The Power of Predictions in Dreams

A dangerous enemyPredictions in dreams are quite frequent when you regularly follow dream therapy. In the beginning of your psychotherapy you will rarely have dreams containing predictions, but after following dream therapy for a certain period of time (around 2 – 4 months) you will have a series of dreams containing predictions.

The first predictions will be about insignificant matters. Later, you will predict important facts and events. The unconscious mind shows you in dream images what will happen in the future in order to help you correct your mistakes and avoid negative results, or tragic consequences.

This is important because if you’ll fail, you will lose your mental stability. All your life experiences are very important and dangerous for your mental health.

Anything can cause a trauma and facilitate the control of your anti-conscience, the wild side of your conscience. Your anti-conscience is your evil and violent conscience that didn’t evolve like your human side. It takes advantage of all the traumatic experiences of your life in order to impose its absurdity to your human conscience. It also tries to cause traumatic experiences all the time.

This is why the dream messages have a protective character. The unconscious mind sends you predictions in dreams in order to help you get prepared for the future, or in order to help you change the future development of your reality when it is negative for you.

When I was leading with terror I had numerous short dreams predicting how my day would be. These dreams were protecting me from the attacks of a very dangerous and powerful enemy.

I fell in love with a married man in the beginning of 1988, when I became an expert on dream interpretation, after studying Carl Jung’s method since 1984. Fortunately, I had the guidance of the unconscious mind helping me in dream messages.

I was already married too. This man was very dangerous for me. He was too rich, powerful, and absurd.

I obeyed the unconscious guidance and I stayed far from him. However, he killed my husband in order to oblige me to approach him. This is something that I cannot prove because he paid everyone around him to pretend that my husband died from a heart attack.

My son knows the truth. He is the only one in the family who believes me. Everyone else doubts that this story is really real, and everyone is afraid to verify that it is true.

Those who have a lot of money on Earth do whatever they may desire without paying for their sins. Those who have no power act like cowards before the power of those who have money, not only because they easily accept to be paid in order to lie, as well as because they are afraid to confront a powerful enemy who could cause them many damages.

This man couldn’t accept my refusal. He wanted to possess me no matter what. After killing my husband with the intention to oblige me to do what he wanted me to (and seeing that his plan didn’t work) he was following me everywhere.

I obeyed the unconscious guidance in my dreams. I started going to the Catholic church every Sunday when my husband died. I live in Athens, but I had studied in a Catholic school in Brazil (where I was born) for twelve years. I had to remember the religious lessons I had at school, after passing through six years of atheism, when I suffered from a tragic car accident. I was 15-years-old at the time.

I started admitting God’s existence after six years of a very aggressive and revolted atheism. God took the life of my friend Marina in the accident. I couldn’t forgive what He did. The accident by itself was more than tragic. Everyone who was in the car had to urgently go to a hospital, except the driver.

So, my religiosity was not very strong when I discovered that God speaks through dreams and the unconscious mind is in fact God’s mind. Dream interpretation helped me really recuperate my faith, especially when I could translate the symbolic meaning of the literary book I wrote after the accident. I discovered that this book was trying to help me prevent schizophrenia. All the personages of the strange romance I wrote after the accident were dream symbols.

By translating the symbolic meaning of my literary book, I understood that I would surely become schizophrenic like my father without treatment. I also understood that I was receiving divine grace for being able to prevent schizophrenia.

Dream interpretation according to the method discovered by Carl Jung was a miraculous salvation for me.

I needed protection not only because I had inherited too much absurdity into my anti-conscience, as well as because I was a very attractive woman and many men wanted to possess me, especially the man who had killed my husband.

When this man saw that I didn’t go back to the factory I had with my husband and in the end he didn’t manage to make me go to a place where he could meet me again, he tried to capture me.

He couldn’t let me live alone. However, the unconscious mind showed me that I had to be like a nun, even though I couldn’t live in a monastery because I was a mother and I had to take care of my son, who had already lost his father.

I had to help many people through dream translation entirely free of charge, and I also had to work at my uncle’s store, which later became my store because he practically gave it to me and to my mother. We paid him an insignificant amount for the ownership. This store gave me financial support, while I had to be a hero.

