Translating The Meaning of Dreams and Understanding The Dream Logic

Dream Will you easily learn how to translate the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method of dream interpretation? Yes, if you are a good student. Thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries about the meaning of dreams and thanks to my discoveries after continuing his research, today the dream language is simple, clear, and specific.

The dream language is always the same for all dreamers. It doesn’t depend on the dreamer’s opinion or on the issues that he or she is facing at the moment. The dream messages depend on the dreamer’s life biography, psychological system, and daily life; not the dream language.

The dream language doesn’t change, the same way that the English language doesn’t change however we may use it. The messages given by the words we use always change, not the language.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is God’s mind. This means that the dream logic is based on sanctity, while the logic of your conscience is based on selfishness and ignorance. You have to learn the dream logic and follow the divine guidance contained in your dreams based on the dream logic, and not based on the logic you usually follow.

The unconscious mind speaks with images instead of speaking with words because you have inherited an evil and absurd conscience, the anti-conscience, which must not learn the unconscious messages before your human conscience does. Otherwise, it will distort these messages and you won’t have any protection against your anti-conscience’s attacks.

The anti-conscience is your wild self. It has satanic characteristics. Its intention is to lead you to craziness and despair, so that it may control your mind and behavior, taking the place of your ego.

Your ego is the center of your human conscience, but your personality is composed by numerous parts. Many of these parts belong to your anti-conscience, what means that they are not conscious. They instinctively act, without having to pass through the judgment of your ego. This means that your ego loses the control of your behavior when the wild parts of your personality automatically act based on instincts.

When you translate the meaning of your dreams based on the scientific method you understand what your anti-conscience is doing against your human conscience and how to defend yourself. You are the human being existent into the human side of your conscience. You love goodness and happiness. You have human feelings. You must eliminate your wild side and learn how to be wise.

The unconscious mind helps you tame your wild side and transform this beast into a positive component of your human conscience. After learning that you have an anti-conscience, you start observing your behavior and identifying the influence of your anti-conscience in your mind and behavior. Then, you discover that you must fight absurdity instead of being an ignorant victim of your wild conscience. This comprehension will help you find your freedom.

You’ll learn how to control your mind and behavior, instead of letting your anti-conscience take the place of your ego.

Your ego is not yourself. It is only a part of yourself. You have to eliminate your ego and learn how to be humble if you want to find sound mental health. Your ego is selfish, ignorant, and it demands from the world a superior position in all situations. Your ego is indifferent to human pain, and therefore, absurd. Your ego is insensitive. It cares only about its own desires.

Your ego doesn’t pay attention to the pain it cases to those who are around you. Your ego doesn’t respect justice. Your ego only wants to be in a superior position all the time, no matter how.

In the beginning of the fight with your anti-conscience you need your ego because your ego must control your mind and behavior. However, later you have to eliminate your ego by transforming it into an intelligent part of your complex personality composed by numerous parts.

The unconscious mind gives you in your dreams a very clear vision about what influences your behavior and what you have to do in order to control your behavior and know what you are doing. You learn how to prepare the future results you desire with your actions.

First of all, you have to eliminate your evil anti-conscience. You must learn how to be sensitive and always have human feelings. This is basic. Without sensitivity, you are not a human being.

Now you know the philosophy of the unconscious mind. Now you know that the dream producer is a psychiatrist and psychologist who produces your dreams with the intention to help you transform your absurd satanic side into a wise human being.

Therefore, now you can understand why the unconscious mind is always very serious. You also understand that you have to be serious. Dream therapy is a psychological treatment. Only by translating the meaning of your dreams and understanding the origin of your psychological problems this means that you are following psychotherapy. You have to be serious and respect the wise guidance of your unconscious doctor.

So, now you understand the basic meaning of the unconscious logic. You know that all dreams give you a map of your psychological condition.

You also know that there is a big fight inside you: your anti-conscience is constantly trying to destroy your human conscience, while your human conscience is trying to survive and keep being human, besides being influenced by your satanic anti-conscience, and besides living in a world ruled by terror and violence. Your world is a living hell camouflaged by hypocrisy and indifference.

Now you understand that you poor human conscience needs help in order to survive. This is what you find when you translate the meaning of dreams and you understand the wise unconscious messages. You find help and relief. The unconscious mind is your savior.

Today, learning the dream language is very simple, and the advantages you have for knowing the dream language have no limits. You enter into contact with God’s mind. You learn the meaning of life and death. You discover the existence of your spirit. You discover that everything you had learned through your religion when you were a child is true.

Each religion was created by God, and teaches us one side of our complex spiritual reality. This means that your religion surely taught you many things that today you disregard, but that must be respected because they are treasures.

The continuation of Carl Jung’s research by a literature writer who had to become a scientist after discovering the anti-conscience (which Jung couldn’t see with the knowledge he had) shows to the world that God exists and sends us wise messages in dreams because we are insane.

Now you know that you need help in order to save your sanity, while having inherited an absurd anti-conscience and while living in a crazy world where justice is only a game.

The scientific method of dream interpretation creates a bridge between science and religion, proving that all human beings need psychotherapy because we are basically evil. We are too far from mental health and wisdom. This is why the generous unconscious mind sends us dreams with free psychotherapy and wise guidance.

Now you know that you have to transform your wild side into a human being. Then, you have to evolve even more, and attain spiritual perfection.

You only have to learn the meaning of the basic dream symbols in order to understand the basic meaning of all dreams. Since you know the dream logic, you already know the basics.

You should write down all your dreams in a dream journal, and translate their meaning based on the scientific method. Even if you won’t be able to completely understand the meaning of a dream, you will understand the basic unconscious messages by translating the meaning of the dream symbols that will appear in the dream.

Dream translation is a gradual process of enlightenment. When you translate your dreams you put together the pieces of a puzzle, and you gradually discover the image they form. Then, you understand the meaning of the symbolic messages contained in this image.

You’ll discover many treasures in your simple daily dreams. God’s generosity is finally completely understood thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries and thanks to my discoveries after continuing his research, because only now God could give this knowledge to our ignorant population.

Even though many previous civilizations had learned how to translate the meaning of dreams and respected the unconscious guidance, they couldn’t give us explanations and lessons. Fortunately, Carl Jung managed to understand the dream language and the dream logic.

I could continue his research because I obeyed the unconscious guidance in dreams. My discoveries are the result of my complete obedience to the unconscious wisdom, after recognizing my absurdity and my incapacity to decide what to do without guidance.

I was cured and transformed into a wise human being, while I was almost as schizophrenic as my father when I started following dream therapy. I continued Carl Jung’s research, simplifying his complicated method of dream interpretation by translating numerous dreams for many people for two decades. My work is the result of a very arduous and long research with practical value. The unconscious mind demanded a lot from me, while guiding me all the time.

Today you have the answers to all mysteries. The knowledge given to you thanks to dream translation puts an end to your suffering, helping you attain wisdom and find authentic happiness. Carl Jung’s work and my work give you the key of knowledge. This key opens a new horizon before your eyes. This horizon shows you another dimension of your reality. Only now can you finally have a universal vision and understand everything about your reality.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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