recognize that we need protection. We are ready to recognize that alone we’ll never be able to solve all the problems we have created in our living hell. Therefore, we are ready to accept God’s dictatorship with gratitude.

First of all we had to see by ourselves how really unable to find peace we are, how crazy we are, how ridiculous our suppositions are, and how dangerous our indifference is.

Before coming to this point we had to try everything we could and face failure after failure, without being able to find the cure for the mental illnesses that torture the human race. Only now we can finally understand that mental illnesses are invincible, and only God knows how to put and end to craziness.

Now that humanity is ready to accept obeying God’s guidance in dreams, the real meaning of the dream language was finally discovered, clarified, and simplified. This is not a coincidence, but the result of God’s plan.

I was simply the first one who completely obeyed the unconscious guidance in dreams. Many other people are following my example. When the entire world will discover the power of dreams, everyone will obey the unconscious guidance the same way.

Now we know that the obedience to the divine wisdom saves our sanity. We don’t doubt that we will really find terror if we’ll do what our idiotic conscience desires. Now we know that we have inherited a crazy wild conscience that keeps trying to destroy our human side.

Now we already saw the destructive power of our anti-conscience into practice, and we are totally lost. We don’t know how to find peace. We cannot even put an end to hunger.

So, now we are ready to agree with the importance of our obedience to God’s wisdom and never have the imprudent attitude of Adam and Eve. Now we are ready to fall down in our knees with humbleness, and recognize that we really need the divine guidance in dreams.

This is the historical time when this knowledge could be understood by humanity because our anti-conscience didn’t let us understand the real importance of the meaning of dreams before. Only now that a human being accepted to completely obey God’s guidance in dreams (me) because another human being discovered the right way to translate the meaning of dreams (Carl Jung) the anti-conscience can be completely eliminated.

Without our obedience, nothing can be done. God depends on our cooperation in order to transform our wild nature into human nature.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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