God’s Words in Dreams – Dream Translation Based on Carl Jung’s Method

imagesCA90TJOGCarl Jung discovered the real meaning of dreams, and I discovered the meaning of life and the meaning of death after continuing his research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation.

I discovered that all mental illnesses and physical diseases can be cured thanks to the unconscious guidance.

God miraculously eliminates microbes and physical deficiencies, which seem to be impossible to be cured.

What really matters in life is your attitude. You have to eliminate the absurdity and the evilness you have inherited into your anti-conscience, which is your wild conscience that didn’t evolve like your human conscience.

God is very powerful. However, He cannot put an end to terror and violence on Earth. He needs your cooperation. You must accept to pass through a process of psychological transformation that also works like spiritual purification, so that you may become a wise human being. This is what God demands from you in order to give you perfect mental and physical health.

You have to become a wise human being in order to save your life and find happiness, but especially because you have the moral obligation to help God put an end to terror and violence thanks to your work and your example. If you want to be cured, no matter from what physical or mental illness you may suffer, you can find salvation if you’ll obey the unconscious guidance in your dreams.

The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung helps you understand God’s words in dreams. I simplified, clarified, and perfected his method. Today you can immediately understand the meaning of all dreams by exchanging dream images with words.

God speaks with images. Each image has a meaning by itself, and a meaning given by the dream story, but based on the unconscious logic, and not on the logic of your conscience.

Let me give you an example. Let’s suppose you dreamt that:

You were in the kitchen, when you received a phone call from your mother. She told you to prepare meat for dinner.

If you’ll examine what happened in this dream based on the logic of your human conscience you will believe that this dream was merely describing something that happens in your daily life and nothing else. However, if you know the meaning of the dream symbols and the unconscious logic you will verify that this dream is an important warning.

I will translate it for you, so that you may understand the unconscious messages contained in this dream scene, which seems to be part of your daily routine.

Dream Translation:

You were in the kitchen,

The kitchen in dreams represents the place where you prepare your actions. The food you cook represents your actions. This means that your behavior in the future depends on the food you cook.

If you’ll cook peace, you will receive goodness. In other words, if you’ll prepare your actions by respecting the importance of peace and by preserving peace, you will be rewarded because you will for example be helped by someone. Something good will happen to you.

Other times you may cook peace (when for example, you prepare salads) but other people have negative reactions. The food you prepare represents your actions, but the result of your actions depends on numerous other factors.

when you received a phone call from your mother.

The telephone in dreams represents a possibility. It is an alternative, which you have at your disposal.

Your mother in dreams has a negative meaning. She represents your primitive conscience, the anti-conscience, which has satanic characteristics because it is violent and absurd.

The fact that your mother used a possibility to influence your decisions while you were preparing your actions indicates that your anti-conscience is influencing your decisions.

She told you to prepare meat for dinner.

The food you cook represents your actions.

Meat in dreams represents violence.

When you cook meat in dreams, this means that you are preparing your actions based on violence. This is negative. You must be tolerant and show compassion to all human beings.

As you can see, the translation of the symbolic meaning of this simple dream scene is very important, while this image seems to merely reflect a fact that belongs to your daily life. This dream image and the dream story give you important messages.

The divine unconscious mind uses scenes that belong to your daily life in order to give you information and guidance in a secret form. Your evil anti-conscience must not learn the unconscious guidance before your conscience does. You have to learn the meaning of the dream language based on Carl Jung’s discoveries and on my discoveries after continuing his research, so that you may understand the symbolic language of the unconscious mind.

I discovered the evil anti-conscience after discovering the sanctity of the unconscious mind, which Jung couldn’t perceive because God is demanding. He is a psychiatrist. He is also a spiritual guide. He cannot let you be controlled by your evil anti-conscience.

You have to stop being selfish and lazy. This is not easy.

You have to stop insisting on your absurd ideas. This is not acceptable by your ego.

You have to forget your ridiculous ego. This is something that you won’t be able to accept.

The divine guidance may be unpleasant for you in the beginning. You won’t like to verify that you make numerous mistakes and you must transform your personality. So, you won’t be able to perceive God’s sanctity . You will understand that the unconscious lessons are saving your life only after verifying the results of your psychotherapy.

If you already know that you are making mistakes and that you need help, the unconscious messages in dreams will give you relief, and you’ll easily be cured, you’ll solve your problems, and everything will be better for you.

Remember what I told you from the beginning: everything depends on your attitude. You have to seriously desire to become a good person. This is the key.

The unconscious mind gives you many explanations and lessons in dreams. You are truly guided.

If the unconscious mind was not so generous, I wouldn’t be able to continue Carl Jung’s research. My work is based on my obedience, my devotion, and my patience. My extraordinary discoveries where not really discovered by me. They were given to me by the unconscious mind. I was guided during my research, during the fight against craziness, and when I started writing my books about the meaning of dreams and their healing power.

I had the initial intention to prove to the world that only Carl Jung could discover the real meaning of dreams because only his method helps you understand the unconscious messages, which contain real wisdom that works like medicine. However, my work was more important than what I had imagined in the beginning of my research.

My work proves God’s existence to the atheistic world. My work also proves that all human beings must obey God’s guidance in dreams because we have inherited a satanic anti-conscience, and our human conscience must be developed. We need psychotherapy.

The human race is characterized by absurdity. This is why there are wars, crimes, poverty, and numerous horrors in our world. We are crazy creatures.

If you want to save yourself and your family, you have to transform your personality and become a perfect human being. You’ll have perfect health, and you will help God put an end to terror and violence thanks to your wisdom.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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