The Real Meaning of Dreams and Their Basic Importance

Meaning of DreamsThe meaning of dreams was distorted by so many impostors for so many years until today that nobody believes that our dreams can give us trustful information about anything. Most people believe that learning the meaning of dreams is like guessing the future based on suppositions.

The scientific dream translations are totally different from all suppositions because they are based on arduous research. Carl Jung discovered the meaning of the symbolic dream language after comparing numerous dreams to images that had a symbolic meaning for all the civilizations of the world. I managed to simplify his complicated method of dream interpretation because I had to cure numerous people through dream therapy since 1990, and they had no time for treatment.

My simplifications are based on real necessities, and also based on real research. I understood how to discover the meaning of all dream symbols after continuing Carl Jung’s research and discovering the anti-conscience, the wild side of the human conscience. This discovery helped me understand how to find out the meaning of any dream image without wasting time.

My discoveries are so spectacular, even though I was so young and ignorant when I learned how to translate the meaning of dreams according to Carl Jung’s method, because I was enlightened by the divine unconscious mind.

This is why I’m giving you lessons. My work is not based on opinions and suppositions, but on real discoveries after arduous research, while I was obeying the unconscious guidance.

Your dreams protect your mental health. You have inherited absurdity and evilness into the biggest part of your brain, which remains in a primitive condition. The wild side of your conscience (anti-conscience) is a true demon, which must be transformed into human being thanks to your sensibility and sensitivity.

You are helped by the divine unconscious mind in your dreams. You have information about what your anti-conscience is doing. This way, you can avoid its traps, and control your behavior. You, the human being concentrated into the human side of your brain must tame the wild monster you come from, and transform this beast into a wise human being.

This is a difficult mission. Your anti-conscience is strong and evil like a shark. You have to fight its absurdity like a hero.

The basic importance of dreams is their protective function because you need protection. Your wild side is constantly trying to impose its absurdity to your human conscience. You have to maintain your balance, without paying attention to the absurd suggestions of your anti-conscience.

On the other hand, the unconscious mind is God’s mind, what means that there is a religious side in this informative organ that produces your dreams, giving you information and guidance. The unconscious mind is not an organ that works like a computer, but a superior being.

The dream language has a poetic and philosophical aspect. You must pay attention to your spiritual reality and think about the meaning of your life. The unconscious mind speaks like a wise philosopher, or like a priest.

God’s words try to awaken your sensitivity, and help you show compassion to all human beings, even though you are basically selfish and indifferent to human pain. For example, these words teach you that you must respect your moral principals. Your moral principals protect you from craziness and despair.

However, you live in a hypocritical world ruled by violence, immorality, superficiality, indifference, and greed. You don’t believe that you must be loyal to your moral principals. You also neglect the religious lessons you had. You don’t think that they are important.

The atheistic and materialistic modern civilization makes you despise the ancient knowledge of civilizations that belong to the remote past. You believe that only now humanity has real knowledge, while you are eluded by numerous distortions of the truth and cynical lies.

Your dreams help you attain a higher level of knowledge. You learn how to pay attention to everything at the same time. You learn how to observe all details, and the meaning of each detail. This is how you discover the real truth, behind all camouflages.

To your surprise, you’ll discover that nothing happens by chance on Earth, where many physical laws organize the functioning of our nature. When you know the dream language you understand how the world really works, and what determines the development of the future.

You’ll discover that the confused dream images follow another logic, and that what they present is true. The illogical aspect of dreams stops existing once you understand that your wild personality works in parallel with your human personality because your anti-conscience is not a fossil. It is a primitive and independent conscience that belongs to you, but that works against your conscience because it is absurd and it prefers what is bad.

Therefore, you’ll understand that the scary nightmares that make you wake up in the middle of the night reflect real dangers. They are not bothering you without a reason.

You’ll also understand that violent dream scenes are reflecting the influence of your anti-conscience in your mind and behavior. They are not absurd images, even though you seem to be a balanced person. The violence reflected in your dreams is showing you what can happen to you if you’ll pay attention to the absurd suggestions of your anti-conscience, even though your human conscience condemns what is bad.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

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