What Are Nightmares? How Can A Nightmare Reflect Your Mental Condition?

NightmareAll dreams are produced by the wise unconscious mind that works like a natural doctor. This means that all dreams contain precious messages. The impression that dreams have no meaning or that they reflect our emotions and fears is false. The impression that dreams are wish fulfilments is the result of Sigmund Freud’s erroneous conclusions.

Dreams are the words of the divine unconscious mind; they are not produced by the dreamer’s brain. All dreams basically reflect your mental condition, helping you preserve your human conscience.

Only Carl Jung managed to decipher the mysterious meaning of the symbolic dream language as I prove in my work numerous times, through many different ways. Everyone must learn his method of dream interpretation and discover the unconscious messages in their dreams.

Now that I continued Jung’s research and I simplified his method, you can easily learn the dream language and understand the unconscious guidance.

All dreams contain precious messages that protect your mental health. The unconscious mind works like a psychiatrist and psychologist because you have inherited absurdity into the biggest part of your brain, which remains in a primitive condition (anti-conscience).

Nightmares are serious warnings that indicate the invasion of your anti-conscience into your human conscience. This means that your conscience starts listening to your anti-conscience’s voice.

However, your evil anti-conscience imitates your voice, since it belongs to the same brain, and you cannot differentiate its thoughts from your own thoughts. All mental illnesses are generated by the anti-conscience when its absurdity invades your conscience. A nightmare clearly reflects this dangerous invasion.

You are basically an under-developed primate who has a satanic anti-conscience and a tiny human conscience that must be developed through consciousness. Whenever your tiny human conscience is invaded by the absurd and evil content you have inherited into your anti-conscience, you are in a dangerous position.

The unconscious mind shows you in your dreams what your anti-conscience is doing against your conscience, so that you may defend your sensibility and your sensitivity from its sneaky attacks. The anti-conscience’s attacks begin with the emission of numerous absurd thoughts about all matters.

If you ego will follow one of these thoughts, you will gradually lose your capacity to think logically and your contact with the external reality. This is how you’ll become mentally ill.

Your ego is idiotic because it is basically selfish and it has absurd desires. However, your ego is the center of your human conscience. This means that it controls your behavior when your conscience is strong.

If you’ll pay attention to your anti-conscience’s absurdity, your conscience will be gradually destroyed and your ego won’t be able to control your behavior. You should follow the wise guidance of the unconscious mind in your dreams so that you may preserve your mental stability and control your behavior, instead of being a puppet of your anti-conscience.

The divine unconscious mind is your natural protector. This means that you can trust the unconscious messages. You can truly believe in the meaning of dreams when you translate them according to the scientific method of dream interpretation, which accurately translates the unconscious words.

A nightmare is a serious warning, which basically indicates that your ego is listening to one of the anti-conscience’s thoughts. One absurd thought is enough to make you completely lose your fragile human conscience.

The invasion of craziness in your mind is a gradual and imperceptible process that you cannot understand. You need the unconscious guidance in your dreams in order to escape your anti-conscience’s invisible traps.

A nightmare is a warning sign of danger, which indicates that you are making a serious mistake. This mistake is facilitating your evil anti-conscience, which is persuading your conscience to follow its absurd thoughts.

When you are depressed or revolted for some reason, your anti-conscience takes advantage of this situation and sends you many absurd suggestions, which appear in a camouflaged form. They seem to be smart solutions for your problems, while they are in fact hidden traps. Since you are upset and you are looking for solutions, you’ll tend to pay attention to your anti-conscience’s absurd suggestions, believing that these suggestions are ‘your own ideas’.

You represent the human being contained into your human conscience. In other words, you are a human being existent in the brain of a demon. You must tame the demon you came from and transform it into a human being like you. The saintly unconscious mind helps you attain this goal.

However, if you’ll listen to one of your anti-conscience’s absurd thoughts and you’ll keep following its reasoning, you will end up on despair. A nightmare is a serious warning that tries to prevent this misfortune.

You must pay attention to the unconscious guidance in your dreams in order to control your mind and behavior, and in order to transform your anti-conscience into a positive content that will belong to your conscience.

You will stop having nightmares and bad dreams that make you feel uncomfortable once you stop making serious mistakes. Then, the unconscious mind will send you interesting and peaceful dreams that will help you become more intelligent and sensitive.

When you are not in danger, you don’t need to be alarmed by the unconscious warnings. The unconscious mind has the chance to give you important lessons that help you evolve.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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