I started following various religious seminars in a French Institution in Athens twice per month, besides going to the Catholic church every Sunday; even it was snowing, and even when I was sick. I had to remember all the religious lessons I had completely forgotten with time.

The unconscious mind sent me numerous short dreams in 1990, which helped me predict everything that would happen to me every day at the time that the man who had killed my husband was trying to capture me. These predictions helped me avoid his traps.

I gave him many explanations by phone and also through certain microphones, which he had installed in my apartment in order to spy what I was doing. He was listening to me all the time. I had a warning about this matter in a dream. I started giving him explanations about why I had to obey the unconscious guidance, and why I had to stay far from him.

This is why he didn’t kill me in the end, and he let me continue my mission and help many people through dream translation.

The predictions I had in each short dream helped me understand what I had to show to this man every day, besides helping me escape his traps.

He was a violent and dangerous billionaire who could buy everything that could help him imprison me. He could also pay everyone, and make anyone accept doing whatever he wanted them to.

I was basically poor before him. I had no protection from my family because nobody believed me when I told them that this man had killed my husband. My son was a 4-years-old child at the time. I told him the truth about his father’s death when he became 16-years-old. He is the only one who has no doubts that his father was murdered by this man.

I told my son what had really happened because I was afraid that some day he would learn the truth and imagine that I was somehow involved in his father’s death. I had no idea that my husband’s best customer (the man I fell in love with, and who also loved me) had killed my husband. I believed that this was God’s will because this was what the unconscious mind showed me.

My husband was neurotic and his mental illness would become worse. He was saved from worst craziness for dying when he was 34-years-old, after regretting his sins. This explanation was true. However, the unconscious mind didn’t tell me the entire truth when my husband had died, in July of 1989.

The unconscious mind showed me that the man I fell in love with only wanted to take advantage of me. I concluded that he didn’t really love me. I learned the truth about my husband’s death only one year later, in a dream.

I couldn’t believe that this man had killed my husband. However, I could confirm this discovery when I called him up in his factory, and I told him that I had discovered how my husband had died. He didn’t admit the truth. However, he remained silent when I told him that he made a terrible sin.

We had various conversations by phone. He practically admitted the truth with his reactions, even without clearing confessing it.

My love story was a drama. I could only escape from a crazy schizophrenic who wanted to desperately possess me because I precisely obeyed the unconscious guidance in dreams. The dream predictions I had everyday were indispensable.

There are many reasons why you can have many dream predictions for a certain period of time, even if you don’t have to face many dangers like me. I have translated numerous dreams for many people since 1990. Many times I see that my patients have dreams containing predictions. The unconscious mind is very generous with everyone. Each one needs the unconscious protection for a particular reason.

Dream predictions will protect you from numerous dangers and guarantee your mental stability. You won’t be surprised by unexpected problems. You won’t be suddenly imprisoned in dangerous and difficult situations.

Dream predictions can also have a positive meaning and help you find your perfect match. My love story was a thriller because everyone in my story suffered from a severe mental illness, including me. Your love story can be beautiful.

Even if you are not really balanced, the unconscious mind will help you acquire sound mental health. You surely need psychotherapy, only because you have inherited a wild conscience that didn’t evolve like your human conscience. The unconscious mind will help you find real balance and have a perfect love relationship.

You can also become an inventor and find solutions for problems that had no solution before, only by translating the meaning of your dreams and following the unconscious guidance. The predictions that the unconscious mind will send you in dreams will help you understand the future functioning of something that you didn’t discover yet. You will discover it after translating the meaning of your dreams, and after relating this information to the problems you are trying to solve.

Dream predictions will help you in numerous ways. The most important of all is the fact that you can really trust these predictions because they are not based on suppositions. The unconscious mind has a divine origin and always shows you the real truth in dream images.

I mentioned my example, showing you that I was protected by dream predictions from a crazy billionaire in order to show you how much you can trust these predictions. They will really save your life, no matter how powerful your enemies are.

The power of predictions in dreams surpasses the power of evilness. However, you must obey the precious unconscious guidance. Your success depends on your obedience.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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