How to Protect Your Mental Health and Avoid Mental Illnesses

Avoid Mental Illnesses You will be surprised with my lessons because I will show you that in order to protect your mental health and avoid mental illnesses you must cultivate goodness in your heart. After continuing the dangerous research of the psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation I discovered the satanic origin of the human conscience. The biggest part of our brain has evil and absurd characteristics.

I also discovered the unconscious sanctity. The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God’s mind.

This means that you have the privilege to be into contact with God when you learn how to translate the meaning of dreams according to the only right method of dream interpretation, which was discovered by Carl Jung, and simplified by me, who continued his research, proving that he was right, and finding answers for all unanswered questions.

God exists, your spirit exists, and everything you learned in the religious lessons you had when you were a child are true. All religions fit together because they were created by the same God. However, human beings distorted God’s creations, and this is why today religion is simply a philosophy of life that some people follow, after adapting it to the absurdity of the current civilization. All religions were distorted by our absurdity.

Today science can explain many religious mysteries, and religion can explain our scientific reality. My work gives you a universal image of the truth because I precisely obeyed the unconscious guidance. I was very young and ignorant when I started following dream therapy. I had no chances to continue Jung’s difficult research without the superior guidance of the unconscious mind.

My work proves to the world that Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is the only right one. Everyone must learn this method because it is pure salvation. I spent two difficult decades simplifying his method of dream interpretation because this method of dream interpretation is precious. Everyone must have this knowledge.

My work specially proves to the world that God exists and sends us wise messages in dreams because we have a satanic origin. We must transform the evil and absurd content we have inherited into our wild conscience (anti-conscience) into human content by acquiring consciousness.

The truth is that God created our human conscience by transforming a part of our satanic conscience into human content. This is why God is our creator. God created our human conscience. Thus, God created us, the human beings existent in the brain of a demon.

We are the human beings concentrated into the human conscience of a demon. We are the human beings created by God in a satanic brain, so that we may help God transform the satanic brain we came from into human content.

God didn’t create Satan. The satanic anti-conscience is the first live conscience that appeared on the Universe by chance. God was originated from this first conscience too, but He discovered the power of goodness, and He transformed His nature into saintly nature. God tries to show us how to transform our nature the same way.

The anti-conscience remains in a primitive condition because it refuses to change its behavior. It generates mental illnesses within our conscience because it is constantly trying to destroy our human conscience and completely control our behavior.

Today our world is ruled by terror and violence exactly because most people are controlled or influenced by their anti-conscience, since it occupies the biggest part of the human brain.

If you want to protect your mental health and avoid mental illnesses, you must cultivate goodness in your heart and respect your religion. All religions were created by God in order to transform our evil spirit into human spirit.

After becoming really human, you have to attain sanctity and spiritual perfection. At this point, your nature will be like God’s nature. This is the purpose of your life. You live in order to lean how to be wise instead of being an evil demon. Your anti-conscience transforms you into a monster, even though you believe that you are a normal person.

A normal person in our world cannot be considered really normal because there are many signs of absurdity in their behavior, even though these signs are not recognized as signs of abnormal behavior by today’s psychiatry, like indifference to human pain, or anger.

Indifference reflects lack of sensitivity. It is a tragic sign of absurdity. Without sensitivity we are cruel. There is no balance on cruelty. Thus, indifference is cruelty and lack of sensibility.

Anger is a violent reaction that belongs to wild animals. It shouldn’t be part of the human behavior. Anger generates terror and violence.

There are many signs of absurdity in the human behavior, which clearly reflect our evil and absurd nature. However, we big victims of our wild nature. It’s not our fault if we have a satanic conscience.

The satanic origin of our conscience is responsible for all the barbarities that marked our history. In order to survive and preserve our humanity, we have to fight the absurdity of our evil nature, and the absurdity of the world.

If you want to protect your mental health and avoid mental illnesses, you have to abandon the erroneous concepts of the barbarous modern civilization, and respect the laws of goodness.

You can be helped through dream translation and easily solve all your psychological problems, besides understanding the meaning of life and death, and many other mysteries. The divine unconscious mind helps you become a perfect human being.

God knows that you need help, and this is why you have information and guidance in dreams. The divine unconscious mind that produces your dreams works like a free psychotherapist because you need information in order to understand what is happening in your brain and fight your anti-conscience.

After eliminating your anti-conscience and becoming a wise human being, you will attain sanctity.

When I was very young I couldn’t understand why someone would ever desire to have a saintly behavior instead of enjoying life. Later, I saw that our world is a living hell. Then, I understood why some people decide to attain spiritual perfection.

These people are disgusted with the human nature. They understand that they cannot be evil like everyone else because evilness is destructive and painful.

We have to attain sanctity and spiritual perfection, so that we may live peacefully and happily forever.

Sanctity is goodness, generosity, compassion, patience, humbleness, sincerity, and forgiveness. When we attain this level of consciousness we are always fine.

Attaining sanctity is a very difficult goal for human beings who are not really human because they have inherited craziness into the biggest part of their brain. However, the unconscious psychotherapy in dreams makes miracles.

You can simply verify by yourself how helpful dream therapy is and understand how to attain this difficult goal.

All goals are achievable when you get rid of your wild nature. The unconscious mind helps you completely eliminate your anti-conscience and use all of your brain power. It’s not hard to attain sanctity when you are not controlled or influenced by a demon.

After eliminating your evil anti-conscience, you’ll love goodness; you’ll like to always be good. You’ll have a peaceful nature. So, it won’t be hard to attain sanctity at this point of your evolution. You will be perfect, and keep evolving forever.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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