What is Consciousness? An Irreversible Process

imagesCAU7CHOJConsciousness is your capacity to understand your reality and the meaning of what you are analyzing. For example, when you think about your life you acquire consciousness because you understand that you made certain mistakes. This means that you know that you shouldn’t do something you did because it caused a problem.

Consciousness is an irreversible process because it cannot be turned back or annulated. Once you acquire consciousness of something, you will have this knowledge forever.

Therefore, since now you understood that you made a mistake because you lied in a certain circumstance, you cannot ignore this fact. Now you cannot give excuses to yourself and think that what you said was not harmful.

You know that you shouldn’t have lied in a past circumstance because you understood that your lie generated a problem. Now you cannot ignore your guilt.

Consciousness is usually a painful process because you understand what is negative in your life. You pay attention to many things that you didn’t want to realize.

When you acquire consciousness of something, this means that you are enlightened by the truth. You suddenly see something that you couldn’t see before.

For example, you thought that it would be a good idea to lie about your salary and pretend that you make a lot of money because you wanted to influence your audience. However, now you understand that you will have to support your declaration and prove to the world that you are rich, while this is not true. You hardly can live with the money you make.

Everyone you wanted to impress will understand that you were lying because you cannot spend too much. Now they will despise you even more than they would if they would learn from the beginning that you are not a financially independent person.

Now, how can you correct this mistake?

Everyone will understand that you were lying. You don’t wear nice clothes, you don’t have a new car, and you owe money to many banks. How will you pretend to be a rich person? You won’t be able to show to those you wanted to impress that you are indifferent to all the expenses you may have.

This lie was a big mistake. Now that you have acquired consciousness of this matter, you cannot simply forget it. What can you do? You can you become rich in 24 hours?

When you think about this problem you understand that it’s a problem that the biggest part of the world population has, but nobody is able to solve it because making money is very difficult. You feel ridiculous.

Now you cannot simply ignore your mistake and pretend that everything is fine. Consciousness is an irreversible process. Now you need an urgent solution. Otherwise, you cannot bear your existence.

How will you face these people now that you know that they will surely understand that you were lying?

You want to die.

As you can see, consciousness is a very dangerous process. It makes you understand everything you had disregarded in the past. It makes you perceive everything you had simply ignored because it was convenient to believe that your reality could be the way you had imagined. Now you understand how foolish you were.

Consciousness is so dangerous that it generates craziness. This is why the biggest part of the human conscience is absurd. The first live conscience became crazy because it couldn’t find solutions to numerous problems after acquiring consciousness of their existence. I discovered this bitter truth after continuing Carl Jung’s research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation.

We inherit an absurd wild conscience that didn’t evolve like the human side of our conscience because it refuses to evolve. The evolution of a rational brain through consciousness is a very painful process when this brain cannot find salvation.

This is why most people have a negative attitude before acquiring consciousness. They don’t want to face the truth. This attitude is a result of the influence of their wild conscience (anti-conscience) in their mind and behavior.

These people believe that it is better to simply ignore what is unpleasant than to acquire consciousness of their mistakes because they are afraid to recognize their absurdity. They prefer to close their eyes before what is bad, believing that this way they can avoid feeling sad.

However, this is a dangerous attitude. Everything that is bad causes problems, in a way or another (sooner or later). You cannot simply ignore what is bad without facing the negative consequences of what is problematic.

Your consciousness must help you become more intelligent so that you may avoid making mistakes and facing problems.

Consciousness can be a positive process only when you organize your behavior and you measure your actions. You must pay attention to what you do in life instead of making ridiculous mistakes that put you in great trouble.

In order to acquire complete consciousness and understand how you can correct all your mistakes you must be prudent and follow a safe method. Otherwise, the consciousness you’ll acquire won’t help you in any way.

The scientific method of dream interpretation is the safe solution you need in order to acquire consciousness of the meaning of your actions and at the same time, become more intelligent. This happens because when you translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method you enter into contact with the divine unconscious mind. Therefore, you are not alone. You have the unconscious guidance enlightening you.

This means that you gradually see everything that you couldn’t see before, while finding solutions to your problems. Only by acquiring consciousness of what is negative in your life you are not helped. You must be able to correct your mistakes and eliminate your problems.

Consciousness can be a pleasant process only when you transform your personality and you do what is positive for you and your community.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams helps you face the negative side of your reality with courage, and find the magical solutions you need. You become more intelligent as you learn how to use all your psychological functions.

You are used to pay attention only to the aspects of your reality that you prefer. You must learn how to pay attention to everything, so that you may avoid all dangers, and so that you may discover different ways to solve old problems.

The unconscious mind helps you organize your psyche, use all of your brain power, and become more sensitive. You learn how to pay attention to your spiritual evolution, while you transform your personality. This is why the consciousness you acquire thanks to the unconscious guidance helps you become wiser and stronger.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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