What is Homosexuality? Should We Accept Homosexual Relationships?

HomosexualityToday I will write an answer to the attitude of the president Obama, who believes that we must transform homosexuality into a legally acceptable phenomenon.

I’m Brazilian and Greek (because my parents are Greek) but I’m working online for years. Thus, I feel I’m somehow living in the US for being in contact with many Americans online. This is why the attitude of the president of the United States is important for me.

I was glad with his existence only because he is a black president in a racist country, even though I never cared about his political views.

I hate politics. I believe that our world should be ruled by the people. I liked president Obama only because I love black people and I was hoping that he would do something in order to put an end to the discrimination against blacks in his country.

However, he didn’t care about this matter. He doesn’t need votes from the black part of the population. He knows that he already has these votes.

This is why president Obama cared about pleasing another part of the population. This alternative would probably be very advantageous for him. I cannot believe that he had the intention to give his support to all homosexuals because he is a good person and he believes that homosexuals must have the right to get married. His intention to legally accept homosexuality is quite suspicious.

Homosexuality is a mental disorder, which causes numerous psychological and social problems. President Obama didn’t consider the dangerous effects of the unconditional acceptance of homosexual couples in our community.

What will happen to our children?

Should they live in a society where the mentally ill will be free to influence their decisions?

Our world already is a living hell where many horrors are threatening the mental stability of the new generations, besides influencing all adults. However, children are more sensitive and ignorant than adults. They imitate the behavior of those who are around them. This is why the acceptance of homosexuality as if it was a ‘normal’ condition is extremely dangerous for the world population, which will surely be influenced by the American philosophy of life.

I respect all homosexuals because they are human beings like everyone else. However, I cannot agree with their absurdity. I know that they are victims of their wild conscience. I know that they are mentally ill and they must pass through psychotherapy so that they may get rid of the control of their anti-conscience, which is the wild side of their conscience.

I can prove my statements with numerous details and true examples of homosexual patients who submit their dreams for a professional dream translation and psychotherapy.

Homosexuality is a mental illness caused by a trauma during the individual’s childhood. Homosexuality can be cured through dream translation according to the scientific method of dream interpretation, which was discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me, who continued his research.

Of course, I cannot publicly expose my patients. The dream therapy I provide online is private. However, I can treat other homosexual patients who will accept to let others follow their treatment in order to prove to the world that homosexuality is a mental illness caused by the anti-conscience when the individual has a traumatic experience during his/her childhood.

Homosexuality is caused by the invasion of the individual’s anti-conscience into his/her human conscience when he has a traumatic experience with the opposite sex.

The anti-conscience is our primitive conscience, which is still working in parallel with our conscience. It is not a fossil.

The thoughts and the feelings imposed by the anti-conscience to the homosexual individual’s conscience are based on immorality. Immorality and craziness are in fact synonyms.

Homosexuality is an immoral absurd tendency generated by the absurdity of the individual’s anti-conscience, which wants to get revenge from the opposite sex.

After having a traumatic experience generated by the opposite sex, a homosexual individual despises those who belong to the opposite sex, and this is why he/she prefers having abnormal sexual relationships with individuals who belong to their gender. This is a violent self-defensive reaction that has the main intention to humiliate the opposite sex.

The immorality contained in homosexual relationships is clearly visible when we analyze the dreams of homosexual individuals. We verify all the distortions caused by the anger they feel against the opposite sex, even when they cannot consciously admit that they are revolted with the opposite sex.

While normal sexual relationships are healthy and blessed because they represent a total union between a couple, which goes beyond the material dimension, especially because these relationships bring children to a new family, abnormal sexual relationships with individuals of the same sex is not based on a spiritual connection between the couple. It is merely a carnal connection.

The pleasure felt by homosexuals with their abnormal sexual relationships with members of the same gender is generated by the absurdity of their anti-conscience, which has a satanic nature.

The anti-conscience is a true demon. We have to eliminate this dangerous content through dream therapy.

Since everyone inherits an absurd primitive conscience in their brain, everyone needs psychotherapy, not only homosexual individuals. The anti-conscience generates numerous psychological problems to all individuals. These problems vary, depending on each one’s psychological condition, depending on their personality, on their life experiences, and many other factors.

If you are a homosexual, you should write down your dreams in a dream journal and translate their meaning according to the scientific method. The divine unconscious mind that produces your dreams will purify your spirit, after completely eliminating your poisonous anti-conscience through consciousness.

I can immediately translate your dreams for you and provide you with psychotherapy if you have no time or conditions to study the dream language. You can also study my dynamic method of instant dream translation (derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation) and have this knowledge for life. Today, learning the dream language according to the right method (which accurately translates the unconscious messages) is not a problem.

You’ll stop feeling disgusted with the opposite sex, and begin a new life, free from the burden of the past. The unconscious mind makes miracles because it is God’s mind.

The unconscious wisdom will organize your psychological system and give you relief. You’ll find a new perspective on life, and the courage you need in order to follow a totally different journey.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Learn more at: http://www.scientificdreaminterpretation.com

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Dream Therapy

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  • verberat says:

    There is nothing wrong with encouraging full acceptance of homosexuality and bisexuality in society. It certainly won’t hurt anyone. It should be seen as normal and equal to heterosexuality, because it is! A huge benefit to society is that same-sex couples can adopt babies to give them a loving home and family.

  • admin says:

    Would you like to see your daughter being seduced by a lesbian, or your son being seduced by a gay?

    Why should our society be contaminated by the mentally ill?

    Wouldn’t it be much better if the mentally ill would be cured?


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