Treatment for Mental Illnesses Based on The Unconscious Wisdom

Dream First of all, the unconscious mind that produces your dreams shows you the components of your personality. You understand in which ways you are influenced by your wild conscience (anti-conscience) and how you can eliminate its negative influence. Then, you learn how to evolve without being limited by your primitive nature.

The unconscious mind gives you a detailed description of what is happening into your brain and psyche.

While today’s psychiatrists try to cure a mental illness based on suppositions, since they observe the reactions of the human brain from outside, and without understanding the abstract functioning of the human brain, the unconscious mind gives you simple and clear explanations about the functioning of your brain. You are able to understand what is happening inside yourself.

The unconscious treatment cures all mental illnesses, from depression to schizophrenia. The unconscious mind is God’s mind and knows everything. The unconscious wisdom proves God’s existence into practice, putting an end to the atheism of the absurd modern civilization.

Now that we can clearly understand the unconscious psychotherapy in dreams, everyone can find salvation.

My simplifications transformed the dream language into a simple language made by images instead of words. My dynamic method of instant dream translation is derived from the complicated and time consuming method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, the only method that helps you understand the unconscious messages in dreams.

The unconscious mind works like a psychotherapist who criticizes your behavior. You have dreams about people you knew in the past. You have many strange and dangerous adventures. Your dreams are made by mysterious images and scenes.

With these images, the unconscious mind is showing you what is happening inside your brain and psyche and giving you important information.

The people you knew in the past are old parts of your own personality that didn’t evolve. These parts of your personality are still immature.

You have to transform these immature parts of your personality into mature and positive ones. On the other hand, you must pay attention to the fact that these immature parts of your personality constantly control your behavior until today.

Only by having this information in a dream you can already understand how far from the objective reality you are. You are still thinking and acting like a child in many ways.

When you are controlled by immature parts of your personality that have a childish behavior your conscience cannot control your behavior. The primitive parts of your personality take the place of your ego.

This warning will help you take action and stop being controlled by the childish parts of your personality. You will also work on transforming these negative parts into mature and helpful parts of your personality.

The strange and dangerous adventures reflect the attempts of your anti-conscience to invade your human conscience. If you are always running from enemies, this means that your ego is running away from the attacks of your anti-conscience.

In other words, you are in a dangerous situation. Your anti-conscience is almost managing to invade your conscience and control your behavior.

You have to think about what is happening in your daily life and relate this information to your life biography. For example, if you had a different idea and you wanted to try out something different instead of following a known path in your life, after having a dream about running away from enemies you should understand that you are about to be controlled by your anti-conscience if you’ll carry on your plans.

You must be smart and change your attitude. Before trying out something different you must verify if this is a safe idea.

The mysterious images and scenes are showing you that the content of your brain is mysterious because it is absurd. You have inherited craziness into your anti-conscience only because you belong to the human race.

There is a negative content inside you because your wild conscience refuses to change its behavior and it remains in a primitive condition. When your primitive conscience controls your mind and behavior, you start losing your conscience. This danger is real, even though it is invisible to your eyes.

All mental illnesses are generated by the anti-conscience within the human conscience with the intention to destroy the human conscience and completely control the individual’s behavior, without being tamed by his/her human sensitivity and sensibility.

The unconscious mind helps you understand how to fight absurdity and find sound mental health by correcting your behavior. You learn how to control your behavior without letting your wild conscience influence your decisions.

The treatment for mental illnesses based on the unconscious wisdom is safe because your doctor is not an ignorant human being. The unconscious mind is God’s mind. The guidance you have in dreams must be respected because God’s words are always wise.

Your safety is guaranteed by God’s sanctity. You know that God wants to save you and transform you into a wise human being. You know you can trust the unconscious guidance because God knows how you can be cured. This guarantee cannot be given by ignorant human beings.

Nobody can guarantee your recuperation if you suffer from a mental illness. Only the divine unconscious mind can surely help you find sound mental health. The unconscious mind helps you eliminate your evil and absurd anti-conscience through consciousness and sensitivity.

This is a clear and simple treatment that you can understand. The unconscious mind gives you information about your mental condition in dreams. In the end, you become a doctor yourself. The unconscious mind is an excellent doctor and teacher, and also a spiritual guide who shows you what is good or bad, and why.

You become wiser for being into contact with the unconscious wisdom. The unconscious mind helps you stop blaming your ego for reactions caused by the negative parts of your personality that belong to your anti-conscience. You learn how to tame your wild nature and always act based on wisdom.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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