How to Understand What is Absurd or Logical in All Circumstances

AbsurdAfter continuing Carl Jung’s research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation and after relating his discoveries to many scientific discoveries that happened after his death I could clearly understand the meaning of absurdity. I could also understand how to cure all mental illnesses by obeying the unconscious mind.

My obedience to the unconscious guidance helped me continue Jung’s research. He was afraid to trust the unconscious mind and he couldn’t perceive the unconscious sanctity. I was able to discern what he couldn’t see and go ahead.

Therefore, I found out that craziness and evilness are synonyms. Whatever is absurd is also evil, and whatever is evil is also absurd. This means that in order to understand what is absurd you must understand what is evil.

This definition may seem to be simple, but you are not able to discern what is evil or not, the same way you don’t really know what is surely logical or not. On the other hand, you live in a world where evilness is applauded as if it was a smart way to get what you want, and a world where hypocrisy prevails. The mindset of your historical time is absurd and confusing.

I discovered that wisdom, goodness, and sound mental health are synonyms too. When you are wise you are a good person. You are mentally healthy because you are generous and you always show compassion to all human beings.

However, in order to be able to forgive your enemies and learn how to be a good person without being a hypocrite you must learn how to be perfect. You have to transform your personality. This is not a simple matter.

You may be able to theoretically discern what is logical or absurd when you think about this matter, but you forget this definition in your daily life. You forget your philosophical conclusions when you have to deal with unexpected problems, when you are tired, or when you are not paying attention to what is really happening to you.

If you want to be able to surely and immediately discern what is absurd or logical you have to follow dream therapy for a while. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams has a divine origin and works like a doctor. You have answers for all matters in your own dreams.

For example, one of my patients who is mentally ill and had frequent nightmares finally had a positive dream. She dreamt that a pigeon entered her room.

This simple dream scene already was a true consolation for her. After having so many nightmares for months, she finally had a positive sign. Her case is very complicated but I cannot publicly talk about it. I’m only mentioning the fact that this dreamer had constant nightmares in order to show you how important a positive dream can be after a series of warnings.

This dreamer had a positive dream because she finally stopped accepting the absurdity imposed by her anti-conscience. This was very difficult for her because her anti-conscience was misleading her conscience.

When you follow dream therapy and you notice that you have constant nightmares, this means that you are making serious mistakes. The unconscious mind sends you constant warnings showing you all the dangers that you cannot see. When you finally understand your mistakes and you stop making them, you have a dream with a positive dream symbol, like the pigeon.

All birds in dreams represent messengers. They bring good or bad news, depending on their type. If they are peaceful birds, they represent good news. If they are wild and dangerous birds, they represent bad news.

The pigeon is a peaceful bird. Therefore, it represents good news.

The dreamer’s room represents her psyche.

Good news finally entered this dreamer’s psyche because she finally learned her lessons and she stopped making serious mistakes.

The mentally ill have many problems trying to understand what is absurd or logical because a mental illness means that their anti-conscience invaded their human conscience, and it destroyed their capacity to think logically.

The invasion of the anti-conscience into your human conscience is a danger that threatens you all the time, even if you are not mentally ill. The anti-conscience is your primitive conscience that didn’t evolve like your human conscience. It distorts the truth all the time, trying to mislead our human conscience.

Therefore, if you want to understand what is absurd or logical you must get rid of the influence of your anti-conscience. Even if you are not mentally ill, you are constantly influenced by your absurd wild side, which doesn’t let you discern what is good or bad.

The unconscious mind will send you may warnings when you’ll make mistakes, and help you correct your mistakes. After following dream therapy for a certain period of time, you will become wise and easily discern what is evil and absurd. You’ll also know very well what is wise and good.

Only then will you be able to clearly discern what is absurd or logical. Only then will you be safe, without being threatened by the absurdity of your wild conscience all the time.

If you already are mentally ill like the patient of my example, you may delay to get rid of your absurd anti-conscience, but you will eliminate it at a certain point without a doubt. The unconscious mind will show you what mistakes you are making many times, in many different ways, until you’ll be able to understand them, and accept to correct your mistakes and find peace.

The unconscious mind is a very patient, tolerant, and persistent doctor. You have numerous explanations about everything in your dreams. Now that I greatly simplified Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation you have the chance to immediately understand the messages of your natural and saintly doctor; the wise unconscious mind.

This is a big privilege you must feel grateful for. The dream language is complicated because it is based on a different logic. Only a genius like Carl Jung could decipher the mysterious meaning of dreams because he was extremely patient, and he made a very arduous research.

My work, continuing his research, was very serious too. I had to translate numerous dreams for numerous people and provide them with psychotherapy through dream translation for 19 years in order to manage to simplify Jung’s complicated and obscure method of dream interpretation. You have no idea about how lucky you are because I managed to simplify and clarify something so complicated for you. I had to be a hero.

However, the truth is that I was paying for my sins and transforming my horrible personality into a wise personality. My suffering was fair. I was cruel, selfish, and indifferent to the human pain.

You should be wise, even though you are so ignorant, and recognize the value of the unconscious wisdom, the same way I did, even though I was neurotic and totally ignorant when I learned how to translate the meaning of dreams with the right method. I accepted to sacrifice my life in order to complete Carl Jung’s heroic mission because I understood that I was unable to discern what was absurd or logical.

You must recognize this truth too; even if you are not neurotic like me when I was 23-years-old (in 1984) and I started looking for psychotherapy through dream interpretation. I became an expert on dream translation only in 1988. In 1989 I discovered the anti-conscience and I learned that it generates all existent mental illnesses within our human conscience. This was the worst year of my life and it will forever be the worst year of my life because nothing can be worse than having to fight craziness.

I had to fight all the unbearable sensations and distortions caused by my anti-conscience without losing my human conscience during eight unbearable months.

However, this was only the beginning of my long journey. I thought that God would give me a trophy because I managed to win the battle against my terrible anti-conscience without becoming crazy. However, instead of giving me the prize I was expecting to receive thanks to my heroism, the divine unconscious mind gave me a very heavy cross. Since I was transformed and since I managed to become an expert on dream translation, I had to cure numerous people from various mental illnesses through dream therapy without payment (what I did for 19 years) before being allowed to publish my work.

I’m always very obedient because I recognize that I was saved from schizophrenia before becoming schizophrenic like my father. I had many repetitive thoughts and many absurd reactions when I looked for psychotherapy. I know how serious my case was.

Therefore, I never forget from what the unconscious mind saved me. I know that I deserve to suffer forever because I was an incorrigible monster. I know that only because the unconscious mind was so patient with me, could I learn how to be humble and patient, while I was so demanding and so impatient that everyone would quickly do what I wanted them to, only in order to stop listening to me giving them the same orders again and again. I was an impatient dictator.

I had many vivid nightmares, like the patients I’m curing everyday. I cared about the meaning of dreams exactly because I had constant nightmares and intriguing recurring dreams.

My personality was transformed only because I recognized that I was idiotic, ignorant, and absurd. Today I’m giving you lessons and showing you the result of my long research and discoveries only because I’m not crazy as I would surely be without psychotherapy. I owe my mental health to the unconscious mind.

You should be serious and study my lessons because I transmit the divine unconscious guidance contained in dream messages. Pay attention to the meaning of your dreams because they are treasures.

Your dreams will help you find sound mental health and use all of your brain power if you’ll be humble, and you’ll recognize your ignorance and your incapacity to discover what is logical or absurd. You must recognize your ignorance in order to start learning what is really right and what is completely wrong in all circumstances.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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