Learn Why All Methods of Dream Interpretation are False Except Carl Jung’s Method

Dream ImagesAll dream interpreters believe that they can understand the meaning of dreams based on associations, which are made based on their conscious logic. They believe that each dreamer’s subconscious mind produces his or her own dreams. However, they follow the description given by Sigmund Freud about the subconscious mind. He believed that the subconscious mind was a depository of past experiences and memories.

The false dream interpreters look at the dream images as if they were reflections of fears and worries of the dreamer. They simply follow their intuition, or their suppositions and theories about what the dream images could probably mean.

The truth is that our dreams are produced by the unconscious mind, which possesses undoubtable wisdom. The unconscious mind is an independent mind that doesn’t belong to the human brain. The true translation of the meaning of dreams was discovered by Carl Jung, after very arduous research. My work proves this truth to the world.

Jung defined Freud’s subconscious mind as the personal unconscious. However, he discovered that our dreams are produced by the collective unconscious mind, which reflects truths that are common to the human race.

The mysterious functioning of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams like a natural organ, which protects the human conscience, cannot be explained based on the concepts of the materialistic modern civilization. The unconscious mind is a superior entity.

Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is complicated, confuse, obscure, and time consuming. It is not a method that anyone can learn. He pays attention to numerous details, relating everything to the dreamer’s psychological system. This is why his work was not properly evaluated by the world.

His psychology is so complicated that I don’t know how an ignorant creature like me (when I was 23-years-old) could understand his lessons. In the beginning didn’t understand anything, but I insisted, reading his words many times, and relating his work to the work of various scientists from different fields. In the beginning I had to get used with many scientific terms. Konrad Lorenz’s work helped me understand Jung’s psychology more than anyone.

Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is so difficult that only intellectuals have the patience to study his lessons. His method of dream interpretation is the only right one because he made an arduous scientific research looking for the symbolic meaning of all images for all civilizations of the world, in all historical times.

Jung is the only person in this world who managed to understand the symbolic meaning of the complicated dream language because he is the only one who had the patience and the persistence to make a long and complicated research.

All the complications existent in his method of dream interpretation are not his own inventions. His method of dream interpretation had to be complicated because the reality he had to examine was complex. He had to pay attention to numerous factors.

It was very hard for me to simplify all this complication for you, after translating numerous dreams for many people for two decades.

The dream language is complicated because your dreams are not produced by your imagination. There is a dream producer; the wise unconscious mind, which has a divine origin. Your dreams are not mere reflections of your own thoughts and worries.

All dreams are specially produced by the unconscious mind, which is a mysterious organ that works like a natural doctor. You have to learn the meaning that the dream producer gives to the images he uses to compose your dreams.

The dream language is another language, like Chinese. You cannot translate Chinese to English based on your imagination. The same way, you cannot translate the meaning of the dream language to understandable words without knowing the meaning of the dream symbols, and without knowing the dream logic.

Your imagination cannot help you understand the meaning of the complicated dream language. The attempt to translate the meaning of dreams based on logical associations that belong to your conscious mind is like trying to translate Chinese to English based on your personal opinion.

The real meaning of dreams helps you understand God’s words in dreams. You must care about translating the meaning of dreams the right way, so that you may verify this extraordinary truth.

The wisdom of the unconscious mind can be explained only if we’ll admit the existence of God. Carl Jung discovered this truth, but he was a serious scientist, even though he talked about religiosity. He couldn’t have a religious attitude.

I had a religious attitude because I was a terrible sinner. This was the first thing I understood when I was able to translate the meaning of dreams according to Carl Jung’s method. I had a divine revelation after my arduous scientific research.

The divine unconscious mind showed me that I had the chance to learn the meaning of dreams and understand their healing power because I was a terrible sinner and I had to change my attitude. I was about to commit adultery. I was also selfish, demanding, impatient, indifferent, and proud of my intelligence.

I had to learn how to respect my moral principals. I also had to learn how to be patient and humble.

I was an ignorant literature writer who had to become a scientist because I had to find the cure for my severe neurosis. I was almost as schizophrenic as my father. I needed an urgent treatment.

