The Psychotherapy of The Unconscious Mind in Your Dreams and Your Mission

Dream TherapyThe best psychotherapy you can find is the natural treatment of the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams. You only have to:

* Learn the meaning of the dream language according to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, which is the only right one. His method helps you understand the hidden unconscious messages in dreams.

The dream language becomes simple when you follow the dream logic. I teach you everything you need to know. This part is simple.

* Obey the unconscious mind.

The unconscious mind is God’s mind. This is why you can trust the guidance you have in dream messages.

God exists. We indispensably need his existence for many reasons. This is a truth already scientifically proved numerous times, but the atheistic and materialistic modern civilization doesn’t let you pay attention to many facts.

When you’ll learn the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation you will simply verify by yourself that the unconscious mind has a divine origin. Many atheists have changed their mind after following dream therapy.

Some people dislike the relationship between science and religion. They dislike religion so much that they don’t want to understand that all religions work like psychotherapy.

Dream therapy is the best treatment you can find on Earth exactly because it comes from God, and not from ignorant human minds. The divine unconscious mind knows how to cure a mental illness and how to help you eliminate your satanic anti-conscience, which is your idiotic primitive conscience. This part of your brain works against your conscience, trying to eliminate your capacity to think logically.

The biggest part of your brain belongs to your anti-conscience, which didn’t evolve like the human side of your conscience. The unconscious mind works like a psychotherapist who saves your sanity by giving you information and guidance in dreams.

However, you are lazy. You don’t want to attain perfection.

You have to be humble and understand that the divine unconscious mind is protecting your peace of mind. You cannot find happiness in life if you act like an animal. You must develop your intelligence, and become more sensitive.

The divine unconscious mind demands perfection, purity, generosity, and a lot more from you. The impression that God forgives your sins because of His goodness is totally wrong.

God doesn’t forgive any sinner before seeing that he or she stopped doing what was bad. God doesn’t close His eyes before any sin. This means that the unconscious mind is a demanding psychotherapist.

However, the unconscious psychotherapy is perfect.

If you are intelligent you will understand that you make so many mistakes in life that God must urgently save your sanity before it is too late. This is why He demands so much from you.

You have to become a better person, until you’ll attain sanctity. This is your mission in life, even though you ignore this fact.

You probably disagree that this should be the purpose of your life. Of course, the truth cannot please under-developed primates.

You want to live your life without having to care about anything. You want to have fun, rest, and dance.

However, you have to work and transform your personality if you want to save your sanity and find authentic happiness in life. The unconscious mind is your savior.

You should be grateful for being protected and corrected. Without superior guidance you would merely repeat the sins of the human race, without evolving and without finding peace. Thanks to the unconscious wisdom you have the chance to follow a different path and escape suffering because of the consequences of numerous mistakes and sins.

You may need to suffer in order to become a better person, but this suffering will surely become a big victory when you’ll achieve this goal. After transforming your personality and becoming wise, you won’t need to be corrected. Thus, you’ll be able to live peacefully and happily, without fearing unexpected problems and dangerous situations.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

If you are in a difficult situation, you can send your dreams to me for a professional dream translation and psychotherapy. I will help you solve your problems thanks to the unconscious guidance in your dreams.

After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to Submit your Dreams

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