Do You Believe in God? The Truth About The Human Nature

The Human NatureWhen I was young I used to think that God doesn’t pay attention to many things. Why didn’t He make more miracles in order to completely save the human race?

When I became a teen I suffered from a tragic car accident. I started hating God after this tragedy, especially because a dearest friend died in the accident. Since then I became atheistic. I was a very aggressive teen. I was against everyone and everything.

On a certain day, (when I was 21-years-old) I was in a difficult situation and I didn’t know what to do. This happened a few days before my marriage. I was very worried. I remembered two prays I knew from my childhood and I started praying. In the end, all problems were magically solved and I felt that God gave me what I had asked for. This fact helped me recuperate my faith in God’s existence.

I also understood that I was too ignorant in order to judge God’s decisions. During the six years that my atheism had lasted I was looking for solutions for the human life, and writing a complicated romance about a beggar who was revolted with the human race. The beggar could see how evil the human being is, but at the same time, he could see that there was a light inside all human beings. This light could save the human race from suffering.

My literary work helped me understand that we are unable to solve our problems because we hate each other. Only love can save the human race from suffering, but love cannot live in hearts filled with hate.

Do you believe in God?

Perhaps you don’t believe in God’s existence because you may think that if God existed, He would help you more. Perhaps you are revolved with His decisions.

I would like to show you the explanations I found about God’s existence and His character, while I was looking for peace. I was always very angry when I became a young adult, and I was afraid of my violent reactions.

I looked for psychotherapy through dream translation because I had many vivid dreams. I also had studied Freud’s book about dreams when I was a teen. This topic always interested me.

I discovered that only Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is the right one after studying many different methods for two years. Later, I continued his research.

I also studied many other scientific works that belonged to many different scientific fields, which helped me better understand Jung’s psychology and at the same time, prove that his dream theories were objective discoveries. My studies and the revelations I had in dreams helped me understand the truth about the human nature.

Did you know that your dreams are produced by God?

Jung discovered this amazing truth, but he was afraid to completely obey God’s guidance because he believed that God had an evil side. He couldn’t see that all the evilness existent in the human brain comes from our wild conscience, the anti-conscience, which generates mental illnesses within our human conscience. I could discover this truth after continuing Jung’s research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation.

God is only saintly and wise. However, our anti-conscience is a true demon.

The anti-conscience is constantly trying to destroy our conscience and take the place of our ego. This way, it will completely control our behavior. We have to fight the absurdity of our wild side and learn how to be wise. This process is done through dream translation. The divine unconscious mind works like a natural psychotherapist. All dreams help us fight absurdity and evolve.

If you still doubt that God exists or if want to complain about something, you can directly talk to God through dream messages. However, you should understand that you are not having the right attitude. If you don’t believe in God this is because you didn’t have real proof of His existence in the superficial world. If you are revolted with God’s decisions this is because you cannot see what is happening inside your own brain, or inside the brain of those who are around you.

Everything that happens to you reflects your mental condition. If you have many unpleasant experiences in life this is because you are making mistakes. These mistakes are the result of the influence of your anti-conscience into your human conscience. God cannot protect you when you make costly mistakes. You have to obey the divine guidance if you want to escape suffering.

God is the biggest victim of our indifference to what is bad. God is always suffering because we are evil and we don’t want to learn His lessons.

If you believe that God is unfair with you, this is because you cannot understand why you cannot have the benefits you desire. You should learn how to translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method in order to understand God’s words in your dreams, or submit your dreams for professional dream translation.

If you’ll study the dream language for a while, you’ll also understand the divine unconscious messages in other people’s dreams. This is precious knowledge you should have. I can translate your dreams for you if you have no time for translations, but you should care about understanding the functioning of your brain by studying my lessons.

If you don’t believe that God exists because you think that He should let us live in a perfect paradise instead of creating for us a problematic world, you should learn more about the human brain and how it must be developed.

Don’t blame God for the mistakes of our ignorant, hypocritical, ridiculous, and selfish population. Even those who supposedly represent God on Earth are in fact terrible demons because they are controlled by their anti-conscience.

Did you know that most people are frequently controlled by their anti-conscience? Did you know that the biggest part of the world population is mentally ill, even if their mental illness is not diagnosed? You ignore many truths.

We don’t deserve God’s mercy. God works like a slave to save us from terror and despair, but we disregard his guidance. You should blame everyone’s anti-conscience for all the horrors of our world, instead of blaming God for the mistakes of the human race.

You’ll have a totally different image of the world when you’ll understand how absurd human beings really are, and how much humanity must learn.

If you are dissatisfied with your position in life, or if you believe that your cross is too heavy, you should learn how to improve your life by transforming your personality and purifying your spirit through dream translation.

Your attitude will be completely different when you’ll understand that you generate your own suffering because of your indifference to what is bad. You may believe that you are a sensible person, but you also have to become more sensitive. You cannot really discern what is good or bad based on the knowledge you have acquired from the absurd world.

The divine unconscious mind will show you what is good or bad, and give you numerous explanations about your reality. You’ll definitively understand that you should never condemn God’s decisions. God is saintly and wise. You must be grateful for having His guidance in dreams, and always have the humble attitude of a good student and patient, who is being enlightened and transformed thanks to all the information you have.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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