The Difference Between The Scientific Method of Dream Interpretation and False Methods

Dream InterpretationThe scientific method of dream interpretation is based on Carl Jung’s arduous research and on my research into the unknown region of the human psyche, after precisely following his steps. The meaning of the dream symbols found by Carl Jung is the result of scientific studies. This meaning was not distorted by his personal opinion.

I discovered the meaning of many dream symbols that Jung couldn’t explain after 19 years of research and cures through dream therapy. I learned how to discover the meaning of the dream symbols after comparing many dreams from different dreamers.

Today I’m teaching you the meaning of dreams and how to use this precious knowledge to your advantage. However, in order to give you lessons I had to climb many mountains.

My basic lesson is related to the existence of a wild conscience into the biggest part of your brain. This is a tragic reality. You cannot be indifferent to the existence of absurdity in your brain. You must get rid of this dangerous content by following dream therapy.

You’ll perceive that the difference between the scientific method of dream interpretation and all the false methods of the world is mainly the fact that when you learn how to translate the meaning of reams according to the scientific method, you understand the words of the divine unconscious mind.

The wisdom contained in the dream images is extraordinary. You can perceive that the unconscious messages are superior because they are not the result of human suppositions. The unconscious words enlighten your existence. You understand what is happening to you. You understand what to do in order to solve your problems.

I will give you an example from a dream dreamt by one of my patients. She follows the unconscious guidance with gratitude. This is why she is evolving day by day.

I cannot publish her entire dream or tell you details about her case because my translations are private. I will publish only two sentences of one of her dreams in order to give you a practical lesson.

My daughter and I are dressed-up and walking to a formal dinner. I realize I’m dragging a garbage can. I tell my daughter, “What am I doing with this garbage? I should have disposed of it before.”

Dream Translation:

My daughter and I are dressed-up and walking to a formal dinner.

Your daughter represents your moral image, and you represent your ego in dreams.

The fact that you were well dressed and walking to a formal dinner indicates that you are being prepared for a very important event, which will soon happen in your life.

The dinner represents food for your psyche. In other words, it represents psychical energy for all the parts of your personality. You will feel rewarded.

I realize I’m dragging a garbage can. I tell my daughter, “What am I doing with this garbage? I should have disposed of it before.”

The garbage can represents what is immoral. This means that you are not getting prepared as you should. You are carrying your immoral tendencies with you.

Your ego understands that this immorality shouldn’t follow you and that it goes against your serious moral image.


The unconscious messages are totally different from the supposed interpretations of false dream interpreters. All false dream interpreters interpret the meaning of dreams based on their logic. However, our dreams follow a different logic.

In order to understand the meaning of dreams you must follow the logic of the unconscious mind. You also have to understand that everything in a dream has a symbolic meaning.

For example, the dreamer’s daughter represents her moral image. Her moral image is what she shows to the world about her personality.

She has a mature moral image because her daughter is a mature girl. The dreamer is also a responsible person. Her maturity is visible. Therefore, she has a positive moral image.

However, she is dragging a garbage can. Garbage represents immorality in dreams.

This immorality doesn’t fit with her mature moral image. It is the result of the influence of her anti-conscience.

The anti-conscience is the main topic of most dreams. Through dream translation you learn how to eliminate the absurd wild conscience you have inherited.

The unconscious mind purifies your spirit the same way it helps you pass through a process of transformation that eliminates what is negative from your psyche. Purity and wisdom help you have a clean conscience.

The dreamer of my example must eliminate her immoral tendencies in order to get prepared for an important event in her life. The unconscious mind always eliminates our immoral tendencies because immorality leads to craziness.

If you are immoral and you accept to be evil in certain circumstances, you will lose your human conscience. Your anti-conscience will gradually destroy your capacity to think logically and your sensitivity. You’ll become cruel and disconnected with the external reality.

Immorality is in fact an animal reaction; it is not a human reaction. Even though the irrational animals are not immoral because they don’t know what morality means, immorality is an animal rational reaction in human beings.

Irrational animals don’t show abnormal behavior in any occasion. They always follow the same behavioral programs without becoming crazy like we human beings do. They are not influenced by their wild conscience because they cannot think.

If a live creature is able to think, it can become crazy. This was what happened to the first live conscience that appeared by chance on the Universe uncountable years ago. It became crazy because it could think, but it didn’t know how to follow an organized process.

You inherit this absurd conscience that didn’t evolve into the biggest part of your brain because you belong to the human race.

There is nothing really ‘perfect’ or ‘normal’ in your mental condition. You need psychotherapy, even if you believe that you are balanced. This is why the unconscious mind produces your dreams. You receive free psychotherapy in all dream images.

Once you’ll learn the dream language, you’ll have this knowledge for life. The dream language is always the same for all dreamers of the world.

The dreamer of my example has a mature moral image, but she is dragging the immoral tendencies she has inherited into her anti-conscience. This means that she must eliminate her absurd immoral tendencies because they are preventing her from getting properly prepared for an important event in her life. This event demands from her purity and wisdom.

There is a relationship between her behavior and the event she expects to see happening in her life.

In other words, the successful preparation for this important event defines her destiny. She cannot bring with her the immoral tendencies she has inherited into her anti-conscience and see this important event happening in her life. She has to pass through a process of psychotherapy and learn how to respect the human body. Only then will she finally see the important event she desires happening in her life.

There are numerous distortions of the meaning of immorality in our world. Our world is a living hell where terror, violence, immorality, and greed prevail. Poverty is the result of our absurdity and indifference. It kills many people everyday, besides preventing them from respecting moral principals. On the other hand, the indifference for the destiny of the poor by those who have basic life conditions prevents humanity from finding balance.

We are under-developed primates. We easily lose our tiny human conscience when we become adults because we accept the absurd suggestions of our anti-conscience. The unconscious mind tries to prevent this tragedy. However, our indifference to what is bad transforms us into easy victims of our anti-conscience.

This is why immorality is not condemned as it should, and it characterizes our absurd world.

Dream interpretation based on the scientific method helps you stop being a victim of your wild nature. You learn how to find true mental health, without distortions.

Your perfect mental health is the most important gift of the unconscious mind. You also receive many other gifts, because the unconscious mind is very generous. The unconscious sanctity and the unconscious generosity prove the divine origin of the unconscious mind.

This is why the unconscious messages in all dreams enlighten your path and give you self-confidence. You learn what to do in order to achieve your goals without making mistakes and without facing frustrations.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

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