Becoming More Intelligent through Dream Interpretation as a Science

IntelligenceYou will surely become more intelligent only by eliminating the negative influence of the primitive side of your brain into your conscience through dream interpretation as a science. This mind empowerment process also works like psychological transformation and spiritual purification.

The human brain is basically absurd because the biggest part of the human brain belongs to our anti-conscience, the primitive side of our conscience that didn’t evolve like our human side.

Whatever is absurd is idiotic because absurdity is self-destructive.

This means that your brain power goes wasted. Even though you have the potential to become a genius, your anti-conscience doesn’t let you positively use your capacities.

Human beings have an idiotic behavior because of the influence of their anti-conscience. This is why our world is characterized by terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, indifference, and greed. Instead of using our brain power and evolve without limits, we become mentally ill.

Everyone needs psychotherapy, even if they are not mentally ill. Everyone inherits absurdity into their anti-conscience. Everyone can become a victim of the craziness they inherit in their brain.

Some people have a stronger human conscience and better life conditions, and this is why they seem to be balanced. However, everyone has many psychological problems.

This means that everyone depends on God’s guidance in order to escape the craziness imposed by their anti-conscience. The unconscious mind is a doctor and teacher, who helps everyone develop their own intelligence without depending on the unconscious guidance to solve their problems.

However, we all depend on an initial guidance by the unconscious mind so that we may fight absurdity, instead of being victims of our wild side. Alone we cannot manage to fight all the absurdity we have inherited into our anti-conscience. We need many clues, so that we may understand what to do.

You will become more intelligent when you’ll analyze your own attitude in your own dreams and you’ll understand your behavior. You believe you know who you are, but there are numerous parts of your personality you ignore because they are not conscious. They belong to your anti-conscience.

Your anti-conscience is an evil and absurd part of yourself, which is totally different from you, since you are the human being concentrated into the human side of your conscience. You have to transform this negative part of yourself into positive content that will belong to your conscience, and will be controlled by your human conscience. This is what the unconscious mind helps you carry on through dream therapy.

Your anti-conscience keeps blocking your evolution and generating mental illnesses within your conscience. You must get rid of this dangerous negative content and find sound mental health. Through dream interpretation as a science you learn how to transform the negative energy of your anti-conscience into positive energy. In other words, you learn how to stop being idiotic because you are absurd.

After eliminating the absurdity that constantly invades your conscience you have the chance to become always more intelligent. You will then learn how to be a genius. You have this potential.

When you eliminate your evil and absurd anti-conscience through consciousness thanks to the unconscious guidance in dreams, your evolution has no limits.

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams has a divine origin. Through dream interpretation you learn how to become a perfect human being. This means that your intelligence looks for wise solutions that will help your community. Your sensitivity helps you understand how other people feel.

Sensitivity is indispensable when you are trying to understand your reality. You must be able to perceive all aspects of your reality. Otherwise, you cannot be balanced, and you cannot understand what is really happening to you.

You will become more intelligent when you’ll learn how to be a wise human being. This means that you must learn how to be humble, generous, and sincere.

Your intelligence must make you happier, and make everyone glad with your existence. The unconscious mind teaches you how to understand the hidden aspects of your reality, behind the social masks of the world.

You learn how to be sincere, while protecting yourself from those who could take advantage of your honesty. You learn how to feel comfortable with all human beings and understand how their world is. You also learn how to identify signs of absurdity in the human behavior and protect yourself.

For example, when you perceive that someone keeps interrupting your words with irrelevant comments, this is an indication that they are not paying attention to what you are saying. Depending on the comments they make, you can also understand how superficial they are.

If you’ll analyze their style and preferences, you will understand their psychological type and then, relate the information you acquired through these observations to the knowledge the unconscious mind gives you in dreams. You have many lessons about how the human brain works and what determines the human behavior.

The unconscious mind helps you clearly understand the human behavior. You learn how to interpret various human reactions. Some movements speak more than words.

The unconscious mind is your doctor and teacher. You will attain always higher levels of knowledge by following the unconscious guidance in dreams.

At the same time, you’ll purify your spirit by respecting your moral principals, your human dignity, and your obligation to respect others. The divine wisdom protects your life by showing you how to preserve your sanity and improve your spiritual health.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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