Why Are Dreams So Mysterious? A Scientific Explanation

Mysterious DreamDreams are mysterious and incomprehensible to your conscience because you have inherited a wild conscience, the anti-conscience, which is your primitive conscience. Your anti-conscience can see the content of your human conscience because it occupies the biggest part of your brain.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams has a divine origin and works like a natural doctor. It sends important messages to your human conscience in all dream images in order to protect your sanity.

These messages must be secret because your anti-conscience must not understand their meaning before your human conscience does. Otherwise, your evil anti-conscience would distort the unconscious messages and you wouldn’t have any protection against the absurdity of your wild side.

The dream language is extremely complicated. Only Carl Jung could discover the mysterious meaning of dreams after making an arduous research, as I prove in my work. I continued his research, discovering the anti-conscience that he couldn’t see, and clarifying all mysteries.

Many people cannot believe that the meaning of dreams is so important, or that I’m able to cure all mental illnesses through dream translation because I didn’t study psychiatry and psychology in a university of our historical time. I studied the unconscious lessons, which are far superior from the lessons of ignorant human beings.

The unconscious mind knows everything.

I also had to cure numerous people from various mental illnesses through dream therapy for 19 years before publishing my work.

It’s really unbelievable that an ignorant woman like me could accomplish so much, if we will consider the fact that dream translation is a complex psychotherapeutical method, and if we will consider the fact that mental illnesses are invincible. This is why today’s psychiatrists cannot cure severe mental illnesses, or even depression.

We must also pay attention to the fact that the dream language is incomprehensible. It was very difficult for me to understand the meaning of dreams and yet, surpass my teacher, Carl Jung.

I could continue his research and discover the anti-conscience only because I precisely obeyed the unconscious guidance. An ignorant woman like me would never be able to continue the dangerous scientific research of a psychiatrist without superior guidance.

My victory proves the superiority of the unconscious teachings. I was prepared, enlightened, and helped to achieve this goal from the beginning of my life, even though I ignored my mission. This is why I could understand the meaning of dreams better than Jung, and give you clear explanations about your mental health.

I sacrificed two decades of my life curing invincible mental illnesses without payment, and simplifying Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation without knowing when I would finally complete my work. This is why I can give you explanations that you wouldn’t find if you’d depend on the studies of today’s scientists, who are more concerned about their position and their privileges than about finding out the truth.

My explanations are not pleasant because I show you the bitter truth as it is, without feeding your ego. Lies are pleasant, but they are very dangerous. Only the truth can help you find balance.

The truth is that your dreams are mysterious not only because the unconscious mind must hide the precious information it sends to your human conscience from your evil and absurd anti-conscience. Your dreams are mysterious also because you don’t accept the unconscious criticism.

You are the human being concentrated into the human side of your conscience, but you are evil too, even though your wickedness is not as terrible as the evilness that characterizes your anti-conscience. You are too proud of yourself, and you don’t want to admit your mistakes.

The unconscious mind must show you what you have to do in order to escape your anti-conscience’s traps in a diplomatic way. Otherwise, a lazy, selfish, and indifferent creature like you wouldn’t accept obeying the unconscious guidance.

The divine unconscious mind suffers trying to convince you to respect your moral principals and accept sacrifices in order to preserve peace in your environment. However, you tend to agree with your absurd and evil anti-conscience because you like what is bad.

Your human conscience is under-developed and one-sided. It works based on only one psychological function, instead of using your four psychological functions (thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition). On the other hand, you are either introverted or extroverted, what means that your attitude is predetermined by your psychological type. You don’t have a global vision of your reality.

In order to develop all your psychological functions and use all of your brain power, you must transform your wild conscience into a positive component of your human conscience through consciousness. This means that you have to agree with the divine unconscious mind that saves your sanity, instead of preferring the sneaky solutions suggested by your anti-conscience when you are in trouble.

The mysterious dream language makes you follow the unconscious logic, instead of being selfish. It makes you think differently. The dream language also awakens your sensitivity. You must show compassion to all human beings instead of hating your enemies. You must feel sorry for those who are suffering, instead of being indifferent to their pain.

The unconscious mind helps you eliminate the absurdity and the evilness of your anti-conscience based on your cooperation. Only if you’ll prefer what is positive, will you find salvation.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Learn more at: http://www.scientificdreaminterpretation.com

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Dream Therapy

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