Understanding How The Human Brain Works and How to Find Sound Mental Health

imagesCA81634EYou have a tiny human conscience that controls your behavior when you respect your moral principals. Your conscience is your human side.

However, your brain is under-developed. The biggest part of your brain belongs to your wild conscience, the anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is an evil animal that didn’t evolve. It is your animal personality.

The logical connections you make while you are under the influence of your anti-conscience are always based on selfishness. Your wild conscience tries to mislead your ego and take its place, so that it may control your behavior. If your ego will disregard your moral principals, your anti-conscience will have the chance to invade the human side of your conscience.

This is a truth you can clearly understand through dream translation, now that I simplified Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams helps you understand how your brain works and how you can find sound mental health.

You will observe that you have to constantly fight your anti-conscience. Unfortunately, your anti-conscience keeps bothering your evolution all the time. You have to eliminate your wild conscience through dream therapy and get rid of your worst enemy. This way, you won’t need to fight the absurdity imposed by your anti-conscience all the time.

You will find sound mental health when you will manage to acquire consciousness of the components of your brain and psyche that belong to your anti-conscience. The unconscious mind helps you acquire total consciousness through dream messages, showing you your psychological condition.

I will give you an example by publishing a few sentences of a dream dreamt by a 20-30-years-old woman and my translations:

I am in the house where I was living several years ago. There is a really big machine outside my home which is in the shape of a cone. It is digging the ground.

Dream Translation:

I am in the house where I was living several years ago.

The house in dreams represents your psyche. Since this was the house where you used to live in the past, this dream is showing you that your psyche is still influenced by your past. This is why you have the same behavior you used to have in the past.

There is a really big machine outside my home which is in the shape of a cone.

This big machine represents your mechanical reactions. Everyone inherits various behavioral programs in their cognitive mechanism. These behavioral programs start working automatically depending on the stimuli of your environment.

Your cognitive mechanism is the mechanism that helps you understand your reality and react before various stimuli.

For example, when you are in danger, you automatically start running away from what is causing fear. This reaction is the result of one of the behavioral programs you have inherited. It automatically starts working whenever you are threatened by a certain danger.

Therefore, this machine represents the collection of automatic reactions you have inherited.

This machine has the shape of a cone because the cone is a triangle. This is a reference to the three psychological functions that are not working in your psyche.

You have four psychological functions: thoughts, feelings, sensations and intuition. However, only one of these psychological functions is working in your conscience and another one, is half-working.

If you are influenced by your anti-conscience, the half-developed psychological function stops working like the two functions that are not working at all in your conscience from birth.

You have to develop all your psychological functions during your life, and complete the psychotherapy of the divine unconscious mind, which transformed one of your primitive psychological functions into human psychological function. This was how it gave you a human conscience, besides transforming another psychological function into human content up to a certain point.

You have to develop your four psychological functions in order to be balanced. The unconscious mind helps you achieve this goal by giving you information and guidance in dreams.

Since this machine (which represents your cognitive mechanism) has the shape of a cone, this means that you have neurotic behavior because there is only one psychological function more developed in your psyche. The one that was half-developed stopped working.

This means that the three psychological functions that are not working in your conscience, are working in your anti-conscience. They have a primitive character.

Let’s suppose that your mail psychological function is based on thoughts. This means that your feelings, your sensations and your intuition are in a primitive condition. They are childish, absurd, violent, and dangerous.

These three psychological functions are controlling your brain and psyche because you are still attached to the past. Your psyche still lives in the past (old house).

These primitive psychological functions are controlling your mind and behavior, even thought they are working outside your house because they don’t belong to your human psyche. They belong to the part of your psyche that doesn’t have human characteristics.

These three psychological functions are working like a machine, what means that they are following behavioral programs formed by the absurd reactions of your anti-conscience. These reactions are animal, violent, immoral, cruel, and indifferent.

It is digging the ground.

The big machine is digging the ground because it is revolving the past.

In other words, the absurd reactions caused by the behavioral programs you have inherited don’t let you forget your sad past.

They keep revolving the past in order to generate anger and abnormal behavior. This is how your anti-conscience will manage to destroy your human conscience.

You have to stop thinking about the past with revolt in order to eliminate the neurotic behavior caused by your anti-conscience and find peace.


The continuation of this dream gave more explanations to the dreamer, helping her understand what to do, but I cannot publish the entire dream. I only showed you with this example how your brain works while it is influenced by your psychological functions and the automatic behavioral programs you have inherited into your cognitive mechanism.

You will tame your anti-conscience by showing wise behavior. The unconscious mind helps you achieve this goal, even if you are still far from sound mental health.

Thanks to your obedience to the unconscious guidance, you will always do what is positive and safe, even before becoming wise. Later, you will become truly wise because the unconscious mind transforms your personality. You won’t need the unconscious guidance as much as you need it now that you are absurd.

The unconscious mind will be your best friend and give you unlimited lessons. You’ll use all of your brain power.

When you’ll attain a higher level of knowledge, you will also have an excellent memory. You’ll be surprised with your own intelligence. You are a genius, but you are not using the biggest part of your brain on your behalf because it belongs to your wild side. When you’ll manage to transform your wild conscience into a positive part of your conscience you will see how intelligent you are.

Your dreams will help you discover another dimension behind the narrow image of the truth given to you by the false concepts of your historical time. You will understand the real causes for the formation of a problem, which are hidden behind all apparent causes. You will also show wise behavior in all circumstances. Nobody will be able to mislead you in life. Nothing will make you lose your peace of mind.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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