The Unconscious Messages in a Vivid Dream

Vivid DreamVivid dreams are very impressing. You tend to talk about them with others. They seem to be parts of real life scenes.

All dreams contain important messages, since all dreams are produced by the wise unconscious mind, which proves God’s existence. The wisdom contained in the dream messages (when we translate their meaning according to the scientific method) proves that these messages don’t come from ignorant human minds.

A vivid dream is a dream that contains very important messages that you must pay attention to the fastest possible. This is why the dream is so impressing. You have to remember this dream and understand its messages.

Now that I managed to prove that only Carl Jung could discover the real meaning of dreams and their healing power, and now that I managed to simplify and clarify his complicated and obscure method of dream interpretation, you can easily understand the precious unconscious messages in all dreams.

A vivid dream marks your life. You’ll remember it forever.

Many vivid dreams made me care about dream interpretation when I was young and I had serious psychological problems. My dreams were so vivid that I couldn’t forget them.

One of my most impressing recurring dreams was a dream about falling down from height and then reaching the ground. I used to jump in my bed when I had these dreams and I would reach the ground in the dream. I cared about dream translation especially because of this recurring dream. It was so scary.

I was in a very dangerous situation. The unconscious mind had to make me pay attention to my mental health. I was about to completely lose my mental stability. I made many mistakes in life because I was neurotic.

This vivid recurring dream was showing me that I would have to face many bitter deceptions in life, exactly because I made serious mistakes, like getting married to a man I didn’t really love. I had to get prepared to face the consequences of my mistakes without losing my mind.

Fortunately, I managed to understand the meaning of dreams and continue Carl Jung’s research. Dream therapy saved me from craziness and despair. This is why I started saving others with this blessed knowledge.

Most vivid dreams contain warnings, but there are also vivid dreams that give you courage and self-confidence. I will never forget a vivid dream, which I had when I was in the beginning of my scientific research, in 1988:

I was giving diamonds to my classmate M.

M was a classmate I used to have in elementary school. She was a bad student. I was a very good student. I used to help her with the school tasks because her parents and my parents were friends.

Dream Translation:

The dreamer represents his/her ego in dreams.

Other people in dreams represent parts of the dreamer’s personality in the beginning of their occupation with dream therapy. Later the people they see must be objectively translated, since they unconscious mind gives to the dreamer information about these people. However, in the beginning of the dream therapy all the people who appear in a dream represent parts of the dreamer’s personality.

I already was in a very advanced stage. Of course, M doesn’t stop representing a part of my personality that had difficulties studying and would be helped by my ego. The fact that I was giving diamonds to M, who represented a part of my personality that was not a good student, means that my ego would help this part of my personality.

However, since I was an expert on dream translation, the meaning of my dreams had acquired a universal aspect.

This means that M represented people who have difficulties studying and learning. She didn’t merely represent a part of my personality.

M represented people who are not intelligent and cannot study as much as necessary. They need help from stronger students and teachers.

Diamonds in dreams represent wisdom and purity.

The fact that I was giving diamonds to people who are not good students like M was a prediction, which was showing me that I would be able to simplify the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung. I would give the wisdom and the purity of the saintly unconscious mind to those who couldn’t study as much as I did until I could understand the dream language.

This was a positive vivid dream that rewarded me for my dedication. I was a very serious student. Even though I couldn’t pay for a treatment with a psychotherapist at that time, at least I could buy many books written by Carl Jung and other scientists. I related many scientific discoveries that happened after Jung’s death to his discoveries about the meaning of dreams.

In the end I saw that I was lucky because I was following the right treatment through dream translation, instead of spending my money and my time with a psychotherapy that wouldn’t work for my case. I needed special help. I was almost as schizophrenic as my father when I started following dream therapy. The unconscious mind helped me save my sanity.

The unconscious mind showed me in 1988 with this vivid dream about giving diamonds to my friend M, that I would be able to share with everyone the precious knowledge I had acquired for being able to accurately translate the dream language, even with people who had difficulties studying.

The truth is that now that I simplified the dream language so much, even a child can learn the meaning of dreams and put the unconscious guidance into practice. It was hard to get to this point, but today you can immediately translate the meaning of dreams based on the complicated method discovered by Carl Jung thanks to my simplifications and explanations. I transformed Carl Jung’s confusing and vague method of dream interpretation into a simple and fast method of instant translation from images into words.

The vivid dream I had in the beginning of 1988 was predicting my success in 2007, when I finally published my first ebook online. I had to cure many people through dream therapy and compare many cases until I could finally simplify all the complication for you.

The dream language is complicated because it follows a different logic. However, once you get used with the logic of the unconscious mind and with the most important dream symbols, the dream language becomes very simple. Only the beginning is so difficult.

I can translate your dreams for you and help you study the dream language. When you’ll become familiar with the unconscious symbolism, you’ll be able to translate the meaning of dreams yourself. The dream language is like any other language made by words, with the difference that it is made by images. You need some time and practice to learn this language, but this superior knowledge will help you forever.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

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  • Sherroll says:

    For 22 yrs. I’ve prayed and tried everything humanly possible including many doctors who were unable to cure my disease of alcoholism. I am finally able to say that I’m totally free from the prison of alcoholism! I never imagined that it would be possible for me to have a couple of beers and not have to continue drinking to oblivion. Now that this is a reality for me I am more than grateful and amazed that your helping me to understand the unconscious wisdom, whom I choose to call God, was the answer for my problem. Thank you, Christina, from the bottom of my heart for helping me!


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