Dream Science and Mental Health – Developing Your Intelligence

intelligenceThanks to the extraordinary discoveries of the psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung, today the entire world can learn how to accurately translate the meaning of dreams. Everyone must learn his method of dream interpretation and find the wisdom of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams.

I simplified Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation after continuing his research so that everyone could easily learn this method, and find salvation. Today dream science is not the obscure and incomprehensible matter it used to be in the past.

The unconscious mind teaches you how to find sound mental health and peace. It shows you the various different possibilities of the future development of your reality, depending on your actions. You can prepare your destiny after predicting bad consequences, and after learning how to correct all mistakes. This correction will change your destiny.

Through dream translation you will understand that you have inherited absurdity into the biggest part of your brain. This absurdity keeps influencing your behavior. All dreams basically show you how to eliminate the dangerous influence of your wild side (anti-conscience).

In the beginning your dreams are not pleasant exactly because they reflect the dangerous battle between your evil anti-conscience and your ignorant human conscience. However, when you follow dream therapy for a certain period of time, you gradually develop your intelligence. Therefore, your dreams stop reflecting danger.

The unconscious mind helps you become more intelligent by helping you develop the atrophied psychological functions of your psyche. In other words, you learn how to use the psychological functions that are in a dormant condition in your conscience because they are not conscious.

You have four psychological functions:

* Thoughts

* Feelings

* Sensations

* Intuition

The psychological functions that don’t belong to our conscience belong to our anti-conscience. This means that you cannot use or control these psychological functions.

Everyone has one psychological function well-developed and another one half-developed in their conscience. Therefore, only one of your four psychological functions is working in your human conscience, and another one, somehow working. The other two psychological functions are in a primitive condition. This means that they are working into the part of our brain that belongs to your primitive anti-conscience.

For example, if you belong to a psychological type based on thoughts, your feelings are not conscious. Feelings are totally different from thoughts, and this is why they cannot form your second, half-developed psychological function. Your feelings belong to your anti-conscience, what means that they have a primitive nature. Your feelings are selfish, childish, absurd, and dangerous.

If you belong to a rational psychological type your mental health is in great danger whenever you are controlled by your feelings. For example, if you’ll suddenly fall in love with someone you ignore, you won’t have normal reactions. You will be rude with the person you love, or show them total indifference.

The same happens with all psychological types. Your psychological type is defined by the psychological function that is more developed in your psyche.

If you belong to a psychological type based on feelings, you are unable to think logically. Your thoughts are primitive, since they belong to your anti-conscience. This means that your thoughts are always influenced by the way you feel. You may do something extremely dangerous without thinking about the consequences of your actions.

The unconscious mind gives you a clear image of what is happening in your own brain and psyche, and many explanations about the relationship between your mental health and your behavior in dreams.

You must develop all our psychological functions through consciousness in order to be balanced and develop your intelligence. This process is done through dream translation. You transform our anti-conscience into a positive component of your human conscience. This is why you are able to use all our psychological functions.

You learn how to pay attention to all the components of your reality, not only to the ones that your main psychological function prefers. For example, if you belong to a psychological type based on thoughts you learn how to pay attention to your feelings. You learn how to pay attention also to your sensations and to your intuition. You stop being a slave of your rationalism.

You also understand how other people think, feel, and sense. Depending on your psychological type, you may be totally indifferent to what other people think or feel. If you are introverted you tend to ignore everyone around you.

You may be indifferent to how other people interpret the world even if you are extroverted, besides the fact that you give too much importance to other people’s opinion. You must understand the functioning of their psyche.

Each one has a different vision of the world, depending on their attitude in life (introverted or extroverted), and depending on the psychological function that is more developed in their psyche. You will learn how to distinguish the various psychological types when you’ll learn how to translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation. This knowledge will help you avoid conflicts and bad relationships.

You will also relate your mental condition to the mental condition of those who are around you. Many times you’ll discover more about yourself when you’ll analyze someone else’s behavior, than when you’ll analyze your own behavior.

Your judgment about yourself is subjective. You forgive your mistakes and you focus on your qualities. By analyzing someone else’s behavior your judgment will be impartial. Thus, you will understand their mistakes, and subsequently, understand your own mistakes.

The unconscious mind transforms you into a psychotherapist too. You learn how to deal with a mental illness. Thus, you can help others when you translate their dreams for them. There are numerous alternatives available to you once you learn how to translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method.

This means that your dreams are more important than what you could possibly imagine. You must verify this truth by yourself. The fact that you have trustful information and wise guidance in the dream images represents the end of your suffering.

Only now that I managed to continue Carl Jung’s research and simplify his method of dream interpretation the power and the importance of the dream science is becoming known. I share my discoveries with you so that you may use this knowledge to your advantage.

If you have no time or conditions to study the dream language I can translate your dreams for you. You’ll immediately verify that when your dreams are accurately translated, they reveal important truths. The precious knowledge you have through dream translation helps you in numerous ways, enlightening your challenging journey in life.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Learn more at: http://www.scientificdreaminterpretation.com

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Dream Therapy

If you are in a difficult situation, you can send your dreams to me for a professional dream translation and psychotherapy. I will help you solve your problems thanks to the unconscious guidance in your dreams.

After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to Submit your Dreams

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