How to Be a Genius and Attain Spiritual Perfection through Dream Therapy

GeniusYou can become a genius even if you are not intelligent because you are not using the biggest part of your brain. You use only a spot of your brain; the spot where your tiny human conscience is concentrated. The biggest part of your brain is absurd and belongs to your anti-conscience, which is your wild conscience. This part of your brain didn’t evolve like your human conscience and remains in a primitive condition.

You can develop your human conscience through dream therapy and at the same time attain spiritual perfection, because your dreams are produced by God. The wisdom of the divine unconscious mind can help you eliminate the negative influence of your wild side. This elimination is in fact a process of transformation.

Your unknown anti-conscience becomes known. You understand how this part of your brain and psyche works. You also learn how you can control your behavior, instead of being controlled or influenced by your anti-conscience.

The influence of your anti-conscience into your human conscience is based on an imperceptible invasion of absurd thoughts. You cannot understand that these thoughts don’t belong to your conscious mind.

The unconscious mind helps you discern the misleading thoughts that come from your anti-conscience and fight their absurdity. You learn how to tame your anti-conscience instead of being its puppet.

This way, you get rid of your absurd wild side and you start developing all the positive characteristics of your personality. You begin a new life, far from the mistakes of the past.

After eliminating your anti-conscience you’ll become a genius and also a wise, sensitive, and humble human being. The divine unconscious mind helps you become perfect. You’ll definitively stop having psychological problems and fears. You’ll stop being selfish and proud of yourself. You’ll become a balanced and self-confident human being characterized by goodness.

Your goodness is what gives you mental stability, and not your logical thoughts. Reasoning without sensitivity cannot help you understand the truth about your reality. You have to pay attention to all details and always act with generosity and wisdom.

A genius is a person who seriously developed their intelligence. A wise human being is a person who seriously developed their sensitivity, learning how to always show compassion.

A wise human being is also someone who discerns the truth and respects the justice of goodness. The justice of goodness is based on respecting your moral principals. Your humanity is what gives you power, and not the satisfaction of your insatiable ego.

A wise human being has no ego, because he or she is always humble. Humbleness and compassion depend on sensitivity. Without sensitivity there is no balance.

You must be afraid of your ego and eliminate its selfishness, after transforming your anti-conscience into human content. The unconscious mind will help you evolve without limits after helping you eliminate the violent reactions of your wild conscience, and the ridiculous behavior of your selfish ego.

You’ll become a superior person. Your personality and your life will completely change.

The divine unconscious mind helps you learn how to respect all human beings, how to always be calm, how to understand what is good or bad, and a lot more.

The mind empowerment of the unconscious mind teaches you everything about all aspects. This means that this method of mind empowerment is safe. It helps you find sound mental health and wisdom, without putting your mental stability in danger like many other methods of mind empowerment you must be afraid of.

Human beings ignore the functioning of the human brain. This is why our psychiatrists cannot cure severe mental illnesses and our psychologists cannot help their patients become mentally healthy individuals. They don’t know how to help their patients completely solve their psychological issues forever.

The functioning of the human brain is a complex, dangerous, and obscure matter completely ignored by the scientists of our historical time. The knowledge they supposedly have is based on observations from outside. They ignore the internal functioning of the human brain and psyche.

Only the divine unconscious mind can help all individuals acquire sound mental health that lasts for life because the unconscious mind is God’s mind. Only God knows how to deal with all the absurdity we have inherited into our anti-conscience.

Craziness is invincible. The craziness existent into the biggest part of the human brain transforms our psychological reality into a dangerous battle.

If you’ll follow a method of mind empowerment that increases the influence of your anti-conscience into your human conscience, your intelligence will work against you. Only the unconscious mind knows how to help you become more intelligent and find balance.

Through dream therapy you develop all the positive characteristics of your personality, not only your logical skills. You become an artist. You become a philosopher. You learn how to purify your spirit from all mistakes and sins, and never do what is negative for you and your environment. All your thoughts and actions are characterized by wisdom and goodness.

You become a true genius and at the same time, you attain spiritual perfection. Your intelligence gives you mind power and, and your sensitivity gives you humbleness and compassion. This means that you find authentic happiness based on the positive characteristics of your unique personality. You also help the world find peace with your advice and your noble actions.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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