Alternative Medicine and The Divine Origin of The Unconscious Mind

Alternative MedicineThe first proof I had that the unconscious mind knows a lot more than human beings do and that there is another dimension in our reality was an important dream prediction. It happened when I learned how to translate the meaning of dreams according to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation.

I also had proof of the divine origin of the unconscious mind when I verified in dreams and in my daily reality the reason why I started suffering from various diseases. Fortunately, I also understood how to find perfect physical health.

I will show you in a summarized form the sequence of my studies and research, so that you may perceive that everything I could discover was the result of divine providence.

The truth is that I was guided by the divine unconscious mind that produces our dreams from the beginning of my life because I had an extraordinary literary talent inspired by the unconscious mind, which not only produces our dreams, as well as gives us artistic talents, and philosophical and religious inclinations. The unconscious mind is God’s mind, fact discovered by Carl Jung, but not properly analyzed by him.

The impressing dream prediction I mentioned in the beginning of this article became true the next day. Here are the facts that happened before and after this prediction:

* In 1984 I started caring about the scientific meaning of dreams, studying the methods of dream interpretation of all psychologists. I had already studied Sigmund Freud’s method of dream interpretation when I was 18-years-old, concluding that his method couldn’t be applied to all types of dreams. I abandoned this matter and I cared about the meaning of dreams again only when I became 23-years-old and I was pregnant. I had many vivid dreams because I was neurotic.

* In 1986 I decided to seriously follow only Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation.

* In 1987 I started understanding somehow the meaning of dreams.

* In 1988, I became an expert on dream translation. I managed to even discover the meaning of many dream symbols that Jung couldn’t explain. It was then, on January of this year, that I had a dream prediction: I would meet a very handsome man.

This fact happened the next day. I met one of the best customers of the small factory my husband and I had. He had to come to our factory for an unexpected reason, while usually my husband would visit him in his factory. I fell in love with this customer, and he fell in love with me. Both of us were married and we had children. He was many years older than me and had children who had my age. My only son was three-years-old at that time.

* In January of 1989 the unconscious mind showed me that we inherit an evil and absurd wild conscience into the biggest part of our brain: the satanic anti-conscience, which generates mental illnesses within our human conscience.

I had to study the meaning and the importance of terror, analyzing the cases of numerous schizophrenic patients, and analyzing the cruelty of our world, which is ruled by violence, craziness, immorality, and terror.

I also had to fight my anti-conscience, which started sending me many unbearable sensations and absurd thoughts, because I had discovered its existence. This fight lasted for eight months.

* In July of 1989 my husband suddenly died because he had a heart attack. Nine moths later I discovered in a dream that my husband was in fact killed by his best customer, who was in love with me. I had many conversations with this customer by phone after discovering the truth; he practically confessed his crime with his reactions. However, after studying the meaning of terror, I understood that I had to condemn his cruel action instead of being superficial and indifferent to terror.

The unconscious mind showed me that I had to stay far from the man I was in love with, and respect my moral principals. I couldn’t bear to abandon the man I loved so much, especially after understanding that he loved me too and this is why he had killed my husband. It was then that I saw into practice that the unconscious mind provokes physical diseases when we accept the absurd suggestions of our anti-conscience.

In other words, God punishes the human being with pain when he/she accepts the absurd suggestions of his satanic anti-conscience. Whenever we have physical problems, this means that we are strongly influenced by our absurd anti-conscience. A physical disease is a protection that comes from God, a punishment for the human being who accepts the evilness of the anti-conscience, and at the same time, a way to oblige the human being to respect the laws of goodness.

I was practically forced to obey God’s guidance because of the unbearable pain I had in my feet, which had also swollen. I shouldn’t betray my husband’s memory and get involved with the man I loved, who took his life. Only when I finally understood my sin and I accepted to obey God’s guidance and stay far from the man I was in love with, my feet stopped hurting. Therefore, I discovered that all physical diseases can be cured when we respect the unconscious guidance.

The feet in dreams represent our moral principals. They have the same symbolic meaning in our daily reality. I had a terrible pain in my feet because I had to respect my moral principals. This means that my obedience to God’s guidance was not something I should feel proud about. It was basically the result of God’s excellent plan. I was practically forced to obey the unconscious mind without objections.

I showed you all the details of my life and research so that you could verify that my life story was marked by divine intervention.

First of all I had the chance to learn the meaning of dreams, even better than Carl Jung, who was my teacher, due to my literary talent. I could discover the meaning of many dream symbols after analyzing the symbolic meaning of a literary book I started writing after suffering from a tragic car accident when I was 15-years-old. The accident itself was preparing me to face craziness when I became 28-years-old (in 1989).

Then, I had to study the meaning of terror, before learning that my husband would be a victim of terror. This knowledge was necessary, so that I could be able to obey God’s guidance instead of accepting a crime because I was in love with the murderer.

I also had to bear many physical diseases (besides the unbearable pain in my feet), which were trying to show me that I had to be afraid to disobey God’s guidance. It was very hard for me to accept remaining far from the man I loved, especially after having proof that he loved me too.

The physical pain in my feet and other parts of my body obliged me to obey the divine unconscious guidance instead of being a sinner, besides all the scientific, philosophical, and religious knowledge I had. This means that God causes physical diseases trying to hold us when we are ready to make serious mistakes without paying attention to anything.

I didn’t want to obey God’s guidance, but I was obliged to, not only because of the physical pain, as well as because of the absurdity of my anti-conscience, which was trying to destroy my human conscience through craziness. Later I recognized that I should really do what the divine unconscious mind was showing me, but in the beginning I couldn’t accept this truth.

After finding sound mental health, I started curing many people through dream therapy (since 1990). I saw numerous times that physical diseases try to prevent a person from making serious mistakes in their lives. Everybody finds sound mental health and physical health by following the unconscious guidance in dreams.

This means that the alternative medicine provided to you through dream translation is the best one you could have. When you translate the meaning of dreams according to the only method that accurately translates the unconscious messages (which was discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me) you discover God’s words in dreams.

The divine origin of the unconscious mind proves that the meaning of dreams is true salvation for humanity. Even when we cannot admit from the beginning that we have to obey God’s guidance, in the end we will surely understand that God was trying to save our mental stability.

God is always right because He is perfect and He possesses infinite wisdom. You should obey the unconscious guidance in your dreams, recognizing that you are an imperfect creature and you need psychotherapy, even if you are not mentally ill.

Only because you have inherited a satanic primitive conscience into the biggest part of your brain, this means that you are absurd from birth. Your tiny human conscience must be developed if you want to become really balanced.

You will find physical health only when you’ll stop making the mistakes imposed by your wild conscience.

The alternative medicine you find when you translate the meaning of your dreams works independently of the severity of your disease because your doctor is God’s mind, and God makes miracles. Everything only depends on your attitude.

If you’ll obey the wise guidance you find in your own dreams (even when it goes against your selfish desires) you will surely find salvation. If you’ll be indifferent to the truth presented to you in your dreams and you’ll insist on your plans, which are basically suggested by your evil anti-conscience, you will face complications and pain.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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