How Can The Meaning of a Dream Change Your Life?

iDreamOur historical time neglects the importance of the meaning of dreams. The atheistic and materialistic modern civilization doesn’t believe in a spiritual life.

Even those who care about the meaning of dreams cannot believe that our dreams can give us solutions for all problems. They ignore the real power of the messages contained in all dream images.

Carl Jung’s discoveries about the importance of the dream messages and my discoveries after continuing his research are gradually putting an end to the chaotic situation that prevails in our world concerning the meaning of dreams. Only Jung could discover the real meaning of the dream language, and only I could continue his dangerous research because I had no option. I needed more answers in order to fight schizophrenia before becoming schizophrenic like my father.

I had to show courage and fight the craziness existent a priori into the biggest part of the human brain. This was how I could discover the anti-conscience, our absurd and evil wild conscience, which is still active inside us and generates mental illnesses within our conscience. This discovery puts an end to the human misery.

Now we know what causes mental illnesses and how to completely eliminate their dangerous effects. Now we can prevent all mental illnesses and save the human race from self-destruction.

The meaning of a dream is more important than what you could possibly imagine with the knowledge you have, because this knowledge is hypothetical, and it is influenced by various distortions and misconceptions about the meaning of dreams. You have never had the chance to learn the real meaning of the dream images if you didn’t learn how to translate the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me, who clarified all the obscure points in his work.

I can easily prove my statements thanks to the superiority of the messages you can decipher in your dreams when you translate their meaning with the right method. The wisdom contained in the messages proves that the scientific translations are accurate.

A dream can show you many things you completely ignore or that you disregard, believing that they are not really important. A dream can completely change your life and make you follow a different path.

The wisdom of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams proves God’s existence. The sanctity of the unconscious mind proves God’s perfection. All religions of the world are true: there is a saintly God trying to save all human beings from the hell of craziness and despair.

This scientific and religious truth is gradually enlightening the world, even though the concepts of the barbarous modern civilization still predetermine the judgment of the world population.

The truth is that all dreams contain precious guidance. Dreams reflect God’s words.

For example, if you had a dream about losing your wallet, this means that you have lost your faith. You don’t believe in God’s salvation. You are a victim of the atheistic concepts of your civilization. You don’t believe that there is a deeper meaning in your life. You live as if your life would end forever when you’ll die and abandon your body.

However, there is a spiritual reality. Since God really exists and He sends you important messages in dreams, this means that the religious lessons you had in the past were not empty words. You have a spirit. All religions are very important. Each religion reflects a part of the complex spiritual reality of the human being. You must believe in your religion because it will help you find salvation. God is not a myth.

All religions teach you that you must eliminate your ego and love everyone around you.

However, the absurd mindset of the current civilization makes you believe that you have to feed your ego and be violent when someone disrespects your ego. You are a big victim of the wild conscience of the world.

A dream about losing your wallet can change your life if you’ll recognize that you are ignorant and you don’t know why you have to pass through many difficult experiences in life. After having this dream, you’ll understand that you must have faith in God’s existence and believe that you will have His protection if you’ll respect the wisdom of sanctity.

A dream can change your life, depending on your attitude. If you’ll simply translate the meaning of your dreams without putting into practice the unconscious guidance, you won’t be able to solve any problem. You must do what the unconscious mind shows you in dream messages.

You have to understand in which ways you have to change your behavior after learning God’s words in your dreams. You are ignorant, and you make many mistakes. The information you have in dreams helps you correct all mistakes and evolve.

The dream about losing your wallet is a warning. You must have faith in God’s existence. You must believe in your victory, even if you are discouraged because you are facing unexpected problems.

This dream can change your life and make you believe in God’s support. You need faith if you want to succeed. If you don’t believe in God’s help, you have no courage to try anything. You feel already lost from the beginning.

Your faith will give you courage to go ahead. This faith is not an illusion. Today you have scientific proof of God’s existent through dream translation based on the scientific method.

You must believe that God is watching you, so that you may understand the importance of your mission in life. You have the moral obligation to become a wise human being. This is why you are alive.

If you’ll do what will help you become wiser, you will surely triumph in all matters. A dream warning can show you what you have to do in order to correct your mistakes. This way, you’ll do what is right and achieve your goals.

A dream can also change your life for rewarding your dedication and progress because you are seriously following the unconscious guidance in dreams.

For example, a positive dream about finding a key will show you that when you follow dream therapy you really find the solutions you need. The key in dreams represents an important solution for a big problem that you were not able to solve.

In order to have dreams with positive dream symbols you must evolve. You should be a good student and an obedient patient so that you may develop your intelligence and sensitivity, and definitively stop making mistakes. This way, the unconscious mind won’t send you dream warnings, but dreams that will give you relief.

A dream about finding a key will change your life because it will confirm your achievements. The key is a very important and rare dream symbol. You will understand the importance of this dream symbol after understanding how important the solution you found really is. The dream about finding a key will give you self-confidence and motivation.

The dreams that will surely impress you more than any other will be important dream predictions. You will be amazed when you’ll verify that what you had predicted in a dream became true, or when you’ll be able to change your destiny and avoid a bad event thanks to a dream warning.

Dream predictions and the possibility to change your destiny after predicting the future prove that the meaning of a dream can be decisive. You have the chance to change the future development of your life and avoid what is negative. The unconscious mind shows you how to prepare the future results you desire by doing what will surely help you achieve your goals.

This means that you don’t waste your time trying and doing whatever you may believe that could help you somehow. The unconscious mind already shows you what you have to do in order to surely attain your aim.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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