The Truth About The Meaning of Life, The Meaning of Death, and The Meaning of Dreams

Meaning of DeathI already gave you many lessons about the scientific aspect of dream translation based on the method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, which I greatly simplified and clarified for you, after continuing his research. Now I will give you lessons about the meaning of life, the meaning of death, and the meaning of dreams.

I will teach you the religious and spiritual importance of the meaning of dreams, which is related to the meaning of your short life on Earth, and to the meaning of the long time during which you’ll be dead.

Even though you completely disregard the existence of your spirit and you even avoid talking about this matter or learning more about it, I must inform you that this is the most important matter of your life, and especially the most important matter of your existence after death.

The divine grace reached the worst sinner of our living hell and this sinner accepted to obey God’s guidance in dreams, after recognizing her absurdity, her evilness, and her ignorance. This was a miracle that God was trying to make from the time He created our planet in order to transform our satanic anti-conscience into a human conscience, like the tiny human conscience we receive from God when we are born.

I was the worst sinner of the world. I can prove this fact because my neurosis already had the characteristics of schizophrenia when I learned how to accurately translate the meaning of dreams according to Carl Jung’s method.

I don’t think you doubt that I was a terrible sinner. Most people in our world are terrible sinners. This is a known truth. However, everybody is indifferent to this bitter truth.

I discovered that everybody is in a very dangerous situation. There is a hell waiting for all terrible sinners after death. God doesn’t let any sinner stop suffering before learning how to be good.

If you want to escape from the eternal hell of hatred and revenge, you must learn how to respect others without being selfish and lazy. You also must learn how to forgive your enemies, how to love your enemies, and how to save your enemies from eternal hell.

God is very demanding because the biggest part of your brain is satanic. This means that you are more a demon than a human being. Your tiny human conscience is only a spot.

I’m sure you prefer to ignore this warning, thinking that the spirit doesn’t exist and you don’t believe in such things.

However, I have the moral obligation to teach you the religious importance of my discoveries, after continuing Carl Jung’s scientific research, and after discovering how to cure all mental illnesses by obeying the unconscious guidance in dreams.

This was only the first part of my arduous mission. I didn’t continue Carl Jung’s work only in order to show you how you can prevent or cure a mental illness through dream translation. The real importance of my discoveries surpasses your imagination uncountable miles. My real mission is to put an end to terror and violence on Earth.

God needed my example. This is why He prepared me to accept carrying a very heavy cross. He had to transform one of the worst sinners of this world into a wise human being in order to prove to the world that the human being is Satan himself.

We must obey God’s guidance in order to be transformed into real human beings.

I had an extraordinary literary talent, which was inspired by the unconscious wisdom. My literary talent helped me recognize my ignorance, my evilness, and my absurdity when I discovered that I was almost as schizophrenic as my father. I discovered this shocking truth when I was 28-years-old by translating the meaning of my dreams, and by relating this information to the translation of the symbolic meaning of the literary book I started writing after suffering from a tragic car accident, when I was 15-years-old.

In order to accept obeying the divine unconscious guidance instead of doing what my absurd conscience desired, I had to learn the truth about what happens with our spirit after death. This is why the first lesson I had when I discovered the sanctity of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams was the fact that there is a hell for all sinners.

This is a truth that many religions teach to the world, but most people don’t believe in religious teachings. Now these people will have to believe in this unpleasant and shocking truth because my work gives scientific explanations to all mysteries.

I had to accept staying far away from the man I loved because I was married to another man, and he was married to another woman. The divine unconscious mind obliged me to respect the teachings of my religion and refuse the practice of adultery.

I refused obeying this guidance, even though I accepted the unconscious guidance in many other matters, especially concerning my scientific research. I couldn’t live without this man. I adored him.

His marriage had no meaning. He was not happy. My marriage had no meaning too. I made a big mistake for getting married to a man I didn’t love. Why shouldn’t I be happy with the man I loved? He loved me too. I could feel his love.

However, God told me that He didn’t really expect to see a better reaction from me. I was a terrible monster. I was totally indifferent to the fact that this man’s children had my age, and that they would surely hate me for stealing their father. They would hate seeing me with their father. They would prefer to kill me, the same way that his wife would surely desire to kill me.

They were very rich and powerful people. I was nobody, and I had nothing.

My son would hate me too. He was only 4-years-old at the time, but he would grow up and understand that I had betrayed his father because I fell in love with his best customer. My son would never forgive me.

