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fast dream translationMany people cannot understand why I had to delay 19 years in order to be able to simplify Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. It was very hard to transform his complicated, vague, and time consuming method into a simple and fast method of instant translation from images into words.

Carl Jung couldn’t clearly and immediately translate the meaning of dreams, even though he discovered the right method for a perfect dream translation. Thanks to his discoveries we can understand the wise unconscious guidance in the dream images. The information we have proves that the translations based on Jung’s discoveries are real. Jung had the patience to make an arduous research and look for the meaning of the dream images without distorting this meaning with his suppositions. However, his work is obscure and incomplete.

I could simplify the dream translation process mainly because I discovered that we can completely trust the unconscious mind that produces our dreams due to its saintly nature. Thanks to my obedience to the unconscious mind, I could discover the existence of our wild conscience (anti-conscience) that generates mental illnesses within our conscience. Therefore, I understood exactly why we dream, while Jung couldn’t understand the real importance of the unconscious psychotherapy.

The unconscious mind works like a psychiatrist and psychologist because we have inherited too much absurdity into the biggest part of our brain. Our animal and absurd anti-conscience keeps trying to destroy our human conscience and control our behavior.

Since I could discover this basic truth, I could clarify Carl Jung’s method and help you immediately understand the meaning of dreams. Now you don’t need to wait for more information in your next dreams, the same way that you don’t need to compare this dream to your previous dreams like Jung used to do. You can instantly understand the meaning of any dream without analyzing other dreams of the same dreamer.

Another factor that helped me simplify the process of dream translation was my literary talent. I discovered the meaning of numerous dream symbols that Jung couldn’t explain when I translated the symbolic meaning of the literary book I had written after suffering from a tragic car accident when I was a teen. This translation helped me understand how to discover the meaning of the dream symbols.

Another reason why I could simplify Jung’s complicated method was the fact that my patients had numerous problems, and no time for psychotherapy. I had to translate their dreams the fastest possible.

I discovered that we can easily translate a series of dreams if we’ll translate only the meaning of the most important dream symbols that appear in each dream, and we’ll relate this information to the dreamer’s life.

I also discovered that long dreams without many dream symbols can be translated into only a few words, while the translation of short dreams with many dream symbols is quite long.

I understood that I had to define the meaning of the most important dream symbols in a few words, since they are so important for the comprehension of the meaning of a dream. Carl Jung wrote many pages about the meaning of each important dream symbol.

This was a big complication. If I had to tell an entire story in order to explain the meaning of just one dream symbol to a dreamer, what would happen with the rest of the dream? When would we have time to talk about the importance of this dream in the dreamer’s life?

Thus, I simplified the definition of each dream symbol, besides discovering the meaning of numerous dream symbols that Jung couldn’t understand. I learned how to make fast dream translations without paying attention to all the details of each dream because I had to translate many dreams for the same dreamer in a short period of time.

However, many times the details of each dream are revealing. These details are very important. Thus, I had to find a way to easily identify the important details of a dream, besides translating the meaning of the dream symbols.

I discovered that the important details of each dream are the ones that appear in many dreams, in similar forms.

I will give you a real example by analyzing three dream scenes from a series of dreams of one of my patients.

In one dream the dreamer was very sleepy; she hardly could open her eyes.

In the next dream the dreamer was afraid of darkness.

In the third dream, a part of her personality was blind (The dreamer dreamt that she was helping a blind girl walk. This blind girl was a part of her personality that was not able to see many things).

Therefore, the fact that the dreamer cannot see her reality is a detail that appears in three dreams, in a different form. This is an important detail.

Here is the meaning of each dream image:

Being sleepy = She was not fighting her absurd anti-conscience; she was resting accommodated instead of paying attention to the dangerous truth. Her anti-conscience was taking advantage of her indifference and destroying her human conscience while she was resting.

Being in the dark = There are many things that the dreamer ignores about herself and her reality.

Since this dreamer was afraid of darkness in the dream, this means that she was afraid of the truth she ignores about herself and her reality. This truth has a painful effect on her psyche.

Being blind = She was not seeing many things. She was acting without understanding what she was doing.

The dreamer of my example is neurotic, but I cannot give you more details about her case. I’m only using the dream images that appeared in her dreams in order to give you a practical lesson.

Therefore, when you’ll perceive that a certain detail repeatedly appears in your dreams, this means that this detail is very important, even though it is not a dream symbol.

After understanding the importance of certain details I made a research about this matter, looking for all the important details found in each series of dreams of the same dreamers. I discovered that the important details in a dream are the ones that indicate danger.

This information should help you in your dream translations. You can easily translate the meaning of your dreams if you’ll learn the meaning of the most important dream symbols and you pay attention to the important details of a dream.

However, you must also follow the dream logic. This is a very complicated matter that I could clearly understand only after fighting craziness and winning the battle thanks to the unconscious guidance.

The anti-conscience uses craziness in order to destroy our human conscience. Craziness is evilness, but in a camouflaged form. The unconscious mind tries to help us preserve our sanity and show resistance to our anti-conscience’s attacks with a logic based on sanctity. This comprehension helped me understand what to look for when translating the meaning of dreams.

The anti-conscience has satanic characteristics, while the unconscious mind has a divine origin. This means that a real battle between goodness and evilness takes place in our psyche. This is also a battle between mental health and craziness. Evilness and craziness are synonyms, the same way that goodness and mental health are synonyms. Absurdity is the result of evilness and cruelty.

The fight between our evil anti-conscience and our human conscience (which needs the guidance of the saintly unconscious mind) is the fight between Satan and the human being. This is why most dreams present dangerous situations to the dreamers, they are nightmares, or they are bad dreams not as scary as nightmares, but that make the dreamer feel uncomfortable and sad.

The unconscious words are the words of a spiritual guide for our human conscience. When we fight absurdity, we are basically fighting evilness.

This knowledge helps you directly understand the unconscious intention when you look at a dream. Therefore, you don’t waste your time with suppositions that are far from the truth.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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