Thus, I clearly understood that I had the chance to find salvation through dream therapy. I understood that I was receiving divine grace. I didn’t deserve to be cured because I was a terrible sinner.

I had the chance to be cured if I would accept to become a doctor and help others with this knowledge. I had to complete Jung’s research because this was very important not only for my own psychotherapy, but for the psychotherapy of the entire world.

The unconscious mind can cure all mental illnesses, and also help everyone prevent all mental illnesses before having psychological problems.

It was a big surprise for me to find the cure for my mental illness through dream translation, but the surprise of finding God’s words in dreams was more important than anything else. I had lost my faith when I was a teen and I had suffered from a tragic car accident. It was really impressing for me to discover proof of God’s existence in dreams.

All dream interpreters of this world interpret the meaning of dreams based on their opinion. They don’t know the meaning of the complex dream language. They ignore the dream logic. Only a genius like Carl Jung could discover the true meaning of the dream images. My work definitively proves this truth to the world.

His method is difficult and incomplete, but now that I completed his research, clarifying everything for you, everything became simple.

You will surely verify the superiority of the scientific translations because they transmit the wise unconscious messages. The scientific dream translations don’t transcribe empty words. They give you trustful and helpful information.

Your dreams give you many explanations about your mental condition and about your daily reality. You verify into practice that you have important information about crucial matters. You also have guarantees that you can trust this information because it fits with numerous other factors of your reality, and with facts that only you know.

Many dream theories seem to make sense. However, the dream logic is different. You cannot translate the meaning of dreams based on your conscious logic. You have to learn the dream logic and the meaning of the dream symbols (according to the meaning given by the unconscious mind that produces your dreams to the dream images) if you want to understand the unconscious guidance.

Only Carl Jung managed to understand the complicated dream language and the dream logic, and only I could complete his work and discover the anti-conscience, which generates all mental illnesses. The anti-conscience is our wild conscience, which didn’t evolve like our human conscience.

This discovery will put an end to human suffering. Everyone must transform their anti-conscience into human content through dream therapy and find salvation from despair.

The real translation of the meaning of dreams is a very important and superior matter. The false dream interpreters of the world cannot understand all the complications of the dream language. They cannot understand the perfect psychotherapy of the divine unconscious mind. They cannot recognize the unconscious sanctity.

The accurate dream translations provided to you thanks to the scientific method of dream interpretation transcribe the unconscious words into words you can understand, without distorting these words with personal opinions. The scientific method puts you into contact with God because it respects the meaning that the dream producer gives to the dream language. This is a scientific and religious truth you must understand if you want to have a universal vision of your reality.

The atheistic mindset of the current civilization is based on ignorance and materialism. However, there is also a spiritual reality. The absurd modern civilization cannot perceive its existence, but you will perceive this truth through dream translation.

The accurate translation of the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method proves God’s existence to atheistic world into practice. Otherwise, how can the unconscious psychotherapy in dreams be explained? How can your dreams contain precious messages that give you information about your reality and about your psychological system?

Someone must prepare these messages. They come from a wise mind, which doesn’t belong to the ignorant human brain.

The biggest part of the human brain is possessed by our wild conscience. We have only a tiny human conscience, which must be developed if we want to be really balanced. The wisdom contained in the dream messages cannot come from our idiotic brain. The unconscious mind proves to the world that God is not a myth.

This means that the importance of the meaning of dreams surpasses the psychological field. Your dreams are not only true medicine for your psyche and for your body. Your dreams open a new horizon for you. You discover the existence of another dimension in your reality. You understand how important everything in your life really is.

Your life is a process of transformation. You have to take it seriously and learn how to protect your sanity.

The fact that I could simplify the dream language after discovering the existence of the anti-conscience is an advantage you didn’t have before my research. Today you can learn the real meaning of dreams and have many advantages that will surprise you in many ways.

The unconscious mind helps you acquire total consciousness. This means that you become a genius. You start using in a positive way all of the brain power that belonged to your anti-conscience. You have many other advantages, depending on your evolutionary level. You never stop learning and evolving.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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