I had to feel ashamed for my sin. I didn’t have the right to put my happiness before the happiness of the children of the man I was in love with, and before the happiness of my child. I should be a conscious mother and respect my moral principals.

I had to obey this guidance without objections. There was no alternative for me. If I wouldn’t obey God’s guidance, I would become schizophrenic like my father and live on despair. I would also pay for my sins in an eternal hell after death.

I accepted obeying God’s guidance because I was afraid of everything.

God demanded a lot more from me. I had to cure numerous people through dream therapy for two decades without payment before being allowed to publish my work. However, I was not only a doctor for them. I had to be a nun, and give them all my support, abandoning my obligations in order to help them at any time of the day. I also had to spend money, and give them money in order to help them in every way I could.

I had to learn how to be an angel by saving many people from despair.

I believe that you can understand that since I was a monster, I totally disagreed with God’s guidance. I hated my mission, I hated the necessity to transform my personality, I couldn’t forgive God because He made me abandon the man I loved, and I hated my own existence.

I obeyed God’s guidance against my will, only because I recognized that I was absurd, ignorant, and evil.

I also understood that I couldn’t abandon God. He had prepared me for this mission and He depended on me. I had to be a hero and transform my personality because He had suffered very much in order to transform a monster like me into someone who would be able to understand her own absurdity, and agree on obeying His guidance.

I had to be transformed into a saintly and wise human being, even though I was a selfish, lazy, indifferent, and cruel creature. My transformation was very important for God, not only for myself.

I didn’t deserve God’s mercy. I was chosen because God needed an example. Anyone could be in my place. I was not special in any way. I was merely prepared to understand the truth, and accept carrying the necessary cross.

My work creates a bridge between God and the human being. Since God exists and He speaks through dreams when you learn the dream language (a truth that you can easily verify by yourself), this means that you have a spirit and that nothing ends on Earth.

I ignore many details about this obscure matter, but I understood the essential: if you want to save your spirit from eternal suffering you must learn how to be a good person while you are alive. You have to transform your satanic anti-conscience into a wise human being. This is your mission during your ephemeral existence as a rational animal in our hostile planet.

If you believe that a selfish, lazy, and impatient creature like me would ever agree on precisely obeying God’s guidance, you believe in illusions. My obedience was a true miracle.

God Himself couldn’t believe that a monster like me accepted to learn how to be humble and how to respect others.

God was trying to make this miracle during billions of years, without positive results. My case is an extraordinary exception. I represent God’s victory over Satan.

My example was very important because I was too absurd. If a monster like me would understand the truth and accept obeying the unconscious guidance, this means that everyone would follow my example and find salvation.

My old Brazilian friends couldn’t believe that a selfish, lazy, and demanding creature like me decided to attain sanctity . This was a big surprise for them.

My human conscience was practically totally destroyed when I discovered the truth about the satanic origin of the human conscience, the existence of God, and the existence of the spirit through dream translation. I was more than too far from sanctity.

However, I was very intelligent, even though my neurosis had transformed me into an idiotic creature. I still had some intelligence. My intelligence helped me understand that I had to be a hero. Otherwise, I would find a terrible hell after death, besides having to face a living hell on Earth. I would have many enemies if I would do what my conscience desired. Nobody would let me be happy with the man I loved.

I understood that I really deserved to suffer in order to have many important behavioral lessons. I had no doubt that I was a monster and that I had a lot to learn. God clearly showed me this truth.

I accepted to obey God’s guidance because I was afraid of the hell I would find after death. It was better to suffer on Earth in order to transform my personality and learn how to be saintly and wise, than to suffer somewhere else (who knows how or for how long) in order to pay for numerous mistakes and horrible sins.

I advise you to follow my example, even if you don’t believe in the existence of the spirit and on life after death.

Don’t waste your time looking for material pleasures and feeding your insatiable ego. You’ll live better on Earth after transforming your personality, even though in the beginning you’ll have to suffer because you’ll have to stop being selfish and indifferent to the human pain.

God’s wrath before all sinners is as infinite as His mercy before those who regret and change their attitude.

God’s sanctity is eternal goodness, patience, forgiveness, and compassion only for those who regret and learn how to be wise. God never forgives those who spread terror and suffering on Earth because they have to be cured, and they have to stop causing damages.

God is a very demanding doctor. If you won’t get rid of the craziness you have inherited in your brain, you’ll never find peace.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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