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091117-N-6233H-591Many times in my articles I translate for you a few dreams in order to give you an example of how you should translate your own dreams, but I usually don’t analyze too deeply all the details of each dream, because if I id, my article would be too long.

The truth is that you can easily understand the general meaning of a dream or of an entire dream collection only by translating the basic dream symbols, which you recognize as they appear in each dream. However, the details of each dream in separate contain very important information too.

Sometimes only thanks to an insignificant detail will you really understand the true meaning of a mysterious dream, and finally discover the purpose of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams.

Now I’m going to translate for you a short dream, in order to show you the importance of its details.

Simmone dreamt that she was observing some people that were in a village at a certain distance, while there was too much sun and she could hardly open her eyes. She was travelling in a big ship on the ocean, all dressed in white, but she was wearing black sport boots that didn’t fit with her light white dress.

Translating the basic symbols of this dream we notice that:

The big ship represents a long psychical journey that reflects a process of transformation, during which the dreamer will gradually discover many things about herself and her life.

The people that she was seeing far away in a village are parts of her personality that are not so active in her psyche.

The sun represents the truth; therefore the light of the truth was bothering her vision in this dream, since she could hardly see the people in the distant village because of the strong sunlight.

The white color represents peace and wisdom, but since this is the color of the dress that she was wearing in the dream, this means that she wanted to appear to her social environment as a morally correct person: a person that is peaceful and wise.

The boots protect our feet, and our feet represent the things in which we believe – our personal philosophy of life, or our moral principles. Therefore the dreamer is super-protecting her beliefs with black boots.

The black color represents the acceptance of what is bad. By wearing black boots, Simmone was strongly protecting her beliefs with the acceptance of what is bad. This acceptance could mean the acceptance of a mistake, or the acceptance of a bad condition of life, for many reasons.

The contradiction with the light white dress reflects an instability in the dreamer’s personality.

Now, translating this dream based on the main symbols, we understand that Simmone cannot see certain parts of her personality because the truth is bothering her. This means that she needs sunglasses because the truth shall not bother her to see all parts of her personality. What could this truth be?

This is why we need the dreamer’s biography in order to completely translate a dream.

Simmone is a married woman, mother of two children, who started working again after staying at home for a few years until her children would grow up enough to go to school. She is very excited with her new job.

Now we can understand that the unconscious mind is showing her that she should not forget the maternal parts of her personality, the parts that helped her keep her family united.

The truth is that it is really very good for her to be able to work again instead of staying home all day caring only about the repetitive housekeeping duties and taking care of the children, instead of using her talents, and doing things that give her more pleasure, but this doesn’t mean that she should forget her responsibilities as a mother and wife.

She is travelling by ship because now she is passing through a process of development, which is related with a more independent life.

She is wearing a white dress because she wants to give a good impression to her boss, but the fact that she is exaggeratedly protecting her feet with the black boots means that she is afraid to be tempted to abandon her moral principals, and she may even prefer to lose her job (acceptance of what is bad) than to forget her beliefs.

We could conclude that this dream is basically reflecting the dreamer’s reactions before a new challenge in her life, which are quite common, however we have to remember that the unconscious mind is a natural doctor and protector who keeps trying to save the mental health of all dreamers through dream messages.

The true translation of this dream, especially because of the exaggerated way that the dreamer was protecting her moral principals (the details here are the black boots in contradiction with the light white dress), once we remember that the unconscious is protecting her with his wise guidance, is the following:

Be careful because you are now passing through a different experience that will transform your personality, and you may forget your obligations as a mother and wife, besides being in danger of accepting immorality. The way you are protecting your moral principals doesn’t fit with the good image you want to show to your social environment, because you are not being really wise.

Now, we have to examine better this detail.

What does it mean when someone exaggeratedly protects their moral principles, in a way that doesn’t fit with a wise and peaceful image?

It means that on one hand they are too afraid, and on the other hand, that this protection is not adequate. In other words: it may seem to be strong, but it may be only a supposed protection that is not really effective, and cannot really protect the person.

In other words, the dreamer could be imagining that she will be well protected because she wears her wedding ring all the time, showing to everyone that she has a husband, but this protection is not real, since most men don’t care if a woman is already married when they want to have an affair with her. They even prefer it, because this way she won’t demand anything from them.

So, the bad thing that the dreamer is accepting is not the possibility to have to abandon her job in case her boss tries to seduce her, but the false impression that she will be respected only by showing everyone that she is married and has a family.

Now we understand that this dream was not simply reflecting the dreamer’s worries for facing a new challenge, but that it was in fact a serious warning.

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