Health and Wisdom Thanks to The Scientific Method of Dream Interpretation

imagesCAECADFIThe scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung was not properly evaluated by our absurd civilization. He managed to discover the right method of dream interpretation, but his method is so obscure and time consuming that it has no practical value in the modern times.

Only now that I continued his research and I simplified his method of dream interpretation, can you take advantage of this knowledge. Today you can easily learn what took the work of two generations in order to be prepared for you.

You’ll discover that Jung found the solution that humanity was looking for, even though our atheistic and materialistic civilization didn’t give to his method of dream interpretation the importance it deserves.

Today you can find health and wisdom by translating the meaning of dreams according to my dynamic simplification of Jung’s complicated method. This simplification is the result of two decades of research and numerous cures carried on through dream therapy.

The saintly unconscious mind will guide you and show you how you can eliminate what is negative from your psyche and attain wisdom. Your wisdom will give you mental and physical health.

For example, the unconscious mind will always show you that you must respect your moral principals. Your moral principals are your best protection against the absurdity you have inherited into your anti-conscience.

You will have many explanations in dreams about this matter until you’ll really understand why your moral principals are your salvation. The unconscious mind will help you understand why your moral principals guarantee your mental stability, even though you tend to consider them as barriers to your freedom.

Your moral principals are not barriers; they are your salvation from suffering. When you disrespect your moral principals you act like an animal. Thus, you are controlled by your wild conscience. In this situation you make many mistakes. Then, you are punished with diseases.

This is a general explanation. You will have specific explanations for your case in your dreams. You must understand how to behave if you want to find health, peace, love, wisdom, and happiness in life. Everything is related in your reality.

The unconscious wisdom will show you in which aspects of your life you are influenced by your wild conscience, even though you believe that your decisions are conscious. You need the unconscious guidance in order to understand when you are controlled by your wild side because you cannot perceive the anti-conscience’s sneaky tricks alone.

You live in order to pass through a process of transformation. You, the human being concentrated into your tiny human conscience must tame your wild conscience. This means that you have to control your behavior instead of being controlled by your dangerous and primitive anti-conscience.

Your health and your wisdom depend on your goodness.

However, you are too far from real goodness because your anti-conscience keeps bothering the development of your conscience. It keeps trying to make you act like a violent animal, so that it may have the chance to control your behavior.

If you are sick and you have to bear unbearable symptoms, if you suffer from a strange disease and nobody knows if you can be cured, or if you are merely interested on learning how to have perfect physical and mental health, you will find all the solutions you need in your own dreams. The unconscious mind is the best doctor you could ever find.

This is a spectacular discovery, not yet evaluated by the world. Even though many people have already found salvation thanks to dream therapy, most people still ignore the power of dreams.

The information you have in dreams saves your sanity and gives you physical health because the unconscious mind is the voice of divine providence. The unconscious mind is not an idiotic human being or an evil creature. This is why you can absolutely trust the guidance you have in dream messages.

Carl Jung didn’t have a religious attitude, but you should remember your religion and the lessons you had when you were a child. God speaks through dreams, the same way He speaks through your religion.

Each dream is a gift for you. Each dream reflects your psychological condition, or the dangers of the external world.

For example, if you have dreams about teeth falling out, this means that you are losing psychical energy because you are making serious mistakes. You must pay attention to what you are doing in life. The unconscious mind will show you how to stop making mistakes and how to do only what will be positive for you in your next dreams.

If you have a physical problem and you have dreams about teeth falling out, this means that your physical problem is an attempt to make you stop making serious mistakes, so that you may stop losing psychical energy. All diseases are caused by your attitude in life. They are not the result of chance.

Psychosomatic medicine already verified the existence of a relationship between our behavior and our physical health many years ago. However, it didn’t convince the world that this relationship must be respected.

Today, the scientific method of dream interpretation gives you many explanations about the relationship between your mind and your body. Now you can understand that you have physical problems whenever you accept the absurdity of your wild conscience without criticizing your actions. The unconscious mind tries to help you save your mental health so that you won’t be a victim of your absurd wild nature.

Your mental health is in danger whenever you accept what is bad. Everything that happens to your body is a reflection of what is happening in your mind.

You may believe that this is false because you don’t see many absurd people being punished by a disease. However, you don’t know how each one is cured from a mental illness, or who has the chances to prevent a mental illness thanks to a physical disease. Not everyone can be saved from a mental illness by having to face a physical disease. Each case is different.

The unconscious mind doesn’t punish the human absurdity only in order to get revenge, like human beings do. The unconscious mind punishes the absurdity of those who are able to regret and change their attitude.

Those who cannot regret their sins after suffering from a physical disease are not punished in order to be corrected. They will be punished for their actions in order to understand their sins, through many different ways. This will happen when they will be able to understand that they shouldn’t accept being evil. Evilness and absurdity are in fact synonyms.

The divine punishment is an attempt to save our sanity. It is not a cruel and unfair punishment without meaning. The unconscious mind is a teacher and doctor who has the intention to help us preserve our mental stability more than anything else.

The elimination of absurdity is the elimination of terror. This is why your mental health is so important.

Since you live in order to pass through a process of transformation, everything that happens with you during your life is related to this purpose. You have to stop being absurd so that you may prevent being a victim of terror, or so that you won’t cause suffering to those who are around you.

You should be prudent and learn how to understand the unconscious messages in dreams. This way, you will be guided instead of suffering without knowing what to do. The unconscious mind will give you explanations and solutions. This advantage will give you relief, and completely change your life.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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