Understanding The Relationship Between Mental Health and Religion

Mental Health and ReligionThe most important part of my work has a religious meaning, even though I had to study many scientific works in order to understand the functioning of the human brain, and in order to be able to follow the unconscious guidance in dreams.

After continuing Carl Jung’s research and discovering the sanctity of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams I also studied the religious side of the scientific truth I had discovered.

The fact that we inherit an absurd conscience into the biggest part of our brain proves that we are basically wild creatures. Our mental health is limited and fragile, since it is constantly threatened by the absurdity and the evilness of our wild conscience (anti-conscience).

The unconscious psychotherapy in dreams is based on teaching us the real meaning of goodness. Sound mental health and sanctity are synonyms. Wisdom and sanctity are synonyms too. There is no balance without goodness.

However, goodness is a virtue that has no value in a world of selfish hypocrites. The human race is characterized by evilness and cruelty. Our wars and crimes prove this bitter truth more than anything else. There is no real goodness on Earth, where everyone is an actor.

The religious side of this truth is the fact that if we won’t completely eliminate terror, violence, immorality, poverty, hypocrisy, indifference, and greed from our world we will never find peace. All human beings are hypocrites only because they insist on ignoring this truth.

Everyone on Earth is a big sinner. Nobody tries to attain sanctity.

Sanctity is more than unachievable for selfish, indifferent, and lazy monsters who merely pretend to be human beings. This is why our world is a living hell and justice on Earth is only a game between powers.

Our world works based on absurdity, violence, and indifference. However, everything is camouflaged by superficiality and futility. Everybody tries to escape suffering. Nobody cares about those who live on despair.

The religious side of this truth is that there is no human dignity in our absurd world. All human beings are false, cruel, and extremely selfish.

This is not a surprising truth. However, we tend to disregard its importance because we don’t pay attention to what is bad. We like to ignore what is bad and look for happiness in a living hell.

We are too far from sound mental health. This is why our behavior is absurd and we disregard terror. We accept what is bad.

We cannot understand the meaning of goodness. However, this is our salvation from hell. Only goodness can help us find peace and happiness.

The unconscious mind produces our dreams in order to teach us how to transform our personality and become wise human beings. We learn how to attain sanctity, which is spiritual perfection.

All religions teach us the meaning of goodness. Goodness is medicine. Goodness cures all mental illnesses and also prevents all mental illnesses, protecting our sanity.

If there is goodness in your heart, you don’t kill. You forgive. You understand. You think before acting. You remain silent. You respect others. You understand their pain.

This is why goodness helps you find balance. You don’t create wars. You always save the world.

Goodness gives you a permanent good mood and a humorous disposition. You are always glad because you are happy with what you have.

Goodness is your protection from conspiracies and traps. Goodness is a refuge before all dangers of the world. Goodness is peace.

Goodness is very beautiful, but it is not merely a poem. Goodness is sacrifice, compassion, forgiveness, sincerity, generosity, patience, tolerance, persistence, obedience, and loyalty.

Only goodness can transform you into a mentally healthy human being and help you find authentic happiness based on wisdom. This means that you should desire to become a perfect human being, abandoning the ridiculous ideals of the absurd modern civilization.

You don’t live in order to have fun. You have a very serious mission in life. Don’t waste your time making mistakes. You’ll suffer with their consequences.

You are alive because you must evolve. You must eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience and become a wise, sensitive, honest, generous, and humble human being.

You don’t live in order to feed your ego, even though this is what you believe. Everything you have learned in our crazy world was distorted by everyone’s anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is a demon. Don’t believe in the crazy world.

You are the tiny human being existent in the brain of a huge demon, since the anti-conscience occupies the biggest part of your brain. However you, the weak human being, must tame the huge monster you came from.

The anti-conscience is a sneaky shark that can think. It prepares many traps for your human conscience in order to kill your conscience and control your behavior.

You have the help of your religion in order to learn how to resist all temptations and preserve your mental stability, even if you ignore the scientific side of the truth. You must obey the teachings of your religion and always be loyal to your moral principals if you want to keep your human conscience and eliminate your evil side.

You can be better helped if you’ll study the dream language for a while and you’ll follow the free psychotherapy of the unconscious mind in your dreams. I can translate your dreams for you, but now that I simplified and clarified Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation you can easily learn the dream language yourself and have this knowledge forever.

God speaks through dreams, showing you what the anti-conscience is doing against your conscience, what other people’s anti-conscience is doing against you, besides showing you all the dangers of the world. You’ll feel as if you were a secret agent who could read people’s minds and discover their crimes.

You will seriously work on transforming your wild nature into human nature and never imitate the bad examples of your historical time.

This way, instead of spreading terror, ignoring the desperate and imposing your absurdity to the world, you will attain wisdom, and discover the other side of your reality, under the surface of the hypocritical world. You will acquire a third eye, what means that you’ll be able to see what is inside a human being’s brain and heart.

The knowledge you acquire through dream translation has no limits. The divine unconscious mind answers all your questions in dreams, helping you understand your reality.

The answers you have always make you think. The unconscious mind is not a mathematician who gives you the result of a certain process. The unconscious mind shows you the truth in the dream images. Then, you (the human being existent into the human side of your conscience) must think and conclude what you have to do.

The divine unconscious mind shows you many things you ignore. You learn why everything happens the way it does and how the world really functions, behind the curtains of hypocrisy. Then, you have to conclude what to do.

Your own intelligence must increase. You have to understand what you have to do instead of obeying the unconscious guidance without evolving. You must discover the solution for your problems, after seeing the entire truth, and after discovering many facts you ignored.

If your conclusion is right, you’ll have a positive dream. The unconscious mind will confirm your decision and show you that you really found the best way to solve a certain problem. If your conclusion is not the right one, you’ll have dreams that will help you correct your mistakes and understand what to do.

The divine unconscious mind works like a teacher and a doctor, who helps you evolve. You have to discover the right solutions yourself, after seeing the truth. However, God helps you find the truth by giving you many clues.

If you’ll precisely follow the divine guidance in dreams you will surely triumph and attain all goals. You’ll have mental and physical health. You’ll be a calm and self-confident human being. You will also purify your spirit and eliminate all false impressions and absurd conclusions from your brain